Infiniti QX 70 2018 is a new generation, for this model some innovative solutions weredeveloped that contribute to improving the car’s handling, comfort and patencyon different surfaces. According to information provided by the projectmanagement, the new car will have advantages over its predecessors. And thiswill allow him to take a worthy place in his market segment.



The moderngeneration of the Infiniti car design is more elegant and attractive, comparedwith analogues belonging to the first and second generation. More organic formsof steel at the radiator grille, optics (head), as well as rear-view mirrors.The air intake had a wavy shape, and the roundness of the arches in combinationwith the line of the powerful hood contributed to the fact that the car becamemore solid, representative and luxurious.

Front Right side of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year
Front Right side of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year

The dimensions of the vehicle remained the same as those of the firstgeneration Infiniti. This is due to the fact that the same model was used inthe new model, which was introduced by the predecessor in 2015. Engineersmanaged to significantly reduce the mass of the car, which currently is onlytwo tons, if you take into account the basic equipment.

The car Infiniti QX 70 2018 new, a photo of which is presented on our website,has 20-inch wheels (cast), and its “charged” version is equipped witha spoiler, which is mounted above the trunk lid. The original feature of thebrand is the presence of overlays on the thresholds, which shine. Thiscontributes to the fact that the car is easy to see at night on the roadsurface, which significantly reduces the likelihood of a road accident.


The interiorspace of the new Infiniti model is characterized by such qualities asconvenience and comfort. Three adults can sit at the back, and on the frontseats, which are made of genuine leather, there are many adjustments. The topequipment of the car will also have a massage function.

Dashboard view of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year

In interior trim, wood, aluminum and carbon are used. It should be noted thatsuch materials are quite expensive. On the center console is a large monitor,whose diameter is 9 inches. The presence of a modern system (intelligent)Sirius XM allows you to listen to music on the radio waves in those placeswhere there is no signal.

The Infiniti dashboard of the latest model has the following elements:

    speedometer with informative display;
    onboard computer with a modern functional monitor;
    console of various indicators showing the technicalcondition of the vehicle (allows the driver to track the performance of anumber of devices in order to make timely decisions in an optimal manner).

Left side of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year
Left side of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year


The newgeneration of Infiniti has excellent performance not only for maneuverability,but also for high-speed performance. The new car is quite fast, compared to theexisting models of cars produced by competing companies. In its production, thelatest technologies were used, which had a definite influence on the designfeatures of the vehicle.

The car in question will have several variants of units:

    The diesel engine (v-shaped) volume of 3 liters andcapacity of 240 hp;
    The petrol engine (v-shaped) – volume of 3,7 liters andcapacity of 335 hp;
    The petrol engine (v-shaped) – volume of 5 liters andcapacity of 405 hp

In a complete set with all units the seven-speed transmission (automatic) ispresented, giving possibility for switching of speeds in a manual mode. Thisfeature can be found far from all competing cars. Technical parameters of the car,equipped with the most powerful engine, can reach hundreds in 5.7 seconds. Thespeed of the top version (at the maximum) is 255 km / h.

Engine view of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year
Engine view of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year

Engineers also paid attention to such an important issue as reducing fuelconsumption: the most powerful engine now does not consume more than 13 litersper hundred (for a mixed cycle). A number of additional systems, which thedevelopers have installed on this car, make the management process not onlyeasier, but also enjoyable.


Such an aspect,as security, was given increased attention when the new Infiniti QX70 wascreated in 2018. This is due to the installation on the car of the followingimportant elements:

    The security system in the modern version, whichprevents collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles, as well asleaving the chosen lane;
    the system of automatic emergency braking in the eventof a collision hazard (but this point can be considered controversial, sincethe specificity of Russian roads and climate features are unlikely to be takeninto account by the manufacturing enterprise);
    a cruise control system (adaptive), which allows tomaintain a certain speed of traffic on roads with different coverages. Thishelps optimize fuel consumption.

Front view of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year
Front view of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year


The Infiniti car, which has been produced since 2018, has a number of complete sets designed for consumers with different financial capabilities. The sets differ among themselves not only by the engine used, but also by a number of additional parameters. These factors have a direct impact on the price of the vehicle.

Any car (regardless of configuration) can move not only for good coverage of city roads, but also in off-road conditions. This allows the use of such a vehicle in rural areas, as well as travel to nature (hunting, fishing, recreation, etc.)

Car Infiniti QX70 2018 – a new model, a photo of which is presented on our resource, will be offered in showrooms in the near future. Information about the exact date of this event yet, but experts predict the beginning of sales of new items only in the next year. The new car can be purchased at any of the dealer centers in different trim levels.

Prices rangefrom $75900 to $104400.

Left side view of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year
Left side view of Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year


The Infinitimodel in question also has competitors that have excellent technical parametersand operational capabilities. These cars include:

    BMW X6;
    Acura ZDX.

These vehicles are very popular with the target audience, since they have ahigh build quality, are reliable and safe. In addition, it is quite fast andmaneuverable cars. Therefore Infiniti in the new version will not be easy intough competition, but there is every reason to say that this car will be ableto occupy its niche.


The InfinitiQX70, which is scheduled for release next year, has great prospects, and,apparently, it will win a significant part of the target audience in thosecountries where its sale is planned. This may be due to the following featuresof the Infiniti:

    excellent dynamic properties;
    a variety of control options in combination withtechnological parameters;
    quality interior decoration;
    perfect assembly and application of high quality parts;
    Excellent roadability on roads with different cover.

Apparently, in case of success in promoting this model of the car to themarket, the developers will eventually make certain changes in the design, andimprove the operational features of this vehicle.



Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year – Video Review
Infiniti QX 70 of 2018 year – Video Review

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