For the first time about the creation of the BMW X8

​​For the first time about the creation of the BMW X8 started talking even before the presentation of the flagship X7. It is clear that the X8 will be decorated in the style of the X7, both outside and in the cabin. However, the back will give styling similar models of BMW in the body of coupe-shaped crossovers, the pioneer of which BMW, and not only BMW, but also in the entire automotive industry, was the first generation BMW X6.
The new generation of BMW X6 has been seen so far only in camouflage, the style of which will be similar to the X5, the new generation of which we have already received for sale.
Returning to the discussion about the X8, we note that in comparison with the X7, it naturally will not have a third row of seats, and, accordingly, there should be even more space and comfort for rear passengers.
BMW Blog claims that the X-eighth, with a high degree of probability, will appear in 2020 with the G09 body index and will be the most expensive car in the BMW model range.

In the competitors of the X-eighth, you can write down not yet held MERCEDES-MAYBACH GLS, RANGE ROVER, and so far also foggy AUDI Q9. There are also competitors and unattainable at the price of the X-eighth (and his fellow X-seventh): BENTLEY BENTAYGA more distant ROLLS-ROYCE CULLINAN.

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