Every year automakers are improving their crossovers making them even more comfortable andinteresting. An example is the Subaru Ascent 2018. The new generation waspresented at the exhibition and has not yet been launched. The estimated costof the proposal is 35 thousand US dollars. At the same time, the price can besignificantly increased by choosing a more expensive package. Consider the newproposal of Subaru in more detail.

Front view of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year
Front view of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year



The appearance ofthe novelty is made in a modern style, which was called “Dynamic xSolid”. This concept is characterized as follows:

Established proprietary hexagonal radiator grille, which has an aluminum edging.
Wheel arches go out a little, they have plastic protection. Due to this, amuscular look is given to the car.
Modern optics, represented by a combination of lenses and diode tapes, shouldbe installed.
In the lower part of the front bumper, there are niches for fog lamps. They arepretty attractive.
Along the perimeter of the windows there is an aluminum edging, the roof isslightly sloping, ends with a kind of spoiler.
The rear of the body was very unusual. To begin with, we note that the lanternsare broken by an aluminum panel that goes through the entire back door. Theexhaust system has two chrome tubes, which are built into the bumper design.
 Decorative thresholds are installed.

The new car looks quite attractive, but at the same time you can immediately determine that we have a representative of the middle class.


When consideringthe cabin crossover immediately it should be noted that even in the base itwill be 8 local. However, the automaker allows you to order a version with twoseats on the second row. Due to the impressive body size of the problems withthe passengers landing on the third row and their placement there should be nosignificant problems. In order to increase the comfort of the landing, the reardoors can be opened at an angle of 75 degrees, and the seats of the second rowsimultaneously shift and nakklanyatsya. Other features of the car under considerationare the following:

The steering wheel turned out to be very massive, has several blocks with keys,massive lower support.
The instrument panel is represented by a classic combination of analog shieldsand a color display of the on-board computer.
The central console is very massive. It is represented by a combination of twomonitors: one analog, displays basic information, the second is connected withmultimedia functions and has touch control.
Below the installed displays, several main functions control units have beenplaced.
The tunnel between the seats was also taken for the gear shift lever and twocup holders. Wood trim makes the car interior more comfortable.
Seats have a complex configuration with quite a lot of different supports, anarmrest is placed between them.
For the second row, deflectors with different switches were provided, whichallow to regulate the parameters of the supplied air.

Front Right side view of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year
Front Right side view of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year

The salon turned out to be functional and quite comfortable, which is also connected with the location of a large number of different shelves and niches.

The list of standard equipment Subaru Ascent includes:
     automatic emergency braking system;
     multimedia system with 6.5-inch display and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto;
     three-zone climate control;
     four USB ports;
     19 cup holders and bottle holders.

In older versionsfor the crossover available:
     multimedia with 8-inch display and navigation;
     heated front and rear seats;
     Adaptive LED optics with automatic high-beam control;
     the electric drive of a door of a luggage carrier;
     Harman Kardon audio system with 14 speakers;
     a roof with a panoramic view;
     digital salon mirror;
     Front camera with an overview of 180 degrees.

Salon view of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year
Salon view of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year

A set of electronic model assistants includes:
     adaptive cruise control;
     system of confinement and warning of withdrawal from the lane;
     a monitoring system for blind areas;
     a warning system for objects moving in the transverse direction;
     emergency brake system when reversing.


The new offerfrom Subaru promises to become a very large and comfortable car designed forlong trips. Technical equipment of new items can not be called the most modern,but still it is at a high level. Important points are the followinginformation:
As a platform for the release of this car used SGP. In order to create a fairlylarge car, a reinforcement of the platform with additional cross-members was carriedout.
In front of the already established McPherson stands, rear multi-linkconstruction. Today, this combination is extremely common, as it provides highcomfort when driving on a variety of road surfaces.
Dimensions of the novelty are the following: length 4998 mm, wheelbase 2890 mm,width is 1930 mm, height 1819 mm. The declared ground clearance will be 220 mm.The volume of the luggage compartment is not yet specified, but one shouldexpect a very spacious compartment to accommodate the luggage.
As the base engine will be installed 2.4-liter petrol with 260 hp. Rotationwill be transmitted through the brand variator to both axles by means of itsown all-wheel drive system. With a relatively small volume to achieve thispower factor, engineers were able to by installing a two-flow turbochargedcompressor, which has a constant stroke of the piston.
The all-wheel drive system works with an electronic proprietary tractiondistribution system that allows you to choose the most suitable driving mode.An important point is that the crossover can slightly slow down and distributetraction at the entrance to the turn to ensure a higher stability.

Engine view of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year
Engine view of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year

Ascent is the biggest car in the history of Subaru. The crossover has three rows of seats and can accommodate up to eight passengers. In size, the car is close to Toyota Highlander and Mazda CX-9. The novelty has the following dimensions:

     length – 4,998 mm:
     width – 1 930 mm;
     height – 1 819 mm;
     wheelbase – 2,890
     ground clearance – 220 mm.

Ascent was the first model of the Subaru, equipped with a new four-cylinder engine of 2.4 liters. The engine produces 260 horsepower and 376 Nm of torque.
The unit has a turbocharger with a double cochlea, direct fuel injection, a valve timing and valve lift system.
The box is an 8-band “variator”.

Drive – symmetrical full, supplemented by off-road mode. In addition, the model has an Active Torque Vectoring system, which first appeared on the WRX STI. It selectively podtormazhivaet front wheels, helping to turn the car in a corner.

In the basic version, the Ascent is eight-seater, but in expensive versions for the model, you can order two separate seats on the second row. Rear doors for easier access to the interior open at 75 degrees.

In general, wecan say that the new crossover has very impressive performance characteristics.

Front Right side view of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year
Front Right side view of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year


As previously noted, the new model of the Subaru Askent 2018 costs for 35,000 US dollars.
Seats of the first row will perform in a modern style, which provides for side support. Today, these chairs are almost the norm in the world of modern car industry, as their configuration provides enough comfort and fixation of the body during the movement. Of course, on crossover sets not so technological designs as on sports cars, but nevertheless, and they are quite comfortable.
The steering wheel has a comfortable girth, as well as a whole host of different smart options. Due to them, you can control many functions without taking your hands off the surface.

For security inthe database will respond 6 airbags of various types.
It should be taken into account that the standard air conditioner with airionization function is installed in the base, and not climate control. Toincrease the efficiency of his work on the salon, additional deflectors wereplaced.
1. The car in question is designed for long journeys. This expresses theplacement of 19 cupholders, various shelves and niches for placing things.Engineers have thought out how to make the cabin as comfortable as possible forlong trips.
2. In order that during the trip you could freely use your mobile gadgetsposted several recharge portals. Also there are USB-outlets, designed forconnecting mobile devices.
3. For a surcharge, systems should be installed to help the driver move in thestream, perform parking, deploy, and so on.
4. Access to a car without a key is another common option to date, which willbe present on this car.
5. The multimedia system is installed even on the base version of the car, itmeasures 6.5 inches. For a surcharge, a display of a larger diagonal of 8inches can be installed.
6. The wheel disks, depending on the configuration, can be 18 or 20 inches insize.
7. Car for a surcharge will be able to read road markings and signs, to monitorblind areas.
The above information determines that the Subaru Accent 2018 can have quite agood technical equipment. Of course, for many modern options have to pay extra.

Front Right side of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year
Front Right side of Subaru Ascent of 2018 year


Competitors in this class are quite a lot. This is due to the fact that today it is the most popular among all others. Crossover is a combination of spaciousness and patency of an SUV, as well as the comfort of an ordinary sedan. When considering Subaru should pay attention to the following cars:

    Hyundai Creta
    Renault Kaptur.
    Toyota RAV4.

Every year it becomes more difficult for car enthusiasts to choose the most suitable car in the class in question. This is due to the fact that the quality of assembly and technical equipment is constantly being improved. Novelty has very attractive qualities, but also its competitors are serious. Therefore, when choosing a car, you should consider all the positive and negative qualities of each model.


The late modelSubaru Tribeca finally had an heir: the new crossover Subaru Ascent became oneof the premier premiere of the Los Angeles auto show that opened today. Thecompany has thoroughly studied the previous unsuccessful experience (Tribeca inthe US found a maximum of 19 thousand customers a year) and made the new modelmuch larger and more spacious, and most importantly – prettier than thepredecessor.



Subaru Ascent of 2018 year – Video review

Subaru Ascent of 2018 year – Video review

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