MAZDA CX 3 2017

For its own enturies-old history, the Mazda auto concern, which was founded in Hiroshimain 1920, has grown to a huge corporation. Its branches are located in China,USA, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. However, even now most of thecars are assembled mainly in Japan. Now the company’s lineup is quite wide.Among the automotive pick-up trucks, minivans, roadster, SUV and convertibles.The concern leaves the main focus on cars of small and middle classes, to whichthe crossover city type Mazda СХ 3 2017 belongs (new model, photo, price from the official dealer’swebsite in the review). The Mazda CX-3 in 2017 is a compact B-class crossover.For the first time the car was introduced in November 2014 in Los Angeles.Mazda CX-3 is another representative of the new generation of Mazda cars whichreceived a full package of SKYACTIV technologies and the corporate design of KODO.

Front Right side of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year
Front Right side of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year



The exterior is not much different from most of the brethren, but the front and rear lights have a slightly different design, more like the evolutionary ones on the CX-5. On the front panel there are vertical fog lights and a chrome grille, which now consists of racks.

Compared with its predecessor, the Mazda CX 3 has undergone not a huge change, but with significant elements. Among them are:
Small body, low landing and compact dimensions.
In the front part is located the same radiator grille with a narrowed bottom.
Given the acquisition, the grate can be selected in black or chrome color, but each option will be equipped with a chrome edging.
 In the center there is the emblem of the manufacturer, in which a camera with sensors is mounted.
 The front optics are represented by halogens. In a rich set is available LED adaptive type.
 In the lower perimeter of the bumper a spectacular lattice flaunts.
 On the side of the bumper fog lights or LED lights with daytime running dimensions are installed.
 At the bottom there is a black edging made of plastic, it controls the tasks of protection.
 The central part of the bonnet is slightly raised.
 From the radiator grille and to the sturdy racks pass smooth strips, which effectively distinguish the style of the crossover.
 The windshield is supplied together with the front posts, in a rich configuration it is heated.
The side mirrors are equipped with followers of turn signals, electric drive and heating. Regardless of the configuration, the manufacturer painted the lower element of the mirrors in black, and the top under the color of the body.

Dimensions of the Mazda SH 3 2017 are as follows:

     The length is 427.5 cm.
     The width is 176.8 cm.
     The height is 154.2 cm.
     Wheelbase 257.0 cm.
     The track of the front and rear wheels is 1524/1521 mm.
     The ground clearance is 155 mm.

Basic equipment offers such variations as:

     monitoring of tire pressure;
     dynamic stability;
     the immobilizer;
     seat belts with adjustments;
     different airbags.

According to thecolor of the body, Mazda SH 3 2017 is presented in the following:
     dark coffee;
     the black;

Rear Right side of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year
Rear Right side of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year

Additional colors for selection are not provided by the auto concern. The onlything, for a certain amount, you can add an overlay for the bumper in theexterior.


The interior design of the SUV almost entirely replicates the same in the Mazda-2 hatchback. There is the same wheel, the same instruments, the same front panel with three rounds of ventilation system and a screen of a new generation MZD Connect multimedia system over the center console. In this case, the interior is more spacious, compared with the source, and landing is higher.

At first glance,the interior should be similar to its predecessors, as well as the exterior,but this is far from the case. The developers tried to make the cabin surprisinglyspacious and simple.
The center console is decorated with a multimedia system with a diameter of 7inches.
Below is the air vent, emergency stop button and engine start or stop.
Compared to other crossovers, the center panel is simple. The screen shows themarkings for deactivating airbags, controlling the heating system, thetemperature coefficient of the air conditioning system.
Behind the gear lever there are the necessary control buttons.
The driver’s seat is small and fully thought out.
For added convenience, the instrument panel has a projection screen.
The steering wheel is classic, in normal manning is adjustable.
The front seats of the car are calculated for the landing of middle people, butthe owners of a large physique can feel not quite comfortable. The rear row isprovided for three people and means three headrests.

Dashboard view of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year
Dashboard view of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year


Restyling Mazda CX 3 2017 will be delivered with a front-wheel drive. Given the compact size, thecar has remarkable dynamic characteristics, speed, maneuverability in all areasof the road.

From a technical point of view, the value of the Mazda CX-3 consists in the fact that it is built on the platform of the Mazda 2 hatchback, which has proved itself in numerous test drives with a convenient car that combines gambling dynamics and controllability. In the front suspension will retain the levers McPherson, and the rear suspension will inherit the design with a torsion beam. The “two” chassis means not only compact dimensions, but also less weight. If the base 103-strong Mazda 2 weighs 970 kg, and the mass of the Mazda 3 (104 hp) is 1196 kg, then the curb weight of the new CX-3 will settle exactly in the middle and amount to about 1100 kg. This fact indicates that 10.4 seconds of acceleration to hundreds and 7.6 liters of urban fuel consumption of Mazda 2 on the Mazda CX-3 will change slightly.

The volume of the trunk totals 351 liters, but with the folded seats of the second row it will be equal to 1260 liters. Technical characteristics of the car for European countries will be versatile, there is proposed a hybrid or diesel engine, but in Russia only one option is available with a gasoline engine.

Anti-lock brakes ABS and ESP are included in the basic equipment of the Mazda CX-3. Also will be available audio system with CD / MP3-player, the ability to manage them with multi-function steering wheel, Aux and USB connectors, multimedia complex display. The off-road thrust of the CX-3 will add spaciousness to the rear seats thanks to a larger overall cabin height and less demanding of the distance to the front seats of a high urban fit. Additional comfort will be provided by a separate block of deflectors for the feet of the rear passengers, the number of niches and containers will increase, and the child seat anchorages Isofix are standard equipment.


Owners of thechoice will be given three modifications of the engine:
The volume of 1.6 liters, a power of 106 hp, acceleration to hundreds in 11.2seconds. The top speed is 185 km / h.
The volume of 2 liters, capacity of 150 horses, acceleration in 9.1 seconds,fuel consumption of 6.5 liters or 10.6 on the highway. The maximum speed is 209km / h.

Engine view of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year
Engine view of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year

In total, the engine is presented for 4 cylinders and 16 valves, which is quiteenough for the updated vehicles. In pair to the engine the automatic 6-ст. boxwith the probability of switching over manually and selecting a sport mode.There is also a 6-st. MKPP.


In Japan car sales started in the winter of 2016, in the spring it was introduced to the US.

In the automotive market, three possible acquisitions of Mazda CX3 were proposed. Each of them is different in appearance and inwardness. The technical coefficients of the crossover are identical, so the focus is on safety.
1. Sport cost from $ 21,550. Full drive will cost from $ 22,850.
2. Touring costs from $ 23,650. The all-wheel drive package will cost $ 24,900
3. Grand Touring for $ 26,750, and the all-wheel drive will cost $ 28,000.
As you can see, the cost, quality and internal content are fully consistent with the manufacturer’s specification. Externally, the car is very similar to its counterparts, but in the landing and parameters it resembles a passenger hatchback.


Mazda SH 3 2017 was released in opposition to the main competitors, among which one can distinguish:

Skoda Karoq from 26.433$

Nissan Qashqai from  19.026$

Suzuki SX4  from 18.043$

Hyundai Creta from 18.259$

KIA Niro from 23.186$

Front Left side of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year
Front Left side of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year


Mazda СХ 3 2017 received many advantages and advantageous advantages. Competitors have about the same qualities, but one can not say that one of them stands out.

Among the advantages:

    Bright, eye-catching sporty design.
    Spacious and comfortable interior.
    Informative dashboard.
    Chic side mirrors.
    Excellent controllability.
    Dynamics, speed and endurance.
    Reliable brake system.

Of the shortcomings:

    A small ground clearance.
    Not very roomy trunk.
    Bad review.
    Rigid suspension.

The car is perfect for daily city trips. It has comfort, convenience and is available in service. Mazda will be a wonderful choice as a first driving experience.


The security of the restyling version of the Mazda CX 3 is not bad from its predecessors. The usual set includes pillows, side curtains, as well as auxiliary options for adaptive front lights and cruise control.

Depending on thekit, there is an option to control difficult places, traffic in the strip andan assistant in the parking lot, there are also sensors throughout the car, anall-round visibility system and a rear-view camera, plus keyless access.

Right side of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year
Right side of Mazda CX3 of 2017 year

For an additional fee, it will be possible to order a leather salon, heated seats and a windshield, as well as an alarm system with sensors for controlling the perimeter of the outside and the volume inside the car. Plus, keyless access, an independent electric interior heater, the engine start button and cruise control. Sensors of light and rain will increase the convenience of control in severe weather conditions, and nine airbags, coupled with the knee pillow – passive safety Mazda SH-3.

The list of all security functions is not all, because the developer annually increases it and does better. Something cardinal and innovative is always being introduced.


The ergonomics of the driver’s seat and chic interior are the most significant advantages of the Mazda CX 3 2017. Diesel options do not have a starting acceleration system, while petrol units are faster. The price for the updated car, according to fans and experts, will come close to the mark just above $ 22,000.

CX-3 SkyActiv-D FWD CX-3 SkyActiv-G 120 auto CX-3 SkyActiv-G 150 CX-3 SkyActiv-G 150 auto

universal universal universal universal
Number of doors 5 5 5 5
Drive Front Full Full Full
Clearance 155 mm 155 mm 155 mm 155 mm
Length 4275 mm 4275 mm 4275 mm 4275 mm
Width 1765 mm 1765 mm 1765 mm 1765 mm
Height 1535 mm 1535 mm 1535 mm 1535 mm
Wheelbase 2570 mm 2570 mm 2570 mm 2570 mm
Cargo space amount 350/1260 350/1260 350/1260 350/1260
The curb weight 1200 kg 1195 kg 1235 kg 1265 kg

Location and number of cylinders R4 turbodiesel R4 R4 R4
Working volume 1.5 2.0 2.0 2.0
Power 105 hp 120 hp 150 hp 150 hp

Revolutions per minute 4000 6000 -6500 6000 6000
Torque 270 Nm 204 Nm 204 Nm 204 Nm
Revolutions per minute 1600 – 2500 2800 – 4000 2800 2800
Gearbox mechanical automatic mechanical automatic
Number of gears 6 6 6 6
Maximum speed 177 km / h 187 km / h h 200 km / h 195 km / h

Acceleration 0-100 km / h 10.1 seconds 9.9 seconds 8.7 seconds 9.6 seconds
Fuel consumption, average or range   4.4 / 3.8 / 4   7.3 / 4.9 / 5.8   8.1 / 5.5 / 6.4   7.8 / 5.5 / 6.3



Mazda CX3 of 2017 year – Video Review

Mazda CX3 of 2017 year – Video Review

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