Front Left side of Kia Optima of 2019 year

Sedans of Class D have become very widespread, as they have a spacious cabin and a spacious luggage compartment. Such cars are produced by many manufacturers, more affordable offer can be called sedans of the Asian car industry. Kia Optima 2019 was built on the basis of Sonata 7, for the first time the model was introduced in 2015.


Kia Optima 2019 looks pretty attractive. The Korean automaker is investing quite a lot in developing new designs. Its features are as follows:

Narrow radiator grille is made in the style of optics.
The lower part of the bumper is represented by a large air intake, along the sides there are large and stylish niches.
Plastic protection allows you to exclude the possibility of damage to paintwork.
The body is elongated and quite stylish, characterized by a spacious interior.
Lanterns have a narrow shape and are quite large, part is located on the luggage compartment cover, the other on the body.
The bumper has a built-in branch pipe of the exhaust system.

Exterior design of Kia Optima of 2019 year
Exterior design of Kia Optima of 2019 year

The roof is characterized by a streamlined shape, due to which the clamping force increases.

The style of decorating the saloon can be characterized by originality and practicality. When finishing, mainly plastic is used, as well as chrome elements and glossy materials. Among the features we note:

A spacious saloon that allows you to comfortably accommodate several passengers.
The steering wheel is multi-functional, has support at the bottom.
Virtually all versions are installing a multimedia system display. It is designed to display navigation.
There are two control units with keys and knobs: the first is for a multimedia system, the second is for working with climate control.
The tunnel has a large transmission mode switch, as well as a storage compartment for small things. In addition, there is a large armrest with boxing.

Dashboard view of Kia Optima of 2019 year
Dashboard view of Kia Optima of 2019 year


Kia Optima 2019 is a full-size sedan, which is characterized by attractive technical characteristics:
The dimensions of the car slightly increased, due to which it became more comfortable.

On the basic offer, a 1.6-liter engine with 178 hp is installed. Increased capacity was achieved through the use of modern systems.
A robotic box with 7-shift ranges can be installed. It was possible to significantly improve the efficiency of the design by installing a double-clutch basket. It is worth considering that the design was developed by the company’s engineers on their own.
The most powerful turbo version is capable of developing 245 hp.

Engine view of Kia Optima of 2019 year
Engine view of Kia Optima of 2019 year


The updated model Optima is a classic representative of its class. At the same time the automaker delivers a sedan with a huge number of different options, due to which the safety during driving and comfort are increased.

  1. Classic
    The basic version of Classic costs about $ 16,500 and is characterized by a combination of the following options:
    1. The sedan has rear-view mirrors with electric drive and heating. Due to this, it is possible to provide the most comfortable conditions for driving a vehicle.
    2. The front mirror has heating in the stop zone of the windshield wipers. The system is represented by an electric heat source.
    3. A full-size alloy wheel is included in the scope of delivery.
    4. Daytime running lights are represented by the LED DRL design. They are characterized by high reliability and efficiency.
    5. The instrument panel is presented by Supervision display, the size of which is 3.5 inches.
    6. When the seats are seated, a cloth is used which is characterized by high resistance to mechanical impact. In the salon there is a finish for metal, which makes the sedan more attractive
Dashboard view of Kia Optima of 2019 year
Dashboard view of Kia Optima of 2019 year

7.Today, practically on all basic sets of middle class cars, a whole set of different systems is installed: VSM, ESC, HAC, ESS. This makes it possible to improve the safety of sedan control.
8. For the temperature in the cabin is the air conditioning. It can significantly reduce the temperature of the air in the cabin.
9. The car can maintain its speed in automatic mode due to a special climate control system.

The audio system has a USB port that allows you to connect various devices for synchronization or charging. By the cabin distributed 6 speakers, due to which the effect of three-dimensional sound is provided.

Left side of Kia Optima of 2019 year
Left side of Kia Optima of 2019 year
  1. Comfort
  2. Comfort is characterized by several additional options that can improve traffic safety and comfort in the cabin. Among the features of this version, which costs $ 18,500, we note:

    2. Daytime Running Lights LED DRL. They have become very widespread due to efficiency and reliability.
    3. In the design of the side mirrors, a repeater of the turn indicator was built in. They are also manufactured using diode light sources.
    4. Two ABS and ESS systems are installed, as well as cruise control. Due to this, the car becomes more stable on the road surface.
    5. Adjustment of the steering column can be carried out by the height of the location and degree of departure. In addition, the steering wheel is multifunctional.

Instead of a conventional air conditioner, a more effective climate control system is installed, which can automatically maintain the required temperature in automatic mode.

Exterior design of Kia Optima of 2019 year
Exterior design of Kia Optima of 2019 year

3. Luxe

Luxe costs $ 20,500. It provides for several additional options:

Tail lights LED.
1.Dashboard display with a size of 4.3 inches.
2. At furnish of interior the plenty of glossy materials is applied.
3. For the driver, a seat with an electric control unit and memory functions is installed.
4. The parking process is simplified by installing special parking sensors, which signal the approach to the obstacle.
5. The navigation system is characterized by a display with a size of 7 inches. It can display information about traffic jams, the location of speed-fixing cameras and weather conditions, it is possible to download information from the SD-card.
6. The rear view camera displays information on the installed display with dynamic lines, which greatly simplify the process of setting up the vehicle.

In more expensive versions, a large number of different systems are installed, which make the sedan more comfortable.

Front Left side of Kia Optima of 2019 year
Front Left side of Kia Optima of 2019 year
  1. GT
    Kia Optima 2019 (reviews of owners are mostly positive) in the maximum configuration was called GT. The cost of the offer is $ 28 000. It should be noted that an important supplement in comparison with the previous options is an improved steering system. It is more sharp and has several settings.


In class D there is simply a huge number of different models. All of them are characterized by their specific features. When considering Optima, attention should be paid to the following models:

Ford Mondeo.
Nissan Teana.
Opel Insignia Sedan.
Mazda 6.
Subaru Legacy.
Volkswagen Passat.
Honda Accord.
Peugeot 508.

This list is far from complete, they all have similar performance characteristics. Opel and Mazda have renewed their offers, making them more attractive and quality. The more expensive offer is Passat, as the German automaker invests a lot of money into the development of modern and efficient power units.