While looking for an affordable and roomy car, you should consider purchasing a Peugeot Rifter 2019. In recent years, the French company has invested quite a lot of money in the development of modern technologies and unique design. The new model has very attractive performance characteristics, which will be discussed in more detail later.



The modernexterior of the car meets world standards. It should be borne in mind that themodel is made with high practicality. An example is the following:

To ensure the most favorable conditions for movement in the dark, the headoptics of rather large sizes are installed. When it is manufactured, acombination of diode technology and lenses is used.
Protection of the radiator of the cooling system is made in a fairly simpleform, there is a rifle made of aluminum.
Protect the body from mechanical impact decided by using a plastic protection,which is quite a massive size. In order to make the body more expressive it wasmade with stamping.
In the lower part of the front bumper structure, there are small niches for thearrangement of fog lamps. It should be noted that the design resembles the onethat is installed on SUVs.

Right side of Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year
Right side of Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year

Wheel arches have a relatively small size, which is why the installation of wheel disks no larger than 17 inches.
The side windows also have a square shape with slightly rounded edges. If necessary, you can open the windows and let in fresh air into the interior.
The rear part of the body is more like the design of the van. The design is characterized by large vertical lanterns, as well as a small rear bumper design.

Various colors can be used for painting the body. At the same time, you can purchase the model with different wheel disks.


Quite a lot of attention was paid to the functionality of the salon. It is worth considering that when you make it, you apply a style that is associated with a combination of straight lines and simple shapes. The key moments are the following:

Today it is verypopular to use a truncated circle when creating a steering wheel. The design iscreated in such a way that it is comfortable to use. The key feature is thelack of bottom support, the central part seems to float a little.
The instrument panel is small. It is represented by a combination of severalscales, as well as a color multifunction display.
In the central part of the console, the display of the multimedia system islocated. It has a mechanical control unit, and also responds to gestures.
If desired, the main functions can be controlled by voice commands.
A lot of attention was paid to the tunnel in the front of the car. It islocated high, as if moving away from the center console. On the tunnels theautomatic transmission control unit was placed, which is made in the form of acircular regulator.
We found a place for a small glover and boxing.
The rear rows are quite simple, but it is worth considering that they arerepresented by a combination of full-fledged individual seats. Each can beadjusted in several directions.

Dashboard view of Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year
Dashboard view of Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year


Cars of the classin question have always been characterized by more attractive performance andperfect technical characteristics. To the peculiarities of this unusualproposal from the French car industry can be attributed the following points:

Pretty large body dimensions. The spaciousness of the cabin is impressive. Inmany respects, the model is intended for the transportation of bulky cargo ortravel for long distances.
The body can be made in a short or long base. The initial configurationprovides for the installation of 5 seats, but there is an opportunity topurchase a 7-seat version. The extended version of the body has a luggagecompartment with a volume of 1050 liters.
 In technical terms, the model in question is similar to othercompetitors. It should be taken into account that under the hood in the noveltythere is an economical 1,2-liter motor. It is capable of producing only 110 hp.A more efficient design can produce 130 hp. 6-MKPP is installed in the base,but you can pay and install the 8-automatic transmission.
 According to some information, two versions will be presented forselection: one only with front-wheel drive, the second is equipped with amodern system of rotation distribution on both axles.

Salon view of Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year
Salon view of Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year

The luggage compartment door has a vertical shape, glass is also installed, which can be opened separately.

Of course, the car is not designed for highway traffic at high speed. A slightly square body shape results in a high air resistance.


Peugeot Rifter 2019 in the new body was very interesting and practical in application. TheFrench automaker has invested enough money to make the car as suitable for longtrips and traffic in the city.

Considering the features of equipping this car, we note the following points:

The moment that the car was originally designed to carry large loads and longtrips determined a high degree of transformation of the cabin. If desired, youcan fold the rear row. A special feature of this car is that when folding, aflat floor is formed.
If you want, you can say the car with the design of the front seat, which canbe added if necessary. Due to this, it is possible to carry goods with a lengthof 2700 mm.
The French manufacturer took into account the fact that today mobile devices arevery popular. That’s why the front and rear of the cabin housed USB connectors.They can be used to charge the battery. They also installed a site that can beused to wirelessly charge mobile devices.
The salon was additionally equipped with sockets 220V and 12V. In this case, anadditional outlet was also placed in the luggage compartment.

Left side of Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year
Left side of Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year

Today manymanufacturers decide to minimize the number of mechanical control units in thecabin, for which they are installing a large multimedia system with touchcontrols. In this case, the display has a size of 8 inches, which is quiteenough for comfortable control of various functions.
In the expensive version, a projection display is installed, which can displaythe most important information. Today, the projection display is almost not foundon cars of this class.
Installed and in demand today options for adaptive cruise control and multi-zonalclimate control.
French engineers decided to make the cabin as functional as possible. To dothis, significantly complicated the construction of the roof, adding to thevolume indicator of another 92 liters. In the expensive configuration, the roofis panoramic.
There is a complete set of electronic systems that significantly improve thestability of the vehicle. Some assistants were borrowed from other automakers.

Peugeot Rifter 2019, the complete sets and prices of which have been presentedto the world public for a long time already, will cost a significant amount,about 30,000 euros. The French automaker decided to supply this car with allmodern systems. That’s why there are not so many competitors in the model.

Front view of Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year
Front view of Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year

Prices are expected to start at around $20 000.


The new Peugeot Rifter model of 2019 (photo, the price is given above) has uniquecharacteristics. Recently, the company began to rapidly develop its ideas,which led to the emergence of such an ambiguous proposal: on the one hand, themodel is presented by a capacious budget car, on the other, it has acomfortable and modern salon. The model was created as a competitor to thefollowing cars:

     Citroen Berlingo.
     Opel Combo.



Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year – Video Review
Peugeot Rifter of 2019 year – Video Review

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