Four rings AUDI

Four rings AUDI


In 1909, after leaving the company bearing his name, August Horch (August Horch) founded the second car company in Zwickau, Germany. But since his name was already used, Jorge had serious problems. But he could not by law name his new company in honor of himself. But after he translated his name into Latin, it became legal. “Horch” means “listening”, or “audi” in Latin. Four interconnected rings appeared in 1932, when four struggling for the survival of the automaker united under the corporate flag of Auto Union. These manufacturers were Audi, DKW, Wanderer and, appreciate the irony, Horch.

In 1910, four companies Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer merged into one concern Audiwerke GmbH. The logo of the association was four rings connected in a chain, each of which had a logo of one of the companies. However, this logo was too loaded, and as a result of it there were only four rings. It is interesting that on the modern logo four rings are melted, as it were, from one piece, and not connected in a chain.

In August 2009, the famous logo, consisting of four rings, underwent an easy restyling. Changed and the font logo and traditional metal rings: the new logo has become more voluminous, chromed and more photographic.

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