MAZDA CX-9 2018

Front Right side of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year

The November auto show that was held last year in Los Angeles was marked by the premiere of the Mazda CX 9 model in 2018. This car belongs to the second generation, replacing the previous version, which has been manufactured since 2006. The design of the novelty turned out to be more impressive than before, but the company’s features can be traced clearly. This car is an excellent option for a modern urban dweller. The new Mazda car will never be lost in a dense stream of vehicles. The car’s accessories receive new body shades, as well as stylish disks of different sizes.

Compared with the previous model, this car has improved on all fronts – he tried on the corporate design style “KODO”, acquired a more noble interior and a wide range of modern equipment, and under his hood “registered” a productive turbo engine.



The appearance of the car Mazda CX 9 in 2018, the new body of which is admirable, and the complete sets and prices (photo) can be seen here, characterized by the presence of the following noteworthy details:

a bumper fairing located in the front of the car;
bi-xenon headlights;
falshradiatornoy grating, having a modified form;
a number of parts that are covered with a layer of chromium;
small fog lights, having an original shape.

At the rear of the car a little changed the shape of the boot lid, which now looks quite original. The combination of rectangular shape of doors and parking lights is striking. In appearance, the car is like the Suzuki CX4 model.

Rear Left side of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year

The total length of the “second” Mazda CX-9 is 5065 mm, of which 2,930 mm is wheeled, and the width and height of its body reach 1961 mm and 1717 mm respectively.

The exterior of the Mazda CX-9 of the second generation is subordinated to the current design of the Japanese brand – it looks crossover boldly, beautifully and gracefully, from which side do not look. The deliberately aggressive front end demonstrates the “malicious glance” of the front lighting equipment and the large grille, and frying the forage flaunts the narrow LED lights and a powerful bumper into which the two exhaust pipes are integrated. The proportions of the full-size SUV are given by the “long-nosed” predatory silhouette with the front pillars shifted backwards and large strokes of wheel arches.

Right side of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year
Right side of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year


The interior space of the car has been thought through to the smallest detail, so the driver will feel comfortable. The steering wheel and armchair easily adapt to the dimensions of the driver through electrical adjustments. Even if you use the car by several drivers, you can save the settings for each of them.

Interior decoration Mazda CX-9 decorated in a rich and thoroughbred style, but it is not without sports aesthetics. A beautiful and laconic front panel, divided by an aluminum blade, is topped by a color screen of a 7-inch multimedia center and a stylish block of the zonal climate system. Behind the multifunction steering wheel with a three-spoke design, a stylish and informative toolbox is added, optionally supplemented with a 4.6-inch scoreboard.

Dashboard view of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year

In the second row of seats can fit three people. The central passenger will be forced to make a little space, since he has a half-place for him. They will be able to take advantage of the option to adjust the position of the backs of the seats, move forward and backward, as well as the climate control unit. In the third row, people of adolescence can freely fit in.

The torpedo made of high quality plastic, features a color screen designed to provide control of the audio system, navigation and the situation around the vehicle.

The trunk of the car has a volume of 267 liters. If you decompose the seats in the rear of the vehicle, this will increase the boot space to 1991 liters. This makes it possible to transport a significant amount of different cargo. To gain access to the trunk, you should use the rear door, equipped with an electric drive.

Salon view of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year
Salon view of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year

In the interior of the Japanese crossover of the second generation, high-quality finishing materials prevail – soft and pliable plastics, natural leather, as well as inserts from winged metal and rosewood. Salon CX-9 is divided into seven seats, but if on the first and middle rows of seats riders are promised comfortable accommodation, the gallery is more focused on children.

Even with a seven-seat layout, the trunk of the SUV does not become conditional and holds 408 liters of load. “Galerka” is composed of two symmetrical parts, bringing up a stock of cargo space up to 1082 liters, and the second row of seats, divided in a ratio of 60/40, brings the capacity of the “hold” to 2016 liters (in both cases, a completely flat floor is obtained).


The second release of the Mazda CX-9 is powered by a gasoline 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G engine equipped with direct injection, a 1.2 bar turbocharger, a Dynamic Pressure system that simulates the functioning of a turbine with variable geometry, and EGR cooled refrigerant recirculation technology. Ultimately, the turbo engine produces 231 horsepower at 5000 rpm and 420 Nm of torque, which is achieved from 2000 rpm. By default, it is aggregated with a 6-step “automatic” and intelligent all-wheel drive system i-ACTIV AWD with a multi-disk clutch, which is electronically controlled. “Maxima” car rests at 208 km / h, and acceleration from the site to the first “hundred” it fits in 8.6 seconds.

Engine view of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year
Engine view of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year

In the combined mode of movement, the five-door “digests” from 9.6 to 10 liters of gasoline for every 100 km of the route. The all-terrain vehicle is based on a stretched version of the Mazda 6 platform with extensive use of high-strength steels in the body structure and independent suspension on both axles – the McPherson-type front posts and the multi-link rear architecture. The Mazda XX-9 of the second generation has a rack-and-pinion steering gear with electric power steering, and all its wheels are equipped with disc brakes (diameter of front devices – 320 mm, rear ones – 325 mm) with ABS, EBD, BAS and other systems.

For the car in question, the manufacturer offers a gasoline engine with six cylinders. The engine power is 277 hp. Up to a hundred the car can accelerate in 10 seconds (approximate). In the complete set with the power unit the six-step check point (“automatic machine”) is provided.

In a mixed cycle, the fuel consumption of a car is 9 liters. If we consider the mass of this vehicle, then such a flow is acceptable. The basic version of the novelty is equipped with an all-wheel drive, although there is a mono-drive variant. The wheelbase of the car is quite impressive, reaching 2930 mm.


In the new car, the developers provided for the installation of effective safety systems that help reduce the risk of hazardous situations on the road. Such systems include:

control of blind areas around the vehicle;
Identification of obstacles when driving a car, not only forward, but also in reverse;
monitoring of the situation around the vehicle;
adjustment of the brightness level of the optics (front) in automatic mode;
detection of road markings, signs, as well as tracking the established band;
Other systems that provide effective control of the car in any conditions.

Front Right side of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year
Front Right side of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year


A novelty of Japanese production will be presented to consumers in several trim levels. For example, the basic elements of the car include the following elements:

a multimedia system with a touch screen;
climate control consisting of four zones, as well as a separate control unit for people located at the rear of the car;
“Hand wheel”, powered by an electric drive;
ventilation and heating of seats (front) with electric drive;
background illumination of the internal space on the LEDs;
electric door, which opens the luggage compartment;
Other modern devices that assist the driver.

In more advanced vehicle configurations, the following options are offered:

screen (projection);
a dashboard equipped with a TFT-screen (with a color image);
screen multimedia system;
Audio system with 12 speakers;
headlights on light-emitting diodes;
a number of security systems that combine into a complex.

The new car is offered to consumers in the market at a price that starts at $ 44,000. The top version of the car can be purchased for an amount that is approximately $ 65,000. The novelty will have eight options for painting the body, and the size of the wheels (wheels) depends on the purchased transport package facilities. The Mazda CX 9 of the year 2018 is a promising new model, and its photo and price from the official dealer are on our website.

It is important to note that 80% of all copies of this model will be sent to the US market.

Rear Right side of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year
Rear Right side of Mazda CX-9 of 2018 year


The car in question has a number of competing models that are manufactured by leading companies. Among the competitors can be identified the following vehicles:

    Nissan Pathfinder;
    Ford Explorer.

In appearance, the competing models look much more massive than the Mazda CX 9. But the modern design of the car, made in a dynamic style, can attract the attention of the youth representatives in different countries. As for middle-aged men, the novelty for them may not look brutally enough.

In general, the novelty has good chances to win leading positions in its market segment. This may be due to a rather comfortable interior space and various technological devices. In addition, a Japanese car can attract the attention of users of a powerful power unit.


Specialists in the automotive market note that the novelty of Japanese production can be very popular not only among American consumers, but also the target audience of other countries. The car is the optimal combination of high quality, excellent technical parameters, comfortable interior and reasonable price.

It is important to emphasize that the popularity of the Mazda brand in many ways can promote the popularity of this model among true connoisseurs of Japanese quality. During the first year of the model’s release, a significant increase in the volume of its sales can be expected on the market.

If the company-manufacturer during the life cycle of the new model will pay much attention to the issues of its modernization and improvement, this will be an additional factor in favor of the growth in sales volume of this car. The reliability of this vehicle and the high level of quality of assembly of its parts are important components to ensure a long period of use without major repairs.