Front Left view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year

Declassified official photos of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2019. Sedan and Mercedes wagon have been scheduled update and will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

The new Mercedes C-Class 2019 can be distinguished, first of all, by a new radiator grille and LED headlights that have become part of the basic equipment. In addition, changed bumpers and installed fresh lights.

For a long time Mercedes did not change the design of its cars. Relatively recently, the company invested a lot of resources and efforts in developing new exterior and interior designs. In addition, the German automaker invested quite a lot of money in the development of modern technologies. An example is the 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The car has exceptional performance and attractive design, as will be discussed in more detail.



Externally, the new car remained virtually unchanged. The key features include:

Radiator grating has a complex design, which is represented by a combination of a massive icon and a large number of elements resembling crystals.
The style of the car is sporty, the front bumper has a complex design. An example is the air intakes with ribs. It should be taken into account that there are no fog lamps, as the automaker significantly complicated the design of the head optics.
The main light source is represented by a complex design, which is represented by a diode band and lenses.
On the sides are ribs, which make the body look more aggressive and sporty.
The rear of the sedan is also very attractive. Features include small headlights, as well as a bumper, which built in the exhaust pipes.

Front Left view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year
Front Left view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year

When you create a sedan resorted to a sporting style, the choice is more than a number of different wheel disks.


German automaker began to apply a unified style when creating showrooms of its vehicles. It is worth considering that the interior looks very attractive:

At manufacturing high-quality materials are applied: soft plastic, a skin, aluminum furnish, glossy panels.
When creating a salon, the style of minimalism is applied.

Dashboard view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year
Dashboard view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year

The salon is represented by a combination of the most modern technologies. Quite an important moment we will call the central console, which smoothly passes into the tunnel.
To control the numerous functions of the car installed touch multi-function joystick.
As a backlight, a system is used that can change the color. At the same time the automaker was able to achieve the effect of hovering many panels.
The installed display has touch control. Of course, you can use the joystick, as well as control units with the steering wheel.
The company has invested quite a lot of money in developing its own operating system. At the same time, a modern design was used, due to which the information is read well, and all elements look very attractive

Seats are represented by complex designs that have simply a huge number of options: heating, ventilation, electronic control unit, massage, memory and others. In addition, the design is represented by lateral supports and a lumbar support.

The salon looks very attractive. This is due not only to the use of various quality materials, but also to the correct combination of various elements.

In the interior there is a new steering wheel with touch buttons, and for a surcharge offered a 12.3-inch virtual instrument panel and an enlarged 10.25-inch multimedia display.

The front seats can now be supplemented with a massage function. A list of options has also been added to the perfume dispenser in the cabin and a semi-autonomous driving system.

Rear Left view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year
Rear Left view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year


Mercedes not only invested quite a lot of money and effort into the development of modern style, but also improved technical characteristics. The following points are related to the features:

When looking for a car with a rear-wheel drive, you should pay attention to the C-Class. In addition, a four-wheel drive version is available, which became available relatively recently.
Quite an interesting proposal can be called the installation of 6-MKPP. On such cars, a manual box is installed extremely rarely, but still the German automaker provided such an opportunity. The most popular version is the 9-automatic transmission – a modern design that successfully distributes the torque from the engine.
You should consider the possibility of choosing among several motors. In addition, a hybrid power plant is available, which has high power and low fuel consumption.

About cardinal changes in comparison with the previous generation can not be said. When creating the car, everything was also used for the platform and the previously developed nodes.

Engine view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year
Engine view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year

The line of engines will also undergo changes, but for the time being they are kept secret. It is known only that in the C300 version the power of the 2.0-liter petrol turbo engine will be raised from 245 to 258 liters. from. Also, the Mercedes C300e hybrid will receive a new battery with an increased capacity of up to 13.8 kWh.


The updated car will be on sale in the middle of 2018. Mercedes C Class 2019 in the new body will not receive significant changes in comparison with the previous generation, the car will be supplied at a price of 32,000 euros.

The car in question will be equipped with the latest technology. The main options are as follows:

The steering wheel is quite massive in size, there are special protrusions on the hoop. In this case, the spokes are placed just a huge number of different control units, for example, a massive touchpad. Due to this, there is almost no need to use additional control units on the center console.

Front view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year
Front view of Mercedes Benz C-Class of 2019 year

A display of a multimedia system with a size of 12.3-inches is installed. It can be used to display navigation and various information. Unlike many other models, the monitor has a display that rises above the panel.
The instrument panel is made in a rather attractive style. To display information, a high-resolution display is also installed, which is designed in the form of two combined wells. The automaker made it possible to display a variety of information on the display, for example, maps of the navigation system. The instrument panel has a fairly large number of different settings.
In the salon there is a voice control function. It is based on the recognition of a variety of teams. Due to this, you can choose a variety of options without taking your hands off the rim of the rudder. In addition, you can synchronize the on-board computer with a mobile device, significantly expanding the degree of functionality.
The parking assistant is installed. With a fairly large body size to put the car in a parking lot is difficult.
Depending on the chosen equipment, the seats can have a variety of functions that provide maximum comfort.
Mercedes C Class 2019 (complete sets and prices see here) can be purchased with quite a large number of different options. The most complete version can be represented by a variety of options. An example is the installation of a modernized front camera, which is capable of recording and analyzing the most important information.

Long-range radar is used to read various information that is required to work with various assistants. For example, the radar can correct the position of the car on the lane, recognize the signs, as well as various obstacles. For example, Mercedes can reduce the speed in automatic mode when a pedestrian is detected in front of the vehicle.
The German automaker for a long period invests a large amount of money in the development of semi-automatic autopilot. It can operate at speeds up to 210 km / h.
Upgraded the navigation system. It can display various information, for example, the location of traffic jams or important points (cafes, gas stations, etc.).

Today, Mercedes cars largely bypass their competitors. This is due to the fact that it has just a huge number of its own systems that can improve traffic safety and comfort.



Despite the fact that Korean and Japanese automakers significantly improve the quality of their cars, not many can compare with Mercedes. This is due to the fact that the company for a long time invested in the development of modern technology, but it did not introduce them into use. The new model Mercedes C Class 2019 can be considered with the following cars:

Audi A4.
BMW 3-Series.
Infiniti Q50.
Lexus IS.
Volvo S60.
Jaguar XE.

The serious competitors are the offers of the company Audi and BMW. In addition, the company Lexus invests a lot of money in the development of a unique exterior and interior, modern technology. As for the cost, almost all of them have the same price.


In our review of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2018-2019 model year – photos and videos, the price and specifications, the technical characteristics of the most popular to date Mercedes in the world. Having survived the restyled Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it acquired a renewed appearance, a modernized interior with more modern equipment, improved safety systems and a new 9-speed gearbox. The updated Mercedes-Benz C-Class will go on sale in the summer of 2018 at a price of 32,000 euros, which is not much more than the cost of the pre-reform model.