Front Left side of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year

For the Skoda Fabia car, created for the modern era, it is characteristic that this new model (its photo and price information are on our website) is presented in the form of a versatile and hatchback. His premiere took place in 2016, and sales are scheduled for the end of the year. The price of the car will start from $16 890 and its complete sets are quite attractive for the target audience.



As for the appearance of the Skoda Fabia model, it is somewhat redesigned if compared with its predecessor. The exterior of this machine looks considered strict and quite expressive at the same time. Its front segment is characterized by the following elements:

ergonomic radiator grille;
updated design headlights, which have massive lenses, as well as pronounced strokes of LED lights;
bumper, which has an impressive shape, and equipped with a massive air intake, as well as fog lamps.

In the side of the vehicle you can notice a number of notable features:

hood (short), having a number of punches;
Wings of an expressive kind, which fit well into the door body;
the roof line, which is flat;
Expressive stand located at the rear of the machine;
glass (rear), which is tilted strongly enough.

Front Left side of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year
Front Left side of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year

In the stern of the car there is a rear bumper, which has a rather non-aggressive form, as well as a large glass in the luggage compartment. Potential buyers can choose from one and a half dozen options for painting the body of this car. There are several variants of disks made of titanium. For an additional fee, you can make an order for painting the roof, mirrors, providing a rear view, and the wheels in a different shade. It can be red, white, silvery or black.


The interior of Skoda has changed significantly, if we compare with the previous version. In equipping the cabin, more and more high-quality and functional materials, equipment, etc. are used. In the cabin it became more spacious and comfortable. There is an increase in the cabin in terms of width. The driver and the passenger, located in front, have more free space.

Dashboard view of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year

It is possible to allocate an increase in the volume of the luggage compartment: now the hatchback can accommodate 330 liters of cargo, and in the station wagon -530 liters. When folding the rear seats, the luggage compartment can be enlarged to 1150 liters (for the hatchback) and up to 1395 liters (for the station wagon). In the body of the station wagon, you can place long objects (up to 1.55 m).

In general, the interior of the novelty is characterized by the following features:

truncated steering wheel, on each side of which are notches, which provide convenient control. The steering wheel is multi-functional, with support from below;
The instrument panel is a combination of several scales (mechanical) and a display having a color screen. The display can be used to display speed, fuel consumption level and other information;
in the top version there is a large display, and on the sides there are blocks providing control;
in the manufacture of panels used plastic (not only hard, but also soft);
The seats are quite simple, but they are made in a sporty style (they can be adjusted by several options). In the back row is quite comfortable sofa, which fit two seats.

Salon view of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year
Salon view of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year


New Skoda Fabia will be offered only with a liter engine in four variations. Two of them are presented by atmospheric units with a power of 60 and 75 hp. As for the other motors, they are turbocharged. Their power is 95 and 110 hp.

There is information that Skoda Fabia new model will also be equipped with diesel engines, the volume of which is 1.4 liters. The power of the power units is 90 and 105 hp.

Motors function in a set with three varieties of transmission. Firstly, it is a five- and six-step mechanics. Secondly, this is a seven-step “robot”, provided as an option.

The new Fabia Fabia uses a suspension of two varieties:

in the (anterior) part there is an independent version (McPherson);
in the rear part there is a semi-independent suspension, which has a torsion bar.

The engines (both diesel and gasoline) have a system called “start-stop”, as well as a recuperator of the energy generated during braking. On the manufacturer’s side, the fuel consumption level is indicated, which is rather modest for a car of this class. This is another factor in the potential growth of the popularity of cars among consumers who are accustomed to take care of financial resources.

Engine view of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year
Engine view of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year


It should be borne in mind that the new Skoda Fabia, which refers to 2018, and its complete sets and prices are presented on the site, looks good in the photo. Consumers can choose this car from a number of trim levels, which differ in engine power, the interior design feature, and the technological devices used.

Choosing this or that bundle, the potential buyer should evaluate their preferences, commensurate with their financial capabilities. Only in this case it is possible to buy the car that is needed at the moment. The Skoda Fabia model, which consumers will see in 2018, is a worthy car, and its prices and complete sets can be seen on our website.

Rear Left side of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year

The sale of a new Czech car started from the end of 2018. Model Skoda Fabia, which in 2018 will be able to appreciate the true connoisseurs of cars of this brand, the start of sales can survive with some triumph. The beginning of entering the market of this machine can be marked by an increase in demand for it during the first months of sales. In dealerships, buyers will be able to choose a car not only in different trim levels, but also the features of the color design of its body.

Prices range from $16890 to $25140.

Front view of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year
Front view of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year


Skoda Fabia has a number of models that are competitors in its market segment:

Ford Fiesta;
Mazda 2;
VW Polo and others.

Competing cars have good technical data and operational features. This will help increase the volume of their sales over a long period. They are popular with car enthusiasts from different countries. Each model, which can be considered competing, differs in its features attracting motorists. Especially this applies to cars produced in Japan and Germany.

Front Right side of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year
Front Right side of Skoda Fabia of 2018 year


The car, designed by Czech engineers, has good prospects in terms of winning fans among the target audience. The novelty fits well into the market environment, offering consumers a range of technical and operational capabilities. It is well suited not only for young people, but also for older age groups. The car can interest people with the optimal combination of technical advantages, technological options, operational advantages and price attractiveness.

The advancement of the car in the corresponding segment will be facilitated by what attention the manufacturer will give to marketing and advertising support during the first months after its presentation to consumers.