Tesla Model 3 2017

Tesla Model 3 of 2017 year

For the first time the world heard about Tesla in 2003. Tesla was founded by a group of engineers who proved that electric vehicle can also be good, even better, quicker and more thrifty than gasoline cars. Nowadays, Tesla creates not only electric cars, but also other endlessly huge clean power generating and storage products. Tesla is a vehicle of present and future. In this article we will review Tesla Model 3 2017.

Left side view of Tesla Model 3 of 2017 year
Left side view of Tesla Model 3 of 2017 year

Interior and Exterior Design

First of all, we should mention, that Tesla Model 3 has sleek and minimalistic interior but it does not prevent it from looking luxurious. Safety belts, both front and rear, are equipped with red markings, which are mandatory in almost all countries. As for the space for legs, it turned out not so much as it would be desirable, but there is hope that space can be increased by adjusting the seats. Speaking of the color of the Tesla Model 3, the factory in Fremont produced a novelty in two shades – dark blue (VIN # 7) and silver (VIN # 26). In total are 7 colors. The size of the disks and wheels will be in two variations, but at the beginning, the choice of production will not be available to buyers. Recall Tesla has announced it plans to limit the number of configurations to 100 compared to the Tesla Model S, which has more than 1500 different configurations but new model 3 has more compact dimensions and fewer options in performance and design.

Dashboard view of Tesla Model 3 of 2017 year
Dashboard view of Tesla Model 3 of 2017 year

The design of a single-toned interior is very minimalistic and is made of synthetic material and wood. There are very few buttons and controls on the center console, which makes sense, given Tesla’s ambitions for autopilot. The main twist of the salon is a 15-inch touch screen with a very simple user interface, allowing you to activate control, security and multimedia systems. It displays both the data of the car, and what the cameras and sensors fix to orient the car on the road, whether in the hands of the driver or autopilot.

The display also shows information about the status of the battery charge, its power consumption and vehicle speed. Speaking about the spaciousness of the cabin, it is worth noting that it can comfortably accommodate 5 adults and an oversized cargo. To increase the volume of the cargo compartment, you can bend the backs of the rear seats and push the seats forward.


The car accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 200 km / h. The Tesla Model 3 has two synchronized motors connected by an open differential. This ensures the accuracy of the mechanisms, even while driving at high speeds. On a one charge Model 3 can drive up to 340 km – this is an excellent result for a budget car. The coefficient of dynamic resistance Tesla Model 3 is only 0.21 – this is the best result among all existing land vehicles. Until 2016, the record holder was the model Tesla Model S. The autopilot system has undergone a number of improvements and improvements. Cameras and special motion sensors help the system to calculate optimal trajectories and promptly respond to obstacles. This increases traffic safety and prevents emergencies. So, the driver can completely transfer control of the machine to the computer.

Energy Economy

Charging the battery from zero to 80% at a special station takes only half an hour. At the same time from an ordinary outlet 220-220V can be charged for 6 hours. For owners of Tesla Model 3, charging at official Tesla stations will be charged. Thus, the creators reduce the total cost of the car. But one more time, on a one charge Model 3 can drive up to 340 km – this is an excellent result for a budget car!

Front view of Tesla Model 3 of 2017 year
Front view of Tesla Model 3 of 2017 year

Release Date and Price

At the official launch ceremony of Tesla Model 3, held on July 28, 2017 in Fremont, the company presented one of the first production models of the novelty in red. Note, the standard color of Tesla Model 3 for $ 35000 is black, all the other 6 colors will cost the customers an additional $ 1000. Elon Mask is confident that the majority of buyers will choose additional options. In his opinion, the average cost of the new electric car Tesla will reach $ 42 thousand.


Rear and left side view of Tesla Model 3 of 2017 year
Rear and left side view of Tesla Model 3 of 2017 year

“We never had the purpose to do expensive cars. And we finally have a great affordable electric car and this is absolutely what you need, ” said Elon Musk on presentation of Tesla Model 3.  The “budget” of the car and the growing popularity of Tesla are the reasons why the automaker has more than half a million orders for a new electric car. Earlier, in April 2017, the company reported the availability of 373,000 pre-orders for Model 3. And now the problem is to increase production and satisfy the entire demand. Earlier Mask reported that Tesla intends to release in December this year, 20 thousand Model 3 and 400 thousand next year. By the end of 2018, the automaker is planning to release 500,000 cars of this model.

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  • Nicky Tick

    God, I just love the design – this minimalistic style with wooden elemets and synthetic materials is my weakness! The problem with the space for legs is a little bit irritating but I hope it’s not so critical.
    i wait for the day when the cars will be able to provide us with the real autonomic autopilot and I bet Tesla will do everything just to be the first!
    Really nice timing for the budget car – I mean the time of charging, just half an hour at the stations.
    Speaking about the colors – black is okay for me, very stylish and minimalistic, that would be my choice, but it’s great that they have 6 other options.

  • Porier6444

    Wow that looks fantastic. I think Tesla is a future of mechanical engineering. And this model’s design is glorious. The colors are choosen professionally and with taste. Also price is very acceptable.

  • dizignar

    So, to begin with I should say that in my opinion this is one of the most interesting examples among all what I have ever seen. I mean first of all Interior and exterior design and of course energy economy. If speaking about color mode I prefer most of all option with silver metal. I am looking with interest on Tesla models from time to time and now I can say for sure that this one is one of my favorites.

  • Alex Nevdachin

    Tesla Model 3 seems to be a pretty interesting model. Personally I have got to say what I really like the design of this particular model, this minimalism looks so great, it even looks like some car for ski-fi movie or something. And (despite Elon Mask’s not so funny jokes in names of cars) I think what cars like this is our future because Tesla is providing so much upgrades in our typical concept of a car. Of course it costs a lot but you know, you have got to pay some cash for such an outstanding car this this particular unit. So, in my dreams to 2020 we all going to have Tesla car or its substitute because is so very very much convenient.