Since 1925 when the first ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM was introduced, the luxury Britishsedan of the next generation is the benchmark for the entire global automotiveindustry. Of course, the new Rolls-Royce Phantom is a real treasure: a stylish,modern and unique exterior exterior design, a luxurious interior, a phenomenalset of super modern equipment and an impressive technical stuffing. The noveltyis endowed with everything necessary to please wealthy customers and try torepeat the commercial success of the predecessor Rolls-Royce Phantom7-generation, implemented over 14 years in an amount of more than 10 thousandcopies.

Front Right side of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year
Front Right side of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year

The new Rolls-Royce Phantom 2018-2019 isofficially presented on July 27, 2017 in London. The luxury British sedanRolls-Royce Phantom 8-generation claimed by the manufacturer as the Best Car inthe World “, and became the first-born to try on the newest all-aluminumplatform, called Architecture of Luxury. In our review New Rolls-Royce Phantom2018 – photos and videos, the price and specifications, technicalcharacteristics of the most perfect car in the world. Sales of the newgeneration Rolls-Royce Phantom started in early 2018 at a price sterting from $800,000.

Rear view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year
Rear view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year



Outside the new Rolls-Royce Phantom 2017-2018 can easily be confused with the predecessor, as the differences between them lie in the details. Designers of the brand abandoned the “redundant” lines on the body, and also removed individual navigation lights.

As previouslynoted, the new Rolls Royce Phantom in 2018 received an updated body, but at thesame time the exterior design remained virtually unchanged. The following arethe features we call:

The main direction of development of the style of this model is minimalism.That is why the changes concerned the removal of various elements, for example,additional bends or navigation lights.
The bumper has large dimensions, as well as a brightly marked radiator grille.
In the special niches placed head optics, which became even smaller incomparison with the previous generation.
The body became more angular, the front bumper was made part of the bodywork.
The rear part was transformed insignificantly. In photos that the automakerdistributes, it’s possible to mark the coloring of the roof in a dark color,while the body, bumper and luggage compartment cover have different colors.
The exhaust pipe remains rectangular. At the same time they were slightlypulled from the rear bumper.
Wheel arches are large enough that you can install disks with just a hugediametrical size.
Outside, there are quite a lot of chrome elements, left and the fin on theroof, which looks quite unusual.

Front view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year
Front view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year

As before, the doors open in different directions, which should facilitate the landing of passengers of the second row.

The new Rolls-Royce Phantom 2018 looks solid, stern and impressive. It seems that the sedan is cut from a huge ingot of aluminum, in which there is some truth. The body of the new flagship Rolls-Royce is almost entirely made of aluminum by the unique technology of Architecture of Luxury. At the heart of the model is also an aluminum modular platform, which, by the way, underlies the first crossover of the British manufacturer – Rolls-Royce Cullinan.


The Britishdecided to work out the soundproofing of the salon. According to therepresentatives of the company, the total weight of insulating materials is 130kg. In addition, the glasses are double, have a thickness of 6 mm. In thetires, tires filled with foam were installed, which, according to testsconducted, produce much less noise. All this made it possible to make the car areal house on wheels, since no sound will come from outside to the interior. Inaddition, we note the following features of the cabin:

Most of the design elements were pumped from BMW, which slightly changed.
The instrument panel is represented by a quality display, and a multimediasystem display is placed on the center console.
The central console is glossy, it is represented by a combination of climatecontrol deflectors, a control unit for basic functions and supply airparameters.

Salon view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year
Salon view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year

Between the front seats have made a relatively small tunnel, the control unitof the multimedia system made part of the armrest.
More attention was given to the design of the rear row. On the doors there arelarge handles, on which there are simply a lot of different control keys. Fromthe front, a continuation of the box with an armrest, which displays thedeflectors of the second row.
Between the seats there is a tunnel.
 In the expensive equipment on each ofthe front seats will be built a large monitor multimedia system.
 Much attention was paid to the light in the car. So the automaker createda backlight for the various panels, the floor, the landing zone.
When finishing only the best quality materials will be used. According to theposted photos, we can say that there will be versions with an unusual colorrange, for example, a combination of beige and violet.

Brandcommunication with BMW is traced in many elements of interior trim. Thepeculiarity of the salon is, of course, in a very large amount of free space inthe back row. As previously noted, it will be possible to rotate the seat sothat they are facing each other. This is done so that the car could become notjust a means of transportation, but also a meeting place.

Salon view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year
Salon view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year

Salon of eighth Rolls-Royce Phantom – a real work of art (architecture, materials, finishes and interior details). The servo drives are equipped with front and rear doors, which open the traditional for the model against the motion. There is a convenient multifunction steering wheel, a digital instrument panel with a 12.3-inch color display, Rolls-Royce classic round air duct deflectors, a multimedia system with a retractable 12.25-inch screen, Wi-Fi hotspot, navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (control is carried out with the help of beemshash pucks, located between the front seats and in the armrest of the rear seats).

As security systems and electronic assistants, there is a standard Alertness Assistant system with 4 cameras providing a panoramic view from the bird’s eye view, Night Vision and Vision Assist cameras, Active Cruise Control, automatic braking with pedestrian detection, object tracking in blind mirror areas rear view and unauthorized intersection of the line of marking, cross-traffic warning.


The car bodyshould become much larger. The automaker decided to abandon the triple sofa,and installed two separate seats. The space above your head has become muchlarger. When creating this car, they paid more attention to the rear row. Nowbetween the two separate seats there is a large tunnel, on which variouscontrol units have been placed. If desired, you can deploy both seats to eachother. The dimensions of the body of new items have increased:

    In length, the car steel is 77 mm larger and the figureis an impressive 5762 mm.
    In width, he added 29 mm and the figure was 2018 mm.
    As previously noted, in height it became more – 1646mm.

Engine view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year
Engine view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year

But the wheelbase was decided to reduce by 19 mm and it was 3552 mm. It isplanned to release an elongated base EWB, which is 200 mm larger. The body wasenlarged in the second row.

The company has created a new car body, which was named “Architecture ofLuxury”. This development in translation means “architecturalluxury”. As a rule, the body is bearing, at its manufacturing onlyaluminum was used, due to what the mass was reduced. In addition, the company’sengineers indicate that the stiffness index of the body exceeds the version ofthe previous generation by 30%. The increase in the stiffness index favorablyaffects the controllability of the car, which it has always lacked due to itslarge mass and dimensions. Despite official statements of the automaker, thefigures indicate an increase in the car’s weight by 75 kg. This is primarilydue to the use of a large number of different finishing materials andadditional systems in the cabin.

Under thewindshield, an unusual camera was installed, which should analyze thetopography of the road surface and send signals to reconfigure the installedsuspension. However, we note that the new system is capable of operating onlyat speeds not exceeding 100 km / h. This is due to the fact that at higherspeed the image starts to flow into one picture, and the system itself will nothave time to reconfigure the suspension.

Front left side view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year
Front left side view of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year

As a power unit should install a 6.7-liter engine with a turbine, which iscapable of producing 571 hp. The created rotation must be transmitted throughthe 8-band automatic transmission of the new generation. According to theautomaker, the car should pick up 100 km / h ha 5.3 seconds, and the maximumspeed will be at 250 km / h. A variety of security systems will be installed.An example is called automatic braking, cruise control, which can adapt totraffic conditions, the function of tracking the road markings and installedsigns. Around the perimeter were placed several round-robin cameras.

Under the hood of Phantom 8, the newest 6.75-liter petrol V12, equipped with two turbo compressors (571 hp 900 Nm) and transmitting traction to the rear wheels with the help of 8 ZF automatic transmissions. The maximum torque of 900 Nm is already available at 1700 rpm. A large representative sedan accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds, the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h.


The price of theRolls-Royce Phantom in the new body is at least $ 800,000, while the versionwith the enlarged wheelbase EWB costs $ 870,000. The acceptance of orders forthe model was launched in September 2017. Note that in the UK luxury sedan canbe bought for at least 400,000 pounds, but the coupe and cabriolet in thePhantom family will no longer be: they were successfully replaced by Wraith andDawn.

Front right side of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year
Front right side of Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year


The car in question has practically no competitors, which is related to the dimensions of the body and, of course, the cost of the model. Approximate competitors are:

    BMW M6.
    Porsche Panamera S.

Only Maybach for the price and degree of equipment is similar to the car in question. Considering competitors, we note that the same Maybach in terms of equipment and quality of assembly is not inferior to Rawls. At the same time, it surpasses it in many ways, for example, the degree of controllability, and costs an order of magnitude higher. Therefore, in most cases, Rawls is chosen only as an indicator of consistency, and not on technical characteristics. After all, almost everyone knows that more expensive Rolls Royce Phantom in the sale of almost no cars.


A real icon ofstyle is considered by many as Rolls Royce Phantom. This car is the brightestrepresentative of the business class: large, catchy, high-quality andcomfortable. Most recently, a presentation of the new generation of this carwas held. It should be noted that the previous version was on sale and remainedpractically unchanged for more than 14 years – just a huge period for thesphere of automobile production. The new Rolls Royce Phantom 2018, a photo,which is not yet known, has remained virtually unchanged. However, the fullmodernization was debugged for a long time and the car, which should representall modern technologies, began to give way even to representatives of themiddle class. In our article, we examined in detail the new Rolls Royce Phantom 2018.



Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year – Video Review 

Rolls-Royce Phantom of 2018 year – Video Review 

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