Kia Sorento 2016

In recent years Kia motors has become one of the leaders; it is one of the most best-selling foreign automobile brand. At the heart of this leadership is the undeniable success of the Rio and Sportage models. Sales of Kia models dramatically went up after the introduction of spectacular aggressive body design “tiger Nose” , whose author is Peter Schreyer, who was born in Germany.

Front side view of Kia Sorento of 2016 year
Front side view of Kia Sorento of 2016 year

New SUV Kia Sorento of 2016 is an example of the further development of this “tiger” style.

In its first generation Kia Sorento (model name borrowed from the Italian resort) was framed SUV. From 2002 to 2009, there were about 900 thousand of these cars.

Left side view of Kia Sorento of 2016 year
Left side view of Kia Sorento of 2016 year

Body has not frame in the second generation of the Sorento; car which is supporting structure of the classic SUV has turned into a mid-size crossover SUV, taking in the lineup between the compact and full-sized Mojave Sportage. However, off-road capability of Sorento remains a solid. In 2013, it was made a small restyling of the model. Kia Sorento of 2016 year already shows more radical changes in their appearance in the photo.

Exterior of Kia Sorento of 2016 year

New progressive appearance

When looking at the new body design of Kia Sorento immediately there is a feeling that the car has grown in length and in height.

It is not so:

  • Length – 4780 mm;
  • Width – 1890 mm;
  • Height – 1685 mm;
  • Wheelbase is 2790 mm;
  • ground clearance – 195 mm.

The car dimensions have grown, but only slightly. And height is lowered by 15 mm, but visually Sorento has not become squatter, and Vice versa.

It has even more aggressive and muscular style. It becomes larger and headlights stretched back, angle of the windshield piled back stronger, roof with a large spoiler at the end becomes more sloping. It gets much streamlined body. All this together gives the model a new rapid and dynamic but brutal look. It looks not heavy.

Rear and left side view of Kia Sorento of 2016 year
Rear and left side view of Kia Sorento of 2016 year

Interior of Kia Sorento of 2016 year

The austerity, tranquility and solidity is in the interior of the Kia Sorento of 2016 year. This is underlined by minimalism and functionality without the kitsch and screaming about “there luxury” items. Nice looks set in the center and increased multi-functional touch display. Now it’s framed by air intakes on the edges. The buttons on the instrument panel are located very compact and informative.

High quality of plastic and material of upholstery is used for the interior. For the top trim of Kia Sorento they even used identical materials like in the premium luxury car Kia Quoris. The base of Sorento interior looks strictly and solidly, like elegant furniture in the office of a large successful company.

Dashboard of Kia Sorento of 2016 year
Dashboard of Kia Sorento of 2016 year

Specification of Kia Sorento of 2016 year

Engine options for the market:

  1. Turbocharged gasoline volume of 2 l. and capacity of l./sec.;
  2. Petrol 2.4 l., with capacity of 175 l. /sec.;
  3. Diesel volume of 2.2 liters. Capacity of l./sec..

Transmission will be available in automatic and in mechanical version. The chassis is made according to the traditional scheme: front – MC Pherson, rear – multi-link scheme. Changes are made to the mounting of the sub frames and dampers. According to the specialists of Kia motors, it has improved the handling and comfort level.

Kia Sorento of 2016 will be presented in front-wheel and all-wheel drive, five – and seven-seat versions.

Price and appearance of Kia Sorento of 2016 year

While we can appreciate Kia Sorento of 2016 only for photo and information from Kia motors. The price of new items is not precisely known; it probably will start with 21 000$. You can see how Kia Sorento of 2016 year will look on the video.

Photos of new Kia Sorento 2016

Video of new Kia Sorento 2016

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