VOLVO XC40 2018

Left side view of Volvo XC40 of 2018 year

Volvo’s first car came down from the factory conveyor in Gothenburg in 1927. Since then, they are moving from success to success, unceasingly creating revolutionary innovations.Today Volvo is a world-class company with manufacturing companies in Sweden, Belgium and China. The Volvo XC40 will become the main competitor for premium crossovers from BMW and Mersedes, at least the Swedish company’s leadership has said so. Most likely it will be, because Volvo now belongs to the well-known Chinese brand Geely Automobile, but as you know, Chinese crossovers have always been special.

Interior and Exterior Design

Exquisite design, plenty of space for things and intelligent technology – The Volvo XC40 is a real SUV that has everything for your comfort on the streets of a big city. The modern design combines with the proportions of the SUV, creating a bright and distinctive car. As for the exterior, the developers tried to emphasize the corporate style of the Scandinavian crossover. This is expressed in everything, by the way, even the most insignificant elements of appearance are found on all existing models of the company, from crossover to universal.

Right side view of Volvo XC40 of 2018 year
Right side view of Volvo XC40 of 2018 year

On the crossover, even the optics of the head light in the form of a Torah hammer, one of the most famous Scandinavian gods. Rear position lamps of original shape, working on LED technology. However, the Chinese also participated, the familiar stanches behind it and the high window-bed line speak about it. Available in large wheels with light alloy wheels and a large clearance corresponding to the segment of crossovers. Because of the lowered roof, the side windows are small.

The overall appearance, despite all its originality, follows the latest trends in the evolution of the crossover segment. Therefore, to name a novelty something unusual will not work out. From the words of designers, it is known that the crossover will receive a rich interior, elite type. Except from the rich decoration, the model will receive a bunch of modern equipment and high-tech security systems. Let’s see what Volvo will be able to offer at the very least.

Interior view of Volvo XC40 of 2018 year
Interior view of Volvo XC40 of 2018 year

The model offers a mass of enamel colors for painting the body, as well as several options for painting the roof, which will allow individualizing the crossover. Complement the stylish image of the novelty package R-Design and an extensive selection of 17-18 inch alloy wheels. If desired, you can even order larger wheels 19, 20 and 21 inch.


The modular CMA platform, the basis of the new Swedish compact crossover, has provided the novelty with a fully independent suspension (MacPherson struts in the front and a lot of rear levers), front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive (a multi-plate clutch is responsible for connecting the rear wheels). At the choice of the buyer a standard sports and even adaptive suspension with shock absorbers, capable of changing the degree of damping.

The platform, by the way, is able to provide production of a crossover, both with a hybrid power plant, and fully electric modification.

Front and left side view of Volvo XC40 of 2018 year
Front and left side view of Volvo XC40 of 2018 year

With the start of sales, the new Volvo XC40 is available only with two 2.0-liter four-cylinder motors of the latest Modular Drive-E family in the company with 8 automatic transmissions and a full drive. In mid-2018, a basic version of the new Volvo XC40 T3 with 156-horsepower three-cylinder 1.5-liter turbo engine, 6 manual gearbox and front-wheel drive will be available for purchase.

Fuel Economy

  • The Volvo XC40 D4 AWD with 2.0-liter turbo diesel (190 HP 400 Nm) is gaining the first hundred for 7.9 seconds, the top speed is 210 kmh, the claimed diesel fuel consumption is 5.1 liters.
  • The Volvo XC40 T5 AWD with a 2.0-liter petrol turbocharged engine (247 hp 350 Nm) fires from 0 to 100 kmh in 6.5 seconds, a top speed of 230 km / h, and a mixed fuel consumption of 7.3 liters.

Release Date and Price

The production of the new Volvo XC40 started in November 2017 at the Volvo Car Gent plant in Belgium’s Ghent. In Europe, orders for the new compact Volvo crossover are already priced at 44,450 euros for the 190-horsepower diesel version of the Volvo XC40 D4 AWD and from 45,750 euros for the petrol 247-horsepower Volvo XC40 T5 AWD. The most affordable option will be the Volvo XC40 T3 with an initial 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged petrol 156-horsepower engine and front-wheel drive with a value of 31,000 euros. In Russia, sales of the crossover Volvo ХС40 will begin in the spring of 2018. The starting price for the SUV in the U.S. will be about $33,200.

Front and right side view of Volvo XC40 of 2018 year
Front and right side view of Volvo XC40 of 2018 year


The manufacturer assures that the new XC40 is the safest car among compact premium crossovers: 9 airbags in the cabin, a safety cushion for a pedestrian, accidentally got under the wheels of a car, a camera of a circular view, an automatic braking system (City Safety), an approach warning system Cross-traffic vehicles (Cross Traffic Alert), a semi-automatic driving system (Pilot Assist), a Run-off Road protection system that helps reduce the risk of departure from the road. According to these facts, we may make a conclusion that it will be one of the safest car as of 2018.

Photos of VOLVO XC40 of 2018 year

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