The Japanese automaker in question is not widely spread across Europe, as the company hasspecialized in manufacturing products for the American market. In addition,previous generations were significantly inferior to their competitors in termsof technical equipment and design of the exterior. The new offer of theInfiniti QX50 2019 is characterized by a combination of modern technologies.Let’s consider the details of the new proposal in detail.

Front view of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year
Front view of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year



The crossover has a modern design:

A small number ofdecorative elements.
Head optics are small in size, the design can have diode light sources and lenses.
The bumper is made in minimalist style, has only two air ducts, as well as amassive radiator protection grille. The decorative element is represented by achrome stroke.
On the perimeter there is a quality plastic protection, which iswell-decoratedc.
The rear part of the body is represented by two exhaust nozzles, as well asultramodern lanterns, which are made using 3D technology.
 A choice of different disks, the design of which can vary significantly.
 In the front, attractive indicators have been placed.
 The rear part of the body also has small decorative gills, in whichreflectors were built in. Due to this crossover looks much more attractive.
 The roof has a continuation in the form of a spoiler. In the constructionbuilt-in repeater of foot.

Rear view of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year
Rear view of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year


The salon is madeusing the highest quality materials. Note that the style of registration isquite simple, but still there are several distinctive features:

Almost the whole interior is sheathed with natural leather. At the same time,it has a perforation and a qualitative stitch.
Despite the fact that the installed touchscreen and there is a joystick tocontrol, also placed a large number of shortcut buttons.
Designers have provided for the use of bright colors that make the interiormore attractive.
The car is presented by a combination of the most modern technologies. At thesame time the automaker tried to make the interior minimalistic, removing alarge number of decorative elements.
Unambiguously happy presence of a huge panoramic hatch. It significantlyincreases the comfort in the cabin. In this case, it is possible to use theroof as a hatch. The electric drive greatly simplifies the task.
 There is also a classic armrest, which is large.

Salon view of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year
Salon view of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year

The salon is characterized by spaciousness. In this case, it is possible to adjust the position of the rear row. In this case, each seat has just a huge number of adjustments, which makes it convenient to settle if necessary.


The technicalstuffing of the crossover is impressive. Features include the following:

The front of the McPherson stand.
Rear-mounted multi-link design with adaptive shock absorbers.
Rear and front mounted exclusively ventilated brake discs.
Despite the fairly large dimensions of the car, the basic version onlyfront-wheel drive. For a surcharge, you can buy a car with a multi-diskelectronic clutch.
An important point is that the steering column is a super advanced system thatdoes not have a rigid coupling with the driving wheels. If desired, you canadjust the force transmitted to the wheels. However, there is only an electricdrive in the base.
The installed motors can change the compression ratio of the fuel. This momentcan also be called a technical innovation.
You can choose a car with a variator or automatic.
The above information indicates that the car has good technical characteristics.

Engine view of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year
Engine view of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year


Infiniti QX502019 unlike its predecessor has just a huge number of modern options. The newshowroom is characterized by luxury and attractive style. Characterized by aproposal of Japanese origin as follows:

Interior decoration is represented by a combination ofa wide variety of skin types. In this case, the color and texture may differ,and the material is used for finishing all elements: chairs, a tunnel, theupper part of the front panels, the control handle and the steering wheel. Onlywith the application of modern technologies can you skin the various elementsof the interior.

The steering wheel is multifunctional, represented by acombination of three spokes. Very attractive design looks at the expense of acombination of leather and decorative plastic. The spokes are slightly turnedoutward, the two control units are represented by a combination of a largenumber of keys.

Front Right side of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year
Front Right side of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year

Todaythe instrument panel can be represented by a variety of designs. Over theyears, the display is used to display additional information. The new InfinitiQX50 model of 2018 has two scales, between which the display is located. It isused to display various information: maps, basic parameters of work and muchmore

An interesting point is that the touch screen is used to control the basicfunctions. Today, many manufacturers decide to make control in the form of alarge display. At the same time, the manufacturer paid attention to thedevelopment of a quality and rather interesting interface. To control a touchscreen with a size of 7 inches is installed.
For navigation and display of various information responds to a better display,which has a size of 8 inches.

The motor can be controlled using the start / stop button. A suitable system is installed, which allows to reduce fuel consumption while driving in traffic.
In spite of the fact that the installed displays have touch control, the washer was placed on the tunnels to control the multimedia system. Due to this, the set task of selecting the basic functions is substantially simplified.
Basic information can also be displayed on a 9-inch projection display. It can output information to the windshield, which simplifies the process of reading it.
The design of the two front seats is very complicated, has an electric drive adjustments, heating and ventilation, as well as massage. Due to this, the most favorable conditions in motion are ensured.
Heated steering also provides the most pleasant conditions for traffic. In the rich version is installed and the second row with heating.
The installed system has a premium class. A system called Bose is installed.
The panoramic glass roof has large dimensions, as well as an electric sunroof with a drive. This option corresponds to the highest class. If desired, you can close the curtains and protect the cabin from direct rays of light. Due to this, it is possible to significantly improve the comfort.

For the safety ofthe movement of a fairly large car, there is a whole complex of differentsystems. The whole complex was named ProPilot Assist. It includes cruisecontrol, which can adjust the distance to the vehicle in front, the trackingsystem for road signs and markings, the blind zone tracking system.
    The second row is represented by seats that can be movedin the longitudinal direction on the sled. The minimum volume of the luggagecompartment is 895 liters, at a maximum of 1048 liters.

Front Left side of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year
Front Left side of Infiniti QX50 of 2019 year

The new Infiniti qx50 2019 in comparison with the previous generation has veryattractive equipment. The brand under consideration due to a complete change inthe line should become more popular.


A fairly large number of funds and efforts were invested in the new generation. Due to this, we achieved unique technical characteristics, made the car competitive:

     BMW X3.
     Audi Q5.
     Lexus NX.
     Mercedes GLC.

All these cars belong to a high class. At the same time, all automakers have changed these models, improving the technical specifications and improving the exterior with the interior.


The new InfinitiQX50 was unveiled at the International Auto Show in Los Angeles. The competitorAudi Q5 and BMW X3, included in the most dynamically developing segment ofcrossovers, surpassed its competitors with a gasoline unit with a varying compressionratio. Compared to the previous 3.5-liter V6, the new 2.0-liter four-cylinderturbocharged engine called VC-Turbo became 35% more efficient due to the factthat it can change the compression ratio from 8: 1 to 14: 1. He develops 268hp. power and 380 Nm of torque.



Infiniti QX 50 of 2019 year – Video review

Infiniti QX 50 of 2019 year – Video review

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