HYUNDAI I40 2018

Every year the i40 was gaining popularity due to its practicality, attractive design and goodequipment. This proposal by the South Korean auto industry has changedsignificantly in recent years. At the same time, changes have affected not onlythe style of the exterior and interior design, but also technical equipment.Hyundai i 40 2018 (new body), bundling, prices, photos of which will bepresented in this material, has quite a few features, which will be discussedin more detail later.

Presented recently to the interested public the renewed car Hyundai i40 2018 hasjustified long expectations and pleased fans with its original appearance andadvanced design solutions. It looks like a cast sculpture from flowing gracefullines. Each part of the body smoothly flows into the other. The front looksvery impressive with a large hexagonal radiator grille with a large number ofchrome cross strips.

Front Left side of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year
Front Left side of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year



The car in question has a relatively small popularity, which is due to the high cost of this model. This model is appreciated by many for reasons of comfort, universality and solidity. These points were taken into account when developing the design of the new add-on. Note that the new version is not significantly different from the previous one, the main touches are:

The windshield was placed under a large slope, which determined an increase in its area and improved visibility. The angle of inclination also reduces the resistance that occurs when driving at high speed.
Appeared Hyundai i40 2018 (new model) has an updated head optics. At the same time in the lower part of the bumper there are niches in which there are fog lights.
On the body appeared two additional longitudinal stamping lines to provide a sporting style.

In general, it is worth considering that the profile of the car has not changed. The rear is characterized by an unusual luggage compartment lid, which received smooth features and wider lanterns produced by diode technology. The exhaust system has chrome-plated fittings, which determines the sporting style of this vehicle.

According to the automaker, a large number of heavy-duty alloys were used to create this car, which determined a significant increase in the body stiffness and controllability of the car. In addition, technical innovations have allowed a little weight reduction, which also had a positive effect on the car.

The appearance of the new Hyundai i40 modelyear began to resemble its older brother – Genesis. In particular, changes havetouched on such elements as: grille, LED lights and another form of front andrear bumper. The set includes wheel rims with a rim diameter of 16 or 18inches. Absolutely new was the head optics, which is completely LED. It is verysuitable to compare this optics with the wings open. This is exactly what wesee in the photo of the new Hyundai i40 in 2018. Particular attention isattracted to the new fog lamps, which also resemble wings. The profile of thenewcomer looks sporty, presentable, courageous.

Front view of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year
Front view of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year


The salon is impressive with an abundance of free space. In this car, you will not feel discomfort in your legs and knees after a long ride. It will be convenient for a tall person to be here. There is plenty of space above your head. The general style of the interior repeats the smooth, wavy design of the exterior. The instrument panel has completely changed. The new bright blue illumination of the instruments does not irritate the eyes, but all indications are clearly visible. The center of the console is an eight-inch monitor connected to the latest navigation system. Some of the panel elements also have a wing-shaped shape.

Very original and stylish looks a massive wave of plastic, separating the dashboard and console. The presence of such elements always causes delight. They give the interior a special charm and uniqueness. In addition, this modernized sedan for the first time used a real “piano lacquer”, which can not but rejoice. The driver’s chair is adjusted in every way. He has a comfortable back and a high seat with side supports.

 As for the equipment, the basic version hasthe following: airbags in front and behind (seven pieces); Anti-lock system,which helps to move on the rise; the system of exchange rate stability; sensorsfor rain and light inside; complete electrical package; climate control of thetwo-zone type; on-board computer; multifunction steering wheel; navigationsystem of the newest model (for Russian-speaking countries in Russian);ventilation and heating of the driver’s seat. Everything is done to ensure thatthe driver and his passengers are as comfortable as possible.

Dashboard view of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year

The relatively high cost of this model defines that the salon has a very high-quality equipment. Pay attention to these features:

The steering wheel is multi-functional, has 4 spokes and several control keys. They in a certain sequence allow you to control the basic functions of the car.
Scale instrument panel is made in a classic style, between small wells is a display.
The design of the center console changed significantly: there were smooth transition lines, mounted monitor multimedia. The climate control control unit has also significantly changed.
Front seats have several heating modes.
Seats have lateral support and the ability to adjust in 10 positions.
Air ducts were also taken for the rear passengers.
Between the front seats there is an armrest, which has a compartment for things.
In the top version, seats are installed that have an individual control unit.

In addition, should take into account the presence of various finishing materials: fabric, leather, soft plastics and aluminum trim.


Turning to the technical characteristics of the restyled Hyundai i 40, we will describe the types of motors that are offered by the manufacturers. In total, two diesel engines with a capacity of 1.7 liters will be available. The first will be released in the standard version (115 hp with 280 Nm), and the second in a more powerful (141 hp 340 Nm). Also, the kit will include a seven-speed manual gearbox with the option of shifting gears under padded “petals”.

 In addition, the updated Hyundai i40 2018sedan will be able to complete the newest ATCC system, which is designed toimprove the management of the vehicle in heavy traffic conditions. In the bodyof the station wagon, the buyer will assess the capabilities of the rearsuspension, equipped with adjustable shock absorbers for all kinds of needs ofthe car owner.

Engine view of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year
Engine view of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year


With the advent of new generations, cars of the Korean car industry improved, and in terms of technical characteristics, they catch up with representatives of the German car industry. Always paid a lot of attention to the installed engines. The following motors are installed on the Hyundai i40 2018:

Gasoline with a volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, their power is 135 and 149 hp. respectively. Due to the increase in the volume of the motor, the consumption is also increased to 10.4 liters in a mixed cycle per 100 km of the traversed path.

The diesel powerunit will have a volume of 1.7 liters, due to which the power was 141 hp.Despite the fact that diesel engines often have high efficiency, in this case,the motor consumes 10.8 liters per 100 km in a mixed cycle.

All complete sets are delivered exclusively with a forward drive, and hererotation can be transferred through МКПП and АКПП in case of petrol motors.These designs have 6 gearshifts. But with a diesel engine there is a new DCTrobot with a dual clutch function. This significantly reduces the time it takesto switch gears.

In addition, torque is transmitted more effectively by dividing by 7 gears. Forcomfort when driving on roads with poor quality, an independent suspension withsprings responds. In addition to this, stability stabilizers are installed inaddition to the basic design. As for the dimensions, they are as follows:

    The width is 1810 mm.
    Length 4745 mm
    The distance between the axles is 2770 mm.
    The height is 1470 mm.
    The ground clearance is small, 140 mm.

Entering the market, the Korean automaker drew the attention of potentialbuyers to the low cost of their offers – the main reason that many bought Kia.However, over time, the quality of equipment vehicles produced under thisbrand, has increased significantly. This is due to the implementation ofvarious developments.

Rear view of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year
Rear view of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year


Recently, the Korean automaker provides a fairly large selection of options for equipment.This moment determines the possibility of purchasing the car in question in 7basic configurations. New Hyundai ai 40 of 2018, photos are presented in thisarticle, you can buy in the following equipment options:

With the base motor and mechanics you can buy at a price of $ 30,000. The basicequipment has quite a large number of options, as well as security systems. Anexample is BAS and ABS, HAC and ESS, ESC and VSM. In addition, the head opticsis represented by LED flashlights. The interior is air-conditioned, the finishis of high quality, represented by a combination of leather, textiles, plasticand aluminum linings. The list of options is very large, and the price is muchlower than that of competitors.

Comfort Plus
It differs from the previous configuration with a more powerful motor and anautomatic box. The price of this offer is $ 32,000. For a relatively lowsurcharge, two-zonal climate control is installed, as well as a rain sensor.The driver’s seat can be adjusted using an electric drive. The design of theseats has lumbar support.

Available as 2 liter petrol, and the previously mentioned diesel engine. Theoption with gasoline and mechanics costs $ 33,000, with automatic transmissionat $ 33,500, diesel and a robot at $ 34,000.
Limited Edition
You can buy for $ 36,000.

Active Plus
It is an extended version of the previous version, the cost of this offer is $37,000.
Lifestyle Plus
A very expensive proposal, which costs about $ 40,000.

You can buy at a price of $ 42,000. Already in this version, a qualitativedisplay is installed on the instrument panel. External mirrors are addedautomatically when the car is parked. In addition, the car can be set up takinginto account the parking sensors.

Front Left side of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year
Front Left side of Hyindai I40 of 2018 year

In this version, a diesel engine is also available. The option with gasolinecosts $ 43,000, the diesel version is $ 44,000. As previously noted, the dieselversion comes with a new robot that has a dual clutch.
This list indicates that it is possible to buy this car with minimal equipment,as well as with all the popular options. Due to a surcharge, the averagerepresentative of his class became a fairly comfortable car.


Despite the fact that the car in question has a very high cost and is in no hurry to buy, this model has quite a large number of competitors. The main ones are:

     KIA Optima.
     Ford Mondeo.
     Volkswagen Passat CC.
     Peugeot 508.
     Opel Insignia.
     Toyota Camry.
     Mazda 6.
     Honda Accord.

It is difficult to advise a choice with such strong competitors. Some prefer the proposals of the German car industry, others have learned to trust Asian manufacturers. As a rule, the decisive factor is the cost of the car.


Like any othercar, the Hyundai i40 2018 has its advantages and disadvantages. Among theadvantages can be distinguished: a stylish and luxurious appearance; spaciousand comfortable lounge; affordable cost; inexpensive maintenance; high-qualityinterior trim; good equipment; excellent handling and maneuverability; fastoverclocking. But there are also disadvantages: a harsh suspension; unstablepaint and varnish; insufficient power.



Hyindai I40 of 2018 year – Video Review 

Hyindai I40 of 2018 year – Video Review 

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