For Nissan Murano 2018 the official website has already managed to present the price andcompleting. You can get acquainted with the auto in our article, find out whatit is attractive, what differences from earlier versions it has, what optionswill be added this year.

For the interiordesign a new design was used, advanced materials of high quality were applied.Much has been borrowed from the conceptual model Resonance, introduced in 2013,but never got into the series. The market will be presented with 4 options, thecost of the car will be from $ 34,000 to $ 42,000.

Front Left side of Nissan Murano of 2018 year
Front Left side of Nissan Murano of 2018 year



The novelty willbe different in appearance and interior decoration. The interior has becomemuch more convenient, attractive, despite the fact that the materials used forthe car are not the worst in quality, even more expensive fabrics, leather willbe used. The manufacturer took care of the comfort of the driver andpassengers, supplemented the car with the following:

 The front end of the car changed shape, it became better from the pointof view of physics, it will cut through the air streams, reducing itsresistance
Nissan did not significantly change the grille, it is made much easier, as inthe early models.
But the shape of the optics is quite complicated, the upper parts are pointed,they look aggressive, while the headlights are proportional, they look sporty,the lamps are installed powerful.

Front Left side of Nissan Murano of 2018 year
Front Left side of Nissan Murano of 2018 year

Regarding the shape of the front bumper, it is also not particularly difficult,has recesses for fog lamps
Along the doors appeared protection from plastic. It will be needed in off-roadconditions, it will save from the impacts of small stones on plastic.
The roof has also become more teardrop, it not only looks sporty. But it alsoreduces air resistance, it helps to reduce fuel consumption, make theacceleration to hundreds more rapid.

Rear Left side of Nissan Murano of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Nissan Murano of 2018 year

The style of the rear of the car is no different, everything looks the same,harmoniously. Racks interestingly disguised, there are rays that are part ofthem, while they are in the color of the tinting of the windows, which createsa sense of visual absence of racks.

We can say that the crossover is not just attractive, it is rather original inappearance, convenient inside. Nissan Murano in 2018 restyling has been quite seriousand has a radical difference from previous models.


The interiordesign is mostly made in the classical style, the bright and bright details arenot there, it does not irritate the eye, it looks restrained, but stylish. Youcan select:

Two scales are placed on the dashboard, which display the most popular data,while the design itself has an attractive shape, the screen is arranged so thatthe sun does not interfere with seeing the data displayed on it.

Dashboard view of Nissan Murano of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Nissan Murano of 2018 year

The steering wheel is 4-spoke, very modern, with convenient control units. Atthe same time, the blocks themselves are minimalistic, they do not interferewith driving, they are easy to use.
The front console is located at an angle, this allows you not to distract thedriver, while making the review of devices as convenient as possible.
In the center of the console is a traditional display, there are buttons ofcontrol units.
There are cupholders between the seats, there are plenty of seats. Immediatelyplaced the lever of the automatic box, there is a spacious box for things.

For the interior will be used fabrics that can repel dirt, but for the topversion is provided with leather trim.
The buyer will be able to choose the shade of the cabin he likes, several aresuggested. Interior can be both dark and light.


Nissan Murano hasa decent appearance. It is made in a popular sports style, belongs to thepremium class cars. Features include:
The body of the novelty is quite large, in the cabin there is a lot of space infront of, and for the rear passengers.
The ground clearance is 184 mm, which makes the passability not the biggest.The car copes with the middle obstacles, not very deep pits and puddles, but itis not worth to go on it to the deep forest.
The trunk is big. In it you can place purchases, travel bags, bulk cargo. Thevolume of the luggage compartment – 450 liters, with folded seats it isfashionable to achieve its increase by almost three times.
The engine will be installed in volume of 3,5 liters, thus in two versions: forEurope 260 hp as more powerful.
The motor will be combined with the variator.
The machine is well adapted for any conditions, it will receive anothersuspension, designed for high loads. The machine will be more stable on poorroad surfaces. Drifts are virtually eliminated.

Engine view of Nissan Murano of 2018 year
Engine view of Nissan Murano of 2018 year



The most affordable option will be MID at a price of $34 000. It will receive:

Climate control, extending to two zones. It is equipped with a microfilter,which makes the air much cleaner.
Convenient control panel window, which is equipped with the ability to controlthe pinching of the fingers of the window.
In the complete set there is already a radio tape recorder, capable torecognize files of any popular formats, through USB it is possible to connectflash cards or mobile devices.
The console received a 7-inch screen with control units.
The car has good security, which includes ESP, HAS, TMPS units.
To enable options, you can use the keys on the steering wheel. Here is thecruise control unit.


HIGH – the nextversion, the price for it is much higher and will be $40 000. Auto will notonly repeat all the previous versions, but also include new ones:

The steering column is more modern, has a complex design. The steering wheelitself will receive heating and high-quality finishing.

Front Left side of Nissan Murano of 2018 year
Front Left side of Nissan Murano of 2018 year

Heating will receive mirrors, front and rear seats.
The salon will be equipped with 11 speakers, will receive a high-quality audio system.
The display on the console will increase to 8 inches. Sensor control clearly responds to the touch, the menu is simple and convenient.
Passengers can use the USB ports to charge mobile devices.
In the cabin there is a sensor responsible for its illumination. Lighting will be pleasant and adjustable as needed.
Many functions can be controlled by giving voice commands.
The reserve will be full-sized.

3. HIGH+

HIGN +. The cost of such a car is $40 500. Compared with the previous set, there is not a very large surcharge, but you can significantly expand the functionality of the machine. It will include:

Ventilation of the front seats.
Regulation of the steering wheel with electricity, there will be several positions, including the level and inclination.
The chip-key will be installed, the car will be able to remember in which position the seats, mirrors, steering wheel were, which is convenient if the car is used by more than one driver, or the settings were knocked down on the sink.
When moving backwards, the mirrors will tilt, showing the obstacles below the side of the car.

4. TOP

TOP – the mostexpensive and rich version, the cost of which is $42 000. She willreceive:
• A roof with glass inserts, a hatch controlled by an electric drive. Inaddition, the hatch will close the curtain.
• The entertainment system is not only ahead. It can be used by passengers frombehind. It is made in the form of displays mounted in the front seats, they canconnect gadgets and headphones.
• Increased crossover safety, comfortable seats are installed, which will berequired for a long journey.

Front view of Nissan Murano of 2018 year
Front view of Nissan Murano of 2018 year


Nissan Murano 2018 test drive video can already be viewed. The appearance of the car is scheduled for this summer. Among the competitors can be noted:
     Hyundai Santa Fe.
     Toyota Venza.
     KIA Sorento.
     Ford Edge.
     Renault Koleos.
     Mazda CX-7.
     Jeep Cherokee.


It is a moderncrossover that enjoys high demand in the world market. The class itself hasrecently become extremely popular, as it includes the best qualities of SUVs,although inferior to them in cross-country, and the best qualities of sedans,which are not inferior in comfort and superior in capacity and patency. Infact, this is something average, which has collected the merits of both classesand is practically devoid of shortcomings. The car got an attractive andfunctional exterior, it has a rich equipment for its price category, which willbe useful both in the city and on the road, making the car more comfortable.The exterior has become much more elaborate, significantly different from theprevious generation.



Nissan Murano of 2018 year – Video Review

Nissan Murano of 2018 year – Video Review

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