Range Rover sport 2018 is a long-awaited novelty, about which we will gladly tell all the mostinteresting. From our article you will find out what equipment the manufactureroffers, what the car will look like from the outside and inside, whatinteresting features it will please and what competitors to meet on the market.



In general, thedesign of the car remained the same, but it changed in some elements, becamemore fresh and attractive. Immediately strikes the modified grille, a new formof bumper. Also, optics underwent significant changes, except for the updatedform, the lamps also changed. It is worth noting that everything was updatedabsolutely: the turn signal has become a dynamic beam, the car has received newunprotected headlights. Headlights will have several formats and differ dependingon the configuration:

Front view of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year
Front view of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year

Premium will become a standard option, will be equipped with 12 LEDs.
Matrix will receive 26 LED lamps arranged in a special way, they will notdazzle the drivers on the oncoming lane.
Pixel LED is a pixel technique, will receive 71 LED elements. Such optics canbe adjusted with great accuracy.
Pixel-Laser High Beam -basic segments will consist of 72 LEDs, and the highbeam will consist of two laser-phosphor elements that can illuminate the spaceat a distance of up to 500 meters.

The body of the manufacturer tried to perform in a more sporting style, but thecommon features with the previous models remained. Auto received large airducts, the hood is made of special fiber, you can partially not paint it, itadds aggressiveness to the exterior. The air intakes on the side and theexhaust pipes look original. As for the wheels, you can install R19-22 disks.The wheels will be light alloy, the concern offers a wide selection and bodycolors – only 31 shades.

Review of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year
Review of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year


The salon of the new car has significantly changed, has become more convenient and attractive. Now the car got a Touch Pro Duo – it’s a modern multimedia installation equipped with two touch monitors that are connected. Their diagonal is 10 inches. They are on the center console, occupying it almost completely. The top device shows the data of the navigator, cameras, other devices. The lower display is needed to control the options, for example, it controls climate control, airborne systems, the position of the seats.

In addition, the salon has a 12-inch display, it has good graphics, it is convenient for data entry, it is needed to manage the car systems, output special information. The novelty can boast the following:

The front seatshave become narrower and more comfortable.
The panoramic roof can now be opened non-contact, for this you need to waveyour hand in front of the rear view mirror.
Air in the cabin is filtered using the Nanoe system.
The instrument board is virtual, the steering wheel can be adjusted in thedesired position.
Large selection of colors for finishes, including several exclusive.
The backlight is adjustable, you can choose among 10 colors.
You can connect a large number of electronic devices, there are 14 connectorsfor them.
Three variants of music systems will be offered, they will be different inpower.

Dashboard view of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year

 In the car you can get by using a special bracelet.
 Cruise control will be basic, as well as the possibility of emergencybraking, tracking marking, warning about oncoming cars, automatic parking,tracking the safe exit of passengers.
 Most control units are represented by touch screens, it is difficult tofind extra buttons in the passenger compartment.
The salon itself is decorated with different colors, using leather,high-quality soft plastic. The build quality is perfect, the parts are verywell adjusted, there are no creaking elements in motion
 The handle of a check point and a wheel are covered by a naturalwear-resistant skin.

It is worth noting that the control units are located not only in the specified places, but also in the central tunnel. There is, for example, a unit for turning on the all-wheel drive, it is connected both automatically and manually, you can do it right on the go. As for the rear row of seats, they are highly comfortable, have settings, for the entertainment of passengers we are proposing to install two large screens, they will be mounted in the headrests of the front seats.


Included in thelineup will be not only gasoline and diesel, but also a hybrid engine that canbe charged from the network.

The starting motor can be considered a 3-liter TDV6, its power will be 249 hp,it will be powered by diesel fuel. On average, the flow will be about 7 litersper 100 km with a mixed cycle of operation, acceleration to 100 km / h willtake about 8 seconds, and a top speed of 210 km / h.
The second engine will also run on diesel fuel, but it is different in design.This is a 3-liter SDV6, the power of which is 306 hp. The parameters of maximumspeed, fuel consumption and acceleration speed are almost the same as in theprevious model.
The diesel is also represented by the third option, the most powerful one. Itsvolume is 4.4 liters, and the power is 339 hp. The fuel consumption will beapproximately 10 liters. The speed indicators do not differ from the previousversions, however the motor pulls better at the bottoms.

Engine view of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year
Engine view of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year

It is worth noting that the manufacturer offers even more petrol versions, onemore hybrid engine can be added to them, which also includes an electric motor.In general, there are the following options:

Si4, its volume will be 2 liters, and power – 300 hp.
3-liter motor with a turbine, the power may vary depending on the modification.Their two – 340 and 380 hp.
Turbocharged V8 with. The volume of the power unit is 5 liters, the power is525 hp, the maximum speed of the car in this configuration is 225 km / h.
The most powerful unit is the 5-liter SVR V8, 575 hp, the maximum speed withsuch a motor will be 280 km / h.
In addition, the hybrid model P400e is presented. The main unit is a 2-literengine, running on gasoline, an additional – an electric motor. The total poweris 404 hp.

The all-wheel drive of the car will be connected automatically. As thetransmission is offered only a robotic gearbox.


The standard car kit will include a fairly wide range of options, which will include the following:
• ABS.
• EBA.
• Security system with volume sensors.
• The doors will be inscribed on their own.
• Apple Watch will be able to manage lock locks.
• The car will track which lane is in it.
• Adaptive cruise control.
• Blind zones are also tracked.
• Optics can be adjusted automatically.
• Possible collisions are tracked, which the driver is warned by a special system.
• The SUV will monitor whether the driver is tired.
• The tire pressure is monitored by sensors.

The manufacturerwill offer several variants of the car, it will be possible to choose theengine model of interest, options, interior design and body color. On average,cars will rise in price by $ 2,500 – $ 8,000 in comparison with the versionbefore restyling. The peculiarity is that there will not be standard bundleslike most brands. The layout of the car is free, and every buyer will be ableto choose exactly what he likes, is necessary.

Rear view of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year
Rear view of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year

The cost of thecar will vary depending on what will be included in it. The cheapest optionwill cost $ 78,000, if you select the most complete package, its price can be $145,000. Judging by the starting price, the updated Range Rover Sport 2018turned out to be several times more expensive than the completely new Velar,despite the fact that many technologies have migrated from the last SUV toupdated Range Rover Sport 2018. The starting price of Velar starts from $143400, and this is $ 14,000 more from the starting price of the sports versionof the SUV.

The general conclusion on the updated Range Rover Sport 2018 is quite simple: despite the fact that many technologies are taken from Velar, the new SUV surpassed the rest of the family cars by parameters, adding a hybrid package and improving the overall performance. Changes in the exterior and interior of the Range Rover Sport 2018 really affected only the best, assembling the most necessary SUV systems into a single whole.


Test drive video of the car can already be watched. Photos and prices are already roughly voiced. It is planned that the car will appear at the official dealers closer to the autumn of this year. The closest competitors will be:


Lexus LX.

Mercedes-Benz G-class.


Jeep GrandCherokee SRT8.

Right side Range Rover Sport of 2018 year
Right side of Range Rover Sport of 2018 year


The updated crossover received modified front and rear body parts, a globally redesignedinterior in the Range Rover Velar’s styling, a hybrid version of the P400e (apetrol 2.0-liter turbocharged Ingenium engine with a 300-horsepower and116-horsepower electric motor built into a single unit with 8 automatictransmissions, traction 13.1 kWh lithium-ion batteries) with a peak power of404 hp, a new four-cylinder petrol turbo engine 2.0 Ingenium (300 hp 400 Nm),which added 15 hp in the capacity of the compressor V8 5.0 (now gives out 525hp) and more high-power engine iju Range Rover Sport SVR (575 hp 700 Nm).



 Range Rover Sport of 2018 year – Video Review 

 Range Rover Sport of 2018 year – Video Review 

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