A few years ago Skoda became part of a large German concern, due to which almost all the lineswere improved. The most attractive offer can be called Skoda Octavia 2018. Thissedan is characterized by high performance characteristics, as well as modernequipment. The model is delivered in 4 variants of complete sets, the mostaccessible costs in $12000. Sedan is a classic representative of its class,which has significantly changed in comparison with the previous version.

Front Left side of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year
Front Left side of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year



The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the updated Skoda Octavia is the front optics. The Czechs somehow decided to divide each headlight in two. Because of this, the appearance of the car turned out to be very controversial. Some did not like this design step.

Representatives of the same company assured: to divide the headlights in two decided to give the car a more courageous and dynamic look.

The company usesa unified style to create almost all of its cars, but the version of Octavia isa little isolated against the general background. Its features are as follows:

Restrained style, which is emphasized by small chrome elements outside.
Front silhouette determines the shape of the radiator grille, which resemblesthe image of a bat.
Head optics is divided into small two sections. Depending on the configuration,the structure may differ significantly.

Rear Right side of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year
Rear Right side of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year

The bumper was made in a low-key style, on the sides there are small narrow fog lights. There is also a large air intake, which is located along the entire structure.

The rear part resembles a classic sedan, the lanterns are small and simple, the decorative elements are practically absent.

The new model of Skoda Octavia in 2018 (photos and prices are listed on our website) is quite simple in design, you can immediately say that the car belongs to the average price category.

Fully LED headlights with neat strokes that emphasize the rigorous shape of the optics look so stylish and original that the Mercedes never dreamed. The front end of the E-Class W212 looks simple against the background of the renewed face of Skoda Octavia with four faceted headlights, a solid falshradiator grille and a stylish bumper, complemented by compact fog lights (the bumper and fog lights are modernized). So it looks like the restyling version of Skoda Octavia is incredibly stylish, especially with an eye on the cost of the car.

Against thebackdrop of the “fint” with the head optics, all other changes in theexterior seem inconspicuous or insignificant. We only note that the Octavia in2017, compared with its predecessor, which debuted in 2013, was a fewmillimeters longer. And the rear track is now wider by 20 or 30 millimeters,depending on the configuration.


Skoda Octavia2018 has a salon, which in many ways resembles the style of the design of theVolkswagen. The automaker also tried to make it practical and comfortable.Features are as follows:

Lightweight multi-function steering wheel design. It is made of ordinaryplastic, there are special grips. It looks simple and not rich.
The instrument panel is represented by a combination of two scales and a smallscreen, which displays important information: from fuel consumption, to thechosen path of movement.
Most of the functions were transferred to a multimedia system. It is able todisplay a map of the navigation system, there are several shortcut keys forsome functions.

Dashboard view of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year

The control unit of the climate control is represented by three regulators.
The tunnel between the seats has several keys, as well as the transmissioncontrol lever.
The plastic can be of different shades. When finishing, a large number ofchrome elements are applied, as well as leather.
Seats with increased comfort have mechanical or electrical adjustments.
For passengers of the second row, two deflectors were taken, which increasesthe heating efficiency of the passenger compartment. The second row isrepresented by two seats with complex contours, which provides comfort.

Some panels are made using natural wood, which in combination with chrome trimelements look very attractive.

Skoda Octavia remains one of the most capacious cars in its class. The volume of the luggage compartment remained unchanged:

    in the elevator – 568 liters (1,588 liters – with lowered backs);
    in the universal – 588 liters (1,718 liters – with the lowered backs).

The steering wheel is adjustable in all trim levels, both in height and in flight. As well as the driver’s seat, in all modifications of Octavia, the height adjustment is used. So, the driver of any growth will be able to find the optimal accommodation for the “steering wheel”.

There is much more space for rear passengers than, for example, in Opel Astra, Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf.

In the minimumconfiguration, you get a car, the interior of which will be executed in black.In more expensive versions, black tones are diluted with metal inserts. The topversion has a leather interior, which can be black or beige in color.

Rear Left side of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year


The use of theMQB modular platform has become very extensive. This is due to the fact that itis characterized by exceptional performance characteristics, for example, lowweight and modern suspension. Škoda Octavia 2018 in the new body, the characteristicsof which correspond to many proposals in this class, has the followingfeatures:

The front suspension is represented by McPherson struts. It is characterized byhigh resistance to mechanical impact, effectively jamming road irregularities. Therear design is multi-link, originally was a torsion bar.
The dimensions of the body are quite large. It should be borne in mind that theground clearance is 155 mm. The volume of the luggage compartment is 568liters, it increases to 1550 when the rear backs are folded. However, a lowglass landing allows you to carry only long, but not bulky baggage.
The basic offer is presented by an atmospheric with 110 hp. It is paired with a5-manual transmission and 6-automatic transmission, the most powerful versionof the version comes with a modern DSG robot.

In the sale will be supplied a charged version with 230 hp. With this motorwill be installed mechanics or robot.

Engine view of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year
Engine view of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year


As for the liftlift, and for the Octavia station wagon, Skoda offers four engines:

     1.4-liter petrol, power of 150 hp;
     1.6-liter petrol, capacity of 110 hp;
     1,8-liter petrol, capacity of 180 hp;
     2-liter diesel, with a capacity of 150 hp.

The all-wheel drive version of Octavia is offered exclusively with a 1.8-literunit and a six-speed automatic with dual clutch.


Skoda Octavia (specifications taken from the official site) is available in 4 versions of the equipment.
1. Budget equipment

The sedan is a budget class offering, the price is $13 000. The features of the basic version are the following:
Glazing is characterized by high insulation qualities.

At the rear, the LED lights are designed with a modern style.

Security issupported by a combination of several different systems: ABS, ESC and others. Afull set of various electronic assistants should be counted only when choosingthe most complete version.
A regular audio system is installed in the base, the information is displayedon a 6.5 inch screen. If desired, you can connect mobile devices via USB andother slots.
Front seats have a mechanical adjustment. Also in front there are two lamps forreading.
External mirrors are heated, and also have an electric drive.
In order to make driving more comfortable set electro-mechanical amplifier. Itcan regulate the degree of transmitted force depending on the speed.

Front Left side of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year
Front Left side of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year

2. Ambititon

Basic equipment is sufficient to ensure high comfort and traffic safety. Already in version Ambition the car is delivered at the price of $14500. The package is as follows:

    When decorating the body is used a large number of chrome decorative elements.
    The steering wheel is decorated with chrome trim.
    In the luggage compartment placed a 12V socket, which can be used to charge various devices.
    In the cabin there is a sensor for the degree of wear of the brake discs.
    Many systems operate automatically from installed light and rain sensors.
    The air conditioner allows you to maintain a low temperature in the car.
    There are additional fog lights, which are integrated in the design of the front bumper.
    Comfortable front seats have a heating system.
    In the cabin, a small area for wireless charging of mobile devices was placed.

3. Style

The Style version is insignificantly different from the previous sentence, but at the same time there is already an impressive $16000. Its features:

Multi-functionsteering wheel, from which you can control various functions.
    The center console has different niches.
    In the cabin, the LED background light was placed,which can choose one of 10 shades.
    A modern anti-theft system is installed, which iscapable of detecting the tilt or lifting of the car.
    The climate control is two-zone, there is a coolingglovebox.
    On the second row there is a standard 220V socket andUSB ports.
    When parking, you can focus on special sensors.
    Many functions can be controlled with the help of voicecommands that understand the Russian language.

The most expensive offer costs $27000 and was named Laurin Klement. Such a highcost in comparison with the previous offer is associated with various optionsthat enhance the safety of the car and the comfort of staying in it. Inaddition, the automaker decided to install a modern head optics, which is foundon cars of a higher class.

Front Left side of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year
Front Left side of Skoda Octavia of 2018 year


For many years it was Octavia that was considered the most popular offer of Skoda. That is why many attention was paid to its development. Competitors are as follows:

    Honda Civic 4D.
    Citroen C4 Sedan.
    Ford Focus Sedan.
    Mazda 3 Sedan.
    Toyota Corolla.
    Nissan Sentra.
    Volkswagen Jetta.
    KIA Cerato.

The considered class can be considered the most running, which is associated with good quality finishes, comfort in the cabin and a relatively low cost. The proposals of the Asian car industry are characterized by more attractive qualities and are often much cheaper, which should be taken into account when considering the most profitable option on the market.


In the process ofupdating the Czech bestseller Skoda Octavia 3 received a new front end designwith four faceted LED headlamps with the style of the Mercedes-Benz E-ClassW212, new multimedia systems, a wider range of advanced security systems andoptimized suspension tones. Sales restyled versions of liftback and wagon SkodaOctavia 3 2017-2018 model year started in January at a price of just over $13,000.



Skoda Octavia of 2018 year – Video Review 

Skoda Octavia of 2018 year – Video Review

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