TIn Thailand Toyota showed an updated version of one of the most popular pickups in theworld – Hilux. The updated version is still designed for the Asian market.

By car Toyota Hilux 2018 in the new body, picking, prices and photos no longer representsecrets. We learned the latest information, which will fully describe the givencar, allow us to get acquainted with it and decide whether it is worth makingsuch an acquisition. This is a popular Japanese SUV, which is useful not onlyoff-road, but also provide comfortable travel.

Right side of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year
Right side of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year



The newgeneration of cars is significantly different from the versions of last year.Designers finalized not only the exterior, but also the interior, changing itfor the better, adding a large number of convenient and functional trifles.Note the following:

The radiator grille has changed shape, now it looks like a trapeze.
The front bumper was waiting for the upgrade. Eliminated all the pastshortcomings associated with the fact that he clung to the barriers off-road.
The design of the fog lamps was changed.
Wheel arches received black lining.
Disks of size R18 are now used light alloy, from the plant will be installed off-roadtires.
In addition, the designers went on an interesting move: now the radiator grilleand the rear bumper are black.
External mirrors can be folded, equipped with repeaters of turn signals.
The arches acquired the stampings, they began to appear more solid and wider.
The additional stop signal is made of LEDs, the front optics has been replacedwith a more modern powerful one.

Front view of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year
Front view of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year

The main changes have affected the front part of the body, in particular the new radiator grille is made in the style of the Tacoma model, new fog-lamps with chrome decorative elements have appeared, the head light was supplemented with diode strips.

Sides and the rear part are decorated more simply, although interesting details are not lacking – large “rounded-square” arches of wheels that have wheel rims of 16-18 inches in size, stylish lanterns, a characteristic flip top and a neat bumper with “shiny” pads. In general, the pickup looks modern and interesting regardless of the type of cabin (there are three of them – single, one and a half and double) and even in frankly working versions. The length of Toyota Hilux eighth generation in the version of Double Cab is 5335 mm, height – 1820 mm, width – 1855 mm, wheelbase size – 3085 mm. This means that it has become longer by 75 mm and wider by 20 mm than its predecessor.


The interiordesign was quite attractive. Pickup has a convenient, well thought out salon,for which only durable high-quality materials were used. Substantially updatedand equipment, functions significantly increased.

Front seats were replaced: they became more ergonomic, received a large numberof settings and electric drive. The rear seats are a large comfortable sofa. Itis worth noting that the cabin is quite a lot of space, so that passengers haveplaces to put their feet and can comfortably settle. To do it it was possible,having reduced thickness of backs of forward seats. You can select thefollowing:

The car has a modern complex, including a radio tape recorder, capable ofreproducing a large number of formats, a navigator, telephone communication,rear view cameras. All this can be controlled with a convenient anti-glaretouch screen, the diagonal of which is 8 inches.
In addition, the car received a climate control, dividing the space of the carinto two independent from each other zones.
    The instrument panel has its own display.
    Auto is equipped with a system that helps when drivinguphill and from the mountain.
    There are airbags for the driver and passengers.

Dashboard view of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year

The interior of Toyota Hilux 8-th generation causes even more positive emotions than the appearance. The front panel is decorated in a minimalist, but at the same time smart style, which is achieved by decorative metal elements. Firstly, case drew the attention of the 8-inch “tablet” multimedia complex in the center of the dashboard, which is in charge of various functions. The climate system is represented by swivel washers adjacent to the large buttons and a separate display (in the basic versions, as before, there will be three “twists” of the simple air conditioner). Multifunctional steering wheel, designed in the style of the latest models of the brand, fits well into the concept of interior decoration, as well as an expensive instrument cluster with a pair of main dials and informative “scoreboard” in the middle.


Pickup of the 8thgeneration is completed with a ruler from two petrol and two diesel units,combined with 6-speed mechanics and automatic, rear or plug-in all-wheel drive.The all-wheel drive transmission is equipped with a two-speed transfer casewith a lower gear and a rear differential lock and should serve as a goodoff-road obstacle. By the way, before the Russian market, most likely, onlycars with diesel engines and four driving wheels will get. Variants on heavyfuel are four-cylinder engines of the GD series, in which the ESTEC concept isimplemented (saving in combination with thermally efficient combustion). Bothdiesel engines are equipped with a direct fuel supply Common Rail, an exhaustmanifold integrated into the head of the unit, turbocharger with variablegeometry and a 32-bit controller.

Engine view of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year
Engine view of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year

Junior unit with a volume of 2.4 liters produces 150 horsepower at 3400 rpm and 400 Nm peak thrust at 1600-2000 rpm, the older is 2.8 liters, and the potential is 177 “horses” at 3400 rpm and 450 Nm of torque at 1600-2400 rpm. The gasoline part has migrated to the Toyota Hilux 8th generation from its predecessor without any major changes. The basic versions “sport” a four-cylinder “atmospheric” with a direct injection of 2.7 liters, producing 166 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 246 Nm of thrust at 3800 rpm. On more productive machines put 4.0-liter V-shaped six with a capacity of 278 forces, which maximizes 376 Nm of torque at 3700 rpm. As for the characteristics of dynamics, speed and fuel efficiency, their Japanese automaker has not announced at the moment.

Toyota Hyllux2018 in terms of engines and technical support will not receive anything new,and the buyer will be able to choose from the following:

The turbocharged engine is 2.4 liters, with a capacityof 150 hp. This is a diesel option.
Also diesel engine with a turbine, but the volume isalready 2.8 liters with a power of 177 hp.
Gasoline version of 2.7 liters and power of 166 hp.
The transmission can be selected: mechanical andautomatic are offered, regardless of the configuration.


For the market, the car will be offered in several variants. The novelty is available in three cab versions:

     Double version.

With a double cab, the length of the car will be 5,335 mm, in width the car will be 1,855, in height – 1,820 mm; In addition, the model boasts a fairly large interaxial distance – 3,085 mm. The height of the ground clearance for the whole range is 21 cm. The buyer can choose the size of the R16 or 18 wheels.


Toyota can be used notonly privately, but also as a commercial vehicle, for this the manufactureroffers special versions of the pickup equipped with a metal body. Depending onthe future purpose of the car, you can choose the appropriate suspension forit. In total, there are several options:

Standard – suitable for any type ofcoating, is a universal option.
Comfort – is used mainly in thecity, it is characterized by a soft smooth running. Excellent for asphaltpavement.
Heavy duty – is focused on use indifficult conditions, with the maximum congestion of the car.

According to official data, the load capacity of Toyota Hilux reaches 1240 kg,it can tow a trailer weighing up to 3.5 tons. The pickup will receive thefollowing equipment:

The front part will be equipped with an independent suspension, which has double levers, which provides good course stability.

The rear part ofthe suspension will receive a bridge and springs, it is dependent type.
The car will be produced with a full and rear drive. The front drive, which isoptional, will be plug-in.
The steering wheel will be equipped with a classic hydraulic booster.
The front brake will be disc, well thought out ventilation, rear mounted drumchecked by years.
 All versions will be equipped with ABS.

Right side of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year
Right side of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year

In addition, the car will include other popular safety systems that have proved their necessity and efficiency on other models of cars. They include the following:

A system holding the vehicle in a given lane.
Independent electronic braking in case of urgent need.
Parktronics, other assistants, preventing accidents and warning the driver of a dangerous situation, for example, when there is an object in the dead zone.
Become a classic safety cushion will be used in all versions of the pickup truck. They are distinguished by their high strength and durability.

As standard, Toyota will include the following:

    The system of exchange rate stability.

Electronic braking at the right time.
    Qualitative stabilization of the course.
    Air conditioning.
    The ability to adjust the steering wheel and chairs in different directions.

If you order the maximum configuration, it will cost more than the base for around $12 000, in addition to the already listed options will include the following:

    Extended steering column adjustment.
    Integrated electroglass package.
    Climate control, designed for the driver and passenger area.
    Cruise control, capable of adapting to road conditions, given the overall flow rate.
    The control system of finding in one strip.
    Automatic parking.
    The salon will be leather. This is not a substitute or eco-leather, but a natural high-quality material.
    The engine can be started to warm up not from the passenger compartment, but using the button on the alarm keychain.

The new Toyota Hilux is already on sale in Thailand, the USA, many countries of Europe. First price starts from $21 000 and the full version will cost about $50 000.


It is worthnoting that pickups are not very popular, but their circle of fans they haveformed, especially such cars are valued in rural areas. At the marketplace, theJapanese will have to deal with such competitors:
Nissan Navara.
Ford Ranger.
Volkswagen Amarok.

Rear view of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year
Rear view of Toyota Hilux of 2018 year


Toyota Hilux of2018 year is built on the upgraded platform of the seventh generation pickuptruck, which can boast of a more rigid steel frame and improved running gear.The car is equipped with an independent double-link suspension with a frontstabilizer and a spring structure with two shock absorbers on each side of therear. For the “truck” are prepared three options for the settings ofshock absorbers and elastic elements: Standard – for all types of roads,Comfort – for asphalt, Heavy duty – for heavy loads.



Toyota Hilux of 2018 year – Video Review 
Toyota Hilux of 2018 year – Video Review 

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