The new SUV Subaru Outback 2018 model year, the photo of which will beconsidered in this article, is a Japanese Legacy car with four-wheel drive. In1996 this model was presented to the world community, a new generation isproduced in 4 trim levels. The cheapest offer costs $40 000. What are theoptions for this SUV? For what will have to pay? These and many other pointswill be discussed in more detail.

Review of Subaru Outback of 2018 year
Review of Subaru Outback of 2018 year


The new crossover can be characterized as follows:

Appearance has changed insignificantly, but there are some differences from the previous generation.
Bumper significantly changed, installed a new radiator grille.
The head optics, which was made using diode technology, also underwent changes.
In the kit there are new wheel disks.
Changes have touched and parking lights.

Changes in the exterior of the Subaru Outback are not serious, the new generation resembles the old one.

SUV Subaru Outbek 2018, photos, complete sets and prices of which are listed below, by the number of options became richer. The standard list of options is as follows:

Heated seats. On the car in top-end trim sets are installed, which have heating.

Leather steeringwheel.

Front Right side of Subaru Outback of 2018 year
Front Right side of Subaru Outback of 2018 year

Various heating systems. An example is the heating system for rear-view mirrors, front and rear windows.

Separate climate control. To control the climate in the car, a climate system is installed with the ability to separate the indicators for the front and rear rows

Sensors of light and rain, which work in tandem with other systems.Front optics washers, which are folded in thenon-working condition.

Fog lights. Fog lights, like head optics, are manufactured using LEDs. This light source is one of the most effective, since it has a high light emission index and small dimensions with a service life of several years.

The regulator of forward seats.

Electrical package.

System of keyless access and engine plant witha button.

In expensive versions, you can find a navigation system, a power-assisted hatch, heatedsteering wheel and many other functions. The following options are installed onthe crossover, which are responsible for safety:

Traffic control on lanes. When this option is turned on while driving on thehighway, the car can adjust its position in the event of a congress or notifythe driver about it.
There is a function that is responsible for emergency braking. At an emergency braking there is a probability of skidding of the car that can become thereason of its exit from a strip. This system allows you to quickly and safelyslow down if necessary.
The car can monitor the “dead” zones, when the obstacles appear, thecorresponding signal is output.

Front Right side of Subaru Outback of 2018 year
Front Right side of Subaru Outback of 2018 year

There is a systemthat is responsible for warning when switching from one band to another. Itturns on when the strip change occurs without the turn signal on.
Cruise control is adaptive, it can change its operating mode depending on environmentalconditions.
The car can automatically switch the headlights from near to far.
When reversing, a system is activated that warns of obstructions.

Dashboard view of Subaru Outback of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Subaru Outback of 2018 year


As can be seenfrom the above list of options, the car comes exclusively with two petrolengines:

Gasoline engine with 4 cylinders and a power of 175 horsepower, the torque ofwhich is 240 Nm. According to the automaker, the consumption will be 8 liters.
The motor with 3.6 liters is represented by the design of the inline six. Thisversion is capable of producing 335 Nm. In the combined mode, the motorconsumes 10 liters.

Subaru Outbek 2018, the complete sets and prices of which became known immediately after the announcement of the car, is delivered with a steplessvariator, which has 7 quasi transmissions. In comparison with the previousversion of this unit, a new circuit was installed and the software part wasupdated, which allowed to significantly reduce the noise level while drivingand increase the smoothness of operation.

Engine view of Subaru Outback of 2018 year
Engine view of Subaru Outback of 2018 year

In the podkapotnoe space, updates are almost non-existent, but the chassis hasbeen reworked a bit. The main points are:

The suspension was upgraded, a new type of shock absorber was installed.
We installed an electrical type amplifier, which was reprogrammed for moreaccurate operation.
The braking system was also modernized.
On an off-road car installed and shutters, dampers, which can reduce fuelconsumption and improve the aerodynamic properties of the car.
The ground clearance was 22 centimeters. Note that this indicator of clearancecan be called excellent, since the car is built on the basis of Forest.
The crossover also received the all-wheel drive system, with an activedifferential. In this case, it is possible to select a mode called”X-mode”, which can help when driving in difficult weatherconditions.

The overall dimensions of the car are as follows:

    The length is 4815 mm.
    The width does not exceed 1840 mm.
    The wheelbase was 2745 mm.
    The height of the crossover is 1675 mm.

The test drive of the updated Subaru Outback video indicates that a slightlyflattened shape makes the car more stable on the road.


As previouslynoted, the new Subaru Outback is sold in 4 main trim levels:
1. II – the most affordable offer, which will cost as early as $ 40 000. Tocreate torque, a gasoline engine is installed, the volume of which is 2.5liters. The power meter can not be called outstanding – 175 horsepower. Totransfer the created effort, a variator is installed. This type of transmissionhas previously been seen in previous generations. All versions, including thebase version, are all-wheel drive. As for the equipment, this car has a fairlyhigh quality finish and all modern functions. An example can be called multi-wheel,electric drive, a good regular audio system.

Front view of Subaru Outback of 2018 year
Front view of Subaru Outback of 2018 year

2. ZI – SUV, which costs slightly more than the previous version of $ 41,000. Additional options are installed for an additional fee, for example, rain and light sensors. Restyling Subaru Outback 2018 can be called the most attractive offer among SUVs.

3. ZW – the most expensive version with a petrol 2.5-liter engine, which costs slightly less than $ 42,000. In this version, you can find all modern systems of passive and active safety. Subaru Outbek in the showroom has a multimedia system display, a better audio system and many other options.

4. ZN – version of the car, which comes with a 3.6-liter gasoline engine. Due to the increase in the volume of the block of cylinders, the power index was also increased – it was 260 hp. The torque is transmitted through the variator to both axes. As for the additional options, here is the complete set: control of blind areas, assistance systems in motion, adaptive cruise control, dual-zone climate control and so on.

In comparison with the previous generation, the new car was more like a premium SUV, but it can not be called a full-fledged representative of this class.


This car isdifficult to call a full-fledged SUV, since it is built on the basis of thestation wagon. The main competitors of the compact crossover are the followingmodels:

     Opel Insignia Country Tourer.
     Citroen C5 CrossTourer.
     Skoda Octavia Scout 2018.
     Volvo V60 Cross Country 2017.
     Audi A4 allroad.

Many cars are based on conventional sedans, which are equipped with all-wheeldrive and motion assistance systems in case of weather conditionsdeterioration.

Front view of Subaru Outback of 2018 year
Front view of Subaru Outback of 2018 year


This crossoverhas a lot of advantages:

     Relatively low cost.
     Rich basic equipment.
     Presence of all modern options.
     Good build quality.

However, there are a lot of shortcomings, among which we note the delivery of acar with only one variator to choose from and two engines. Many badly refer tostepless transmissions, and two installed engines run on gasoline.



Subaru Outback of 2018 year – Video Review 

Subaru Outback of 2018 year – Video Review 

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