New Toyota Camry 2017

If there is a car to which Toyota would lay great hopes, this is certainly new Toyota Camry. Photos of the model show that the car comes with more presentable exterior. New Toyota will be on sale in the near future.

New Toyota Camry of 2017 model year
New Toyota Camry of 2017 model year

Exterior of new Toyota Camry of 2017

The new generation of Camry will be changed radically compared to its precursor. Especially the developers have taken care of gratification of future buyers, which has already been able to appreciate major advantages of previous versions of the Camry.

Exterior of new Toyota Camry of 2017
Exterior of new Toyota Camry of 2017

One of these advantages is undoubtedly the availability of the vehicle. Different characteristics allow attribute the sedan to the presentable automobiles. Nevertheless, broad variety of motorists will be able to afford to buy the model. Such economy can be explained by two factors:

  • Economical fuel usage for a five-seater big sedan.
  • Better performance in comparison to the previous Camry model.

The factors have great importance world over. The novelty of the Japanese auto industry can be seen at the Detroit auto show which will take place in early 2016.

Exterior of new Toyota Camry of 2017
Exterior of new Toyota Camry of 2017

Interior of new Toyota Camry of 2017

The lovers of earlier versions of Toyota Camry will certainly be pleased with interior of the new car. The new generation of sedans of this version has a lot of free space inside.

Interior of new Toyota Camry of 2017
Interior of new Toyota Camry of 2017

The Toyota Camry 2017 has WI-FI and bluetooth, but just devices based on Android can provide functionality the options. The car has also other options.

It should be noticed that for interior design used quite expensive materials, basic version is not an exception. You can order seats upholstered in natural leather and inserts made of natural cork, which will decorate the section of the gearbox and other components.

The dashboard is very comfortable, multimedia system equipped with a large touch screen. Drivers can enjoy with a new more comfortable steering wheel with an additional set of options.

Technical characteristics

Technical equipment of Toyota Camry 2017 intending for sale in Russia will be slightly different to the models to sale in the US. Russia will get the same model that Europe will.

All versions will have a six-speed automatic gearbox. As to engines they will be available in several variants, namely:

  • The four-cylinder, 2.4 liters and 180 hp gas engine.
  • The six-cylinder, 270 hp gas engine.
  • The hybrid 200 hp engine.

These characteristics demonstrate significant performance of the new Toyota Camry.

Prices and the time of the start of the selling

Approximately the new Camry will appear on the market no sooner than early 2017. Starting price will be $20,000.

Photos of the Toyota Camry of 2017

Videos of the Toyota Camry of 2017

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