Infiniti QX70 2016

Presentation of the car took place back in 2013. Until recently, the crossover sport premium wore index FX70 and was in great demand in the markets. Overall, Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year is good permeability and an attractive appearance. The new generation will be known as S-design.

Front and left side view of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year in white color
Front and left side view of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year in white color

Enterior of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year

Convenience is more important

One of the drawbacks of previous models was the cramped interior. This is particularly felt by passengers of the second row. Comfort was sacrificed for high aerodynamic coefficient. So the leadership of the automaker gave a task to engineers to increase the internal space of the vehicle without drastic change of appearance.

Photo of perspective sample suggests that the characteristic line of the two-volume body and part of elongated bonnet, and a rounded form of interior has remained unchanged.

Front and left side view of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year in blue color
Front and left side view of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year in blue color

Elitism and dynamics

The car cannot be called fundamentally a model of innovation; rather it is the upgraded model. New Infiniti qx70 of 2016 year has embodied the best of the FX35 and FX50. Much has been taken from the previous sample; the designers preserved the style of appearance, combining respectability and sportiness.

Belonging to the premium category emphasize the luxury of grille and numerous additional elements, which are painted in black chrome: air inlets on the wheel arches, integrated side skirts, fairings mirrors, roof rails. There is very original look of teardrop-shaped depressions of the lower part of the bumper, in which led fog lights are placed. 18-inch wheels were styled for updated design of car. Discs with a diameter of 21 inches are available as option. They also are covered with black chrome.

Rear and right side view of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year
Rear and right side view of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year

Interior of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year

The interior of the car looks like a luxury boutique. The front panel has become slightly more massive. Huge 9-inch monitor is placed in a special niche. It is very convenient to use in bright sunlight. The front seats are received lateral support and a full set of equipment: heating, ventilation, cooling. The driver’s seat is equipped with the possibility of adjustment in all imaginable ranges.

Dashboard of Infiniti QX70
Dashboard of Infiniti QX70

A very expensive grade of leather is used in finishing salon. In the basic version, seats are black; they are with stitching in contrast shade of purple, the doors and the front console are carbon inserts. The car is equipped with system of air ionization; efficient filters are created on the basis of natural fibers impregnated with polyphonel. The use of this element helps to remove all kinds of allergens from the air.

Rear side view of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year
Rear side view of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year

Specification of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year

Technical parameters

Infiniti qx70 of 2016 has not changed in size:

  • The length of the car – 4 of 850 mm.
  • Width – 2 020 mm.
  • Height – 1 650 mm.
  • Ground clearance is 184 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2 880 mm.

Power train and drive train

The choice of engines of Infiniti qx70 of 2016 year is no different by special variety, but their capabilities are impressive. Two six-cylinder motor is borrowed from its predecessor:

  • Turbo charged petrol engine with volume of 3.7 l, power of 333 l. /sec.
  • Turbo, volume 3 l, capacity of 238 l. /sec.

Both engines are aggregated with a seven-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode. Petrol engine accelerates the car to 100 km/h in 6.3 s Five-liter eight-cylinder petrol engine capacity of 400 l. /sec is being developed for the new model. The car is produced in the rear wheel drive version, and in the version 4×4.

Price and appearance of Infiniti QX70 of 2016 year

The launch of the serial production is in full swing. It is assumed six trim levels: Elegance, Elegance+Navi, Sport, Sport+Navi, Sport (black) Sport+Navi (black). New infiniti QX70 of 2016 year will be presented to the public at the end of this – early next year. With high probability it will take place at the motor show in Paris in October. The cost of the basic configuration starts from 41 000$, the most charged of 49 000 $.

Photos of new Infiniti QX70 2016

Videos of new Infiniti QX70 2016

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