Review of new items Kia 2017-2018, the new Kia Picanto 3 generations – the first news andphotos, the price and specifications, specifications and reviews of owners ofthe subcompact hatchback Kia Picanto.

Korean automakers are paying much attention to the production of compact cars that are ideal foruse in urban environments. As a rule, such proposals are characterized bycompact body dimensions and a bright exterior. The representative of this classcan be called Kia Picanto 2018. The version after restyling has severaldistinctive features, if compared with the previous proposal. Consider how acar intended for urban use should look.

Left side of Kia Picanto of 2018 year
Left side of Kia Picanto of 2018 year



As previouslynoted, urban compact cars are created with a bright design. Buy Kia Picanto2018 from the official dealer, many decide because of the modern style:

Big braking head optics, which has a complex design. When you turn on thelights, the headlights look very attractive.
Recently, Kia does not adhere to common standards, making the radiator grillesmall. The lower part of the bumper on the contrary has a massive air intake,which is made in a sporty style. On the sides are small gills, as well as fog.
A short base with a high roof determines the silhouette of a city car.
The rear part has lanterns located on the side face. The cover has largedimensions and a fairly large glass, which provides an overview.
The design of the rear bumper has a complex design that makes the car more sporty.

Front Right side view of Kia Picanto of 2018 year
Front Right side view of Kia Picanto of 2018 year

The roof has a continuation in the form of a spoiler with a built-in stop.
It is worth considering that the rims are small in size. That’s why you can notinstall large sports wheels.

The external dimensions of the body of the Kia Picanto 3 2017-2018 year are 3595 mm in length, 1605 mm in width, 1495 mm in height, with 2400 mm of wheelbase.

Increasing the distance between the axles of the car, apparently, will result in an increase in the space for passengers of the second row. That’s just to reveal a 1.5 cm bonus will not be easy. So we propose to focus our attention on modern equipment offered as standard and optional for a hatchback European A-class. By the way, in the salon of the third Kia Picanto there are quite details and equipment from the older model of Kia Rio hatchback of the fourth generation.

The presentedhatchback stands out with a classic falshradiator grille, LED head optics, apowerful bumper with a large central air intake and round fog lights, renewedwheel disks. Red inserts supplemented the side sections of the air intake, doorsills, diffuser of the rear bumper. The stern is equipped with beautifulplafonds of overall lighting, a neat and very practical fifth door with a smallspoiler. Thus, the new Picanto received a bright and modern design, which willbe of interest to both European motorists and Asians.

Rear view of Kia Picanto of 2018 year
Rear view of Kia Picanto of 2018 year


The new model ofKia Picanto in 2018 despite the low cost, has a very modern and high-qualityinterior:

The wheel has a lower support, as well as two massive spokes, on which themultifunctional blocks are located.
The instrument panel is stylish, but decorated in a classic form. The automakerdecided not to experiment with this important part of the interior of any car.
In an expensive version, the multimedia system display immediately catches youreye. It rises above the central console in the form of a separate unit, hasseveral different keys and controls. The display can display a variety ofinformation: from navigation maps to video.
In many ways, the style is defined by vertical deflectors, which protrudeslightly forward.
Almost all middle class Kia meet an identical climate control control unit. Itis represented by two controllers, between which is a rectangular, elongateddisplay.

When decorating doors use different materials. At the same time, the automakertried to make the model more sporty, for which contrast bands were applied tothe surface.
The top version uses leather as a finishing material. In addition, a neat linewas made on the surface.
The seats are made with lateral support. At the same time they are alsodecorated in a sporty style. Comfort is also provided by the armrest, whichalso serves as a box.

Dashboard view of Kia Picanto of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Kia Picanto of 2018 year

Due to the use of a small database as a basis on the second row there is a bitof free space and it is simple. When choosing a version with a three-seatersofa, it should be borne in mind that two seats can be separated by an armrest.

Interior of the third generation Picanto is built around a large touch screen infotainment and entertainment system. He, apparently, stands very high and is framed, as now fashionably, with a piano varnish. Despite the novelty of design, a lot of parts and equipment are taken from the older generation car of the Kia Rio 201 hatchback, namely a similar steering wheel and instrument panel, as well as a climate unit. The difference lies in the shape of the side ventilation deflectors and the decorative chrome plated bar, which extends along the entire length of the front panel. The 7-inch multimedia touchscreen is conveniently turned towards the driver and provides navigation, climate control, rear-view camera settings, and Apple CarPlay, Android Auto applications.


Kia Picanto 2018 sales with a 5-and 4-seat version. Key features are:

When creating the latest version, a new platform was used, but the dimensions of the body remained virtually unchanged. The only change affected the wheelbase and the volume of the luggage compartment.

The suspension design also remained virtually unchanged. From the front, theinstallation of McPherson racks is carried out, behind the lightweight twistingbeam. Such a combination is ideal for urban vehicles, stability is high, andmanagement acuity is high.

Engine view of Kia Picanto of 2018 year
Engine view of Kia Picanto of 2018 year

 In order to increase the degree of controllability to increase the steel to install more rigid stabilizers of lateral stability. According to the automaker, the steering sharpness is increased by 13%. Now the rudder before the full turnover makes 2.8 turns instead of 3.4 – a very attractive result.
For the European market, 3 different engines were developed, the base version has a volume of 1 liter and with a capacity of 67 hp. The most powerful design with a turbo T-GDI has a power of about 100 hp, which is quite sufficient for urban conditions.
The choice is a mechanical box and automatic. It should be taken into account that the machine has less efficiency.

There are many decisions to buy Kia Picanto because the model is available at an affordable price, and it is ideal for the city limits.

The updated vehicle is very well equipped with a Front Collision Warning System, an optional option is the Lane Departure Warning System, which operates at speeds above 60 km / h. In addition, the car is equipped with a full electro-package; heated front seats, exterior mirrors and steering wheel.

Model Dimensions
base mm
min. kg
Picanto 2018 3595x1595x1495 2400  142 855 255/1010 175/65 R14 185/55 R15

According to preliminary data: the front suspension is independent, spring-type, type MacPherson, with stabilizer of lateral stability, rear – semi-independent, spring, with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. Brakes: front / rear – disc / drum (disc).


Bulk Type h.p. H * m
at rpm
  l / 100km
0-100km / h
max. V
km / h
1.0 MPI petrol
67 90 / 3500 4.4 14.3 161
1.2 MPI petrol
84 120 / 4000 5.4 13.7 161


A compacthatchback (pictured) can be fitted in 6 trim levels.
1. Basic equipment

The basic version has a cost of $14 000. Already it includes just a huge numberof useful options:

 A set of airbags.
 The design of the steering column with the ability to adjust the heightof the location.
 Head optics type DRL.
 Increased ground clearance.
 We conducted the primary audio preparation.

2. GT Line

The most expensive version was called GT Line. This proposal costs $16 500.By installing all the options the car becomes comfortable and safe. Among thefeatures of the top proposal, we note:

The interior is equipped with a central armrest, which serves as a box forstoring various things.
The audio system has two outputs: USB and AUX. The first is used to connectvarious removable media, the second for external speakers.
The navigation system is integrated with a multimedia system. To displayvarious information, a 7-inch display is installed, and there is also an outputfor the SD card.
Have also changed the design of the front bumper. It has niches that arepeculiar to the sporting style. Also there is a double exhaust pipe with achrome surface.
Glass have a deep tint. Due to this, the amount of ultraviolet that falls intothe interior is reduced.
The wheels are light alloy, size R16.

Front view of Kia Picanto of 2018 year
Front view of Kia Picanto of 2018 year

Metal pedals are installed on the pedal, and artificial leather is used forfinishing the seats.
Keyless entry and start engine with a button. Today, the Start / Stop systemallows you to significantly reduce fuel consumption when driving in trafficjams.

The most attention today is paid to the multimedia system being installed. Inthe case under consideration, it is:

Has a display size of 7 inches. It has high quality, it can display variousinformation.
The system can be synchronized with mobile devices. For this, Apple Carplay andAndroid Auto are installed. These programs allow you to synchronize withsmartphones via Bluetooth. This is required to transfer various information andplay files
The system can perceive voice commands. For this there is a hands-freefunction.
The automaker has developed a unique interface style. It is characterized bythe fact that the information is read well, and all elements are distributed inthe appropriate categories.

In addition, the car has a full set of security systems: VSM, ESC, HAC, ABS,BAS, ESS and some others. For comfort can meet the air conditioning or climatecontrol. The dashboard is capable of displaying a wide variety of information:virtual instruments, navigation system cards and much more.


Many automakers are giving the opportunity to produce cars for the city line. This is due to the fact that many cities pay attention to this proposal because of low fuel consumption. Together with Kia you can consider:

     Peugeot 107.
     Fiat 500.
     Chevrolet Spark.
     Toyota IQ.
     Renault Kwid.
     Hyundai i10.
     Citroen C1.

All these models have small compact dimensions, as well as an attractive exterior. A lot of money is invested in the development of Peugeot and Renault. In addition, the proposals of the Asian auto industry are characterized by a combination of acceptable cost and quality.


The premiere of the third-generation Kia Picanto (JA) took place in March 2017 at the GenevaMotor Show, but the first photos of the new model were introduced at the end of2016. In general, the design of the new Picanto has become more vigorous andbright, besides the manufacturer gives more new opportunities for personalizingthe appearance. Practically the sizes of the predecessor are kept (the car onlybecame slightly wider and higher). The wheelbase of the car has increased, butonly slightly – by 15 mm, sufficient to increase the stability andcontrollability on the track. The interior, in which it was not without itsoriginal solutions, was transformed – for example, the projecting ovals of sideair ducts with a silver edging with which the horizontal insert harmonizes as apedestal for a multimedia system monitor and visually divides the front panelinto two parts.



Kia Picanto of 2018 year – Video Review 

Kia Picanto of 2018 year – Video Review 

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