Toyota Fortuner 2018

Front view of Toyota Fortuner of 2018 year

Toyota Motor Corporation it is the largest Japanese automotive corporation which also provides financial services and has several additional business lines. It is the largest automotive public company in the world, and also the largest public company in Japan. The main office of the company is located in the city of Toyot, Aichi Prefecture (Japan). The company ranks 9th in the Fortune Global 500. Toyota Motor Corporation is the main member of the Toyota Group. With this company is mainly associated with the brand Toyota. The company started its activity with the production of automatic weaving looms.

Interior and Exterior Design

The toyota fortuner 2018 has bumper with its inflated and embossed forms. The predatory kind of headlights shows the firmness of the car in front of any obstacles. The side of the SUV impresses with wide thresholds, large side mirrors with repeaters. Most of the rear lights come on the wings, the brightness and appearance add to the car a great appeal. Despite external aggressiveness, its interior decoration speaks about the nobility of the car.  Details looking like tree, leather inserts give the interior a touch of aristocracy.

Toyota Fortuner of 2018 year
Toyota Fortuner of 2018 year

At the same time, most of the interior decoration is made of ordinary hard plastic, giving the interior brutality.  This is understandable, the manufacturer did not set as its goal, to create a premium car.  From the nice options you need to mention the start / stop button, navigator with DVD player, keyless access, paddle shifters for manual “automatic” mode, electric tailgate, rearview camera, help systems when starting uphill and downhill.  There is also a box for drinks and food with air supply from the climate system, for cooling or heating.

Dashboard view of Toyota Fortuner of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Toyota Fortuner of 2018 year

The driver’s and front passenger seats are presented in a new design.  Anatomic backs, a lot of results of auto-adjustment will help to “get used” to the happy owner of an off-road car faster.  But there is one drop of tar: the size of the seats.  For the more well-fed driver or front passenger, narrow armchairs will make some discomfort on the trip.  As for passenger seats 2 and 3, they are quite comfortable and suitable for passengers with any equipment.

Right side view of Toyota Fortuner of 2018 year
Right side view of Toyota Fortuner of 2018 year

The armchairs of both rows are compactly retracted if you need to transport something.  2 row of seats folds flush with the floor, and 3 row on the sides of the cabin.  In total, there are about 30 cabin configurations that give comfort on travel or when transporting goods. The colors of the car are restrained and solid: white, silver-gray, blue, dark brown and black.


Toyota Fortuner 2018 year, a new Japanese car is offered with two engines. Gasoline four-cylinder atmospheric 2.7-liter engine 2TR-FE (163 hp 246 Nm) paired with 6 manual transmission or 6 automatic transmission. The same power unit is installed on the base version of the older brother of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

A more powerful diesel engine is a four-cylinder 2.8-liter model of the 1GD-FTV (177 HP 450 Nm) in the company with 6 automatic transmissions. This turbo diesel has proven itself, both under the hood of the Toyota Hilux pickup, and at the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado motor division. Toyota Fortuner will include two transmission options, it will be a new six-speed manual transmission and a nine-speed automatic transmission. The basic version of the new Fortuner will be equipped with a drive to the front wheels, while the all-wheel drive will be available in a richer configuration.

Fuel Economy

Front and left side view of Toyota Fortuner of 2018 year
Front and left side view of Toyota Fortuner of 2018 year

Technical specifications of the Toyota Fortuner 2018 in the new body mean the presence under the hood of a turbo-diesel engine of 2.8 liters capacity of 177 forces and four-wheel drive. A distinctive feature of the Prestige package consists in technical characteristics that offer a choice of two power units in the form of an atmospheric gasoline engine with a volume of 2.7 liters and 163 hp. and a turbo-diesel of 2.8 liters with a return of 177 forces. Both engines operate exclusively in conjunction with the all-wheel drive and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Release Date and Price

It is expected that the new 2018 Toyota Fortuner will appear on the market in the first months of 2018, the price of this model depending on the configuration and now will be from 45 000 to 55 000 dollars.


The main idea is that with the new model of Toyota Fortuner 2018, the pickings and prices will be even more attractive than the main competitor in the face of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. The reason lies in the technical characteristics of the new SUV, where the initial engine is a time-tested gasoline atmospheric engine 2.7 liters (163 hp) against the more expensive and voracious V6 (209 hp) from Pajero Sport.

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  • Nemkov

    I always liked Toyota’s SUVs for their design, mobility and convenience. It seems that Fortuner 2018 is made also great. In this car I like a lot its body and how they made bumpers. Once again Toyota proves that it can do great cars. Also this car can save your money with revolutionary engine system. So in my opininon Toyota goes by the right way and developing as it always does.