Front view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year

In the near future, the lineup of compact SUV will be replenished with the updated version of the car produced by Suzuki. This Suzuki Grand Vitara is a new model of 2018, the characteristics of which can be seen here. It should be noted that the last time the car was restyled was three years ago. At the current stage of automotive development, this is a long time, so the manufacturer decided to release a new version of the crossover, which has compact dimensions.


There is information that the Suzuki Grand Vitara in 2018, the parameters of which can be seen on our website, equipped with a new type of falshradiator grille, and a rather massive front bumper. Somewhat upsetting is the fact that the car has the same optics – apparently, the engineers of the manufacturer did not want to change the lighting system.

Front view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year
Front view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year

It is noted that the whole body was exposed to the raistaling. The car will retain a sporty appearance, which is due to the presence of a sloping roof, several aggressive bumpers, wide wheel arches, original mirrors (exterior) and other elements. Chromed inserts have slightly changed the appearance of this Japanese crossover.

The car will be offered to buyers in a wide range of colors, consisting of seven colors. This is not bad if you take into account the Spartan simplicity of the salon of this Japanese SUV.

Various sources say that the car interior has been slightly updated. However, in general, the internal space of the crossover has preserved a conservative and economical style, which, apparently, may be of interest to representatives of the older generation, but not the young. As experts say, for people under 50 years old, even to look into the cabin of this crossover simply does not want, and older people can simply not pay attention to this.

Among the materials that were used in interior decoration, inexpensive fabric and plastic prevail. Although the manufacturer had promises to improve the quality of finishing materials. Apparently, the interior elements will retain the layout that the previous model had. And this means the presence of such details:

round deflectors of the heater;
a classic and quiet instrument panel that is highly functional;
decorative elements and details in a small amount;
central console, which has a slightly angular shape;
a modern multimedia system (infotainment), which has a large diagonal display;
convenient and functional steering wheel;
modernized and rather comfortable chairs, which have a unique upholstery (it can be replaced if the buyer so desires).

Dashboard view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year

The volume of the trunk of the vehicle is 380 liters, which makes it possible to transport various things (for example, when going on a hunt or fishing). If you remove the rear seats, the amount of free space in the trunk will increase by three times. This is especially convenient for families with children.


It should be noted that the new Suzuki Grand Vitara 2018, the photo of which is placed on our site, has a four-cylinder turbocharged four as the base engine. The volume of this engine is 1.4 liters, and the power it develops is 205 hp. It is more economical in operation, compared to the unit used in the previous version of the car. With the help of this engine, the car can accelerate to hundreds much faster than 8 seconds. The maximum speed of the crossover is from 175 to 185 km / h.

Engine view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year
Engine view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year

Together with the engine will be used automatic gearbox with six steps. The crossover will be all-wheel drive, but those buyers for whom this aspect does not play a role, can expect to buy a model with a drive to one of the axles. For all-wheel drive vehicles there are several modes of operation:

for roads with asphalt pavement;
for strong off-road, when using a reduced gear;
neutral (in order to tow a car).

The new model has much less weight than its predecessor. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer in the production of new items used a large number of alloys and high-strength steel. In addition, a decrease in the mass of the car will affect its dynamics. This crossover is easy enough to manage, which is due to the use of a rigid suspension.

Salon view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year
Salon view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year


In the Suzuki Grand Vitara there are several security systems, each of which performs its function. This refers to the behavior of the car on different types of pavement, reducing the risk of injury to people in the cabin, etc. Each system is quite efficient, which is due to the presence of the Japanese approach, characterized by the use of modern technology.


Nowadays, the manufacturer offers several Suzuki Grand Vitara complete sets (it is GLX, GL and GL +). It is expected that this list will be expanded to allow the consumer to choose the crossover with the desired level of illumination.

Salon view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year
Salon view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year

The basic version of the updated crossover model includes the following elements:

Six “airbegs” (curtains, as well as side cushions);
different car security systems, which in combination are sufficiently effective and reliable;
modern high-power air conditioning, which provides a cool in the cabin during the hot season;
heated front seats;
effective cruise control system;
steering wheel with many functions;
Multimedia system, which includes navigation tools;
functional computer of the latest model;
halogen DRL and other useful parts.

Prices range from $24 990 to $33 490.

Rear view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year
Rear view of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year


These vehicles include the following models:

Nissan Terrano;
Nissan Qashqai;
Ssang Yong Actyon;
Citroen C-Crosser.

Rear Left side of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Suzuki Grand Vitara of 2018 year


Since the new Suzuki Grand Vitara car has been subjected to full modernization at the factory, this can arouse serious interest among the target audience. The new off-road vehicles are quite sporty, causing a look with features of aggressiveness and swiftness. This SUV in its appearance (if you do not take into account the specifics of the interior design) may be of interest not only to the representatives of the youth, but also to older generations.

If the manufacturing company works a little more on the interior of this car and updates it, it can contribute to an increase in demand for a crossover. A feature of the car is that at a high speed, the stability factor is lost. Therefore, such an SUV is inappropriate to use for fans of a crazy ride.

It can be assumed that after a while the queue of fans of Japanese quality and technological novelty will be built on this car. He will be an excellent assistant not only for family people, but also for fans of recreation alone.