Honda Pilot 2016

The updated model Honda Pilot of 2016 year was shown to the public in early 2015 on auto show in Chicago at first. Images of stylish new items, which are showing substantial change of the image of the SUV, are appeared even earlier.

Front view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year
Front view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year

On sale in the U.S. market this model will be available this year.

Left side view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year
Left side view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year

Exterior of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year

A new crossover Honda Pilot while is possible to study by the numerous photos which are presented on the Internet. The stylish design of the car includes padded surface with the presence of bright aerodynamic components, the original edges.

In General designers were actively working on the car, introducing progressive and stylish details. The dimensions of the crossover are equipped with a solid impressive hood, powerful bumper, a radiator mesh; it is decorated with luxurious shiny rails.

The lights of head lights with LEDs are not less interesting. On the photo you can see that the lights have an interesting complex of geometric shape. Visually, the profile of the body transmits big size and grandeur of the car.
The plane of the roof of Honda Pilot of 2016 year is even with a big stern. The wheel arches are accommodating large wheels. Doors are quite large with high sills, which highlight a stylish punch.

At first glance it seems that the rear part of the car is quite simple. There is a plastic bumper in black, which is equipped with fog lights and a convenient tailgate. However, the photo shows luxury led lights overall lighting that adorns the rear of the crossover.

Interior of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year

7 – 8 people with a driver can easily accommodate in the cabin of the new model of the car. The 2nd row is with a comfortable sofa; it is designed for three people. In the 3rd row it can easily accommodate three passengers.
In order to get in the last row, you must click on the special button, and then the seat of the second row will be shifted and will add up, freeing the passage.

The Luggage compartment of Honda Pilot of 2016 year is quite comfortable and roomy. Here you can freely place the cargo volume of 550 L. If you need more space for baggage, it is possible to fold the seat of the 2nd rows back. Thus, there is a rather large compartment with a smooth surface.

Dashboard view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year
Dashboard view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year

As you see in the photo of the new Honda Pilot, specifications of the model presents all the attributes, characteristic of the premium class. All interior trim is made with the use of technologically of high quality materials: leather, plastic, carpet. The door is equipped with a led light to provide extra comfort.

Salon view of Dashboard view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year
Salon view of Dashboard view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year

The dashboard looks very elegant and noble. There is digital speedometer, color screen of PC. Control automatic transmission and the steering wheel are characterized by convenience and functionality. Multimedia system, key start engine, navigation, phone, etc is on the dashboard.

Seats view of Dashboard view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year
Seats view of Dashboard view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year

There is a built in multimedia system with the screen on the ceiling, the connectors which are allowing you to connect a game console or headphones, as well as plenty of space for storage of various things that will be useful on the road in the rear.

Amazing car model with a rich filling

Basic configuration of Lifestyle Honda Pilot has a complete transmission, ignition system and engine. The car also boasts leather upholstery, power transmission, and heated mirrors. Passengers will feel themselves comfortable in the car in the winter time, as there is a function of the seat heating and the option of automatic regulation of the seat.

Promising crossover has functions of lighting, camera of rear view, cruise control. Each driver will be able to use the Bluetooth function, so you can talk on a wireless device. So that you can travel with great pleasure, the car is equipped with audio system with 7 speakers and a function of absorbing noise. The Japanese were able to equip a vehicle with lots of unique electrical systems: system stability, ease of lifting, the system pressure in the wheels, to stabilize of the body.

Car enthusiasts will enjoy the Lifestyle version, which is equipped with led function, the system of access to the car without a key, touch screen, climate device in three modes, electric drive and the automatic operation of the optics while driving back. Moreover, the crossover has electronic transfer of the Luggage compartment, parking of arrangements. The developers were able to create an amazing SUV, which is equipped with a heating of steering rack and remote of engine start.

The Executive model has a device which captures all images of what is happening on the road from all sides of the car onto the display directly. Function starts to work when the right signal is turn on or when you press more buttons.
Car enthusiasts will be happy to have the Premium version, which has a sunroof, ventilated front and rear seats, sound system with 10 speakers and DVD player. Passengers will be happy the entertainment system at the time of drive. This car will please too many motorists.

Specification of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year

  • Cost-effective. According to manufacturers, the crossover has become much more economical compared to predecessors, though exact figures have not yet spread. Fuel consumption was reduced by manipulation with the car engine. The motor is equipped with Start/Stop System, which allows for the reduction of the load to turning off a few cylinders. The weight of the car was decreased. Now four-wheel drive version weighs is 1, 903 kg, and the front-wheel version is 1, 813 kg.
  • The availability of chassis, which crossover has received from its predecessors, however, the manufacturers have perfected this item by making it more functional and practical. The engine is equipped with six-and the nine-phase automatic transmission. The drive, of course, can be both front and complete.
  • The use of options and equipment. Honda Pilot of 2016 model year is equipped with previously unavailable features, creating a comfortable environment when driving. For example, front and back seats, as well as the steering wheel is equipped with heating. In the first row, by the way, is a ventilation system. In some trim levels panoramic roof, cruise control, a special system, which warns of the danger of collision, etc is available.
Rear and left side view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year
Rear and left side view of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year

Appearance and price of Updated Honda Pilot of 2016 year

On sale the new Honda Pilot was released in the summer of 2015, the first car will appear in the American market. The estimated cost is from 32 660$. You can see how the car looks also at the following video.

Photos of new Honda Pilot of 2016 year

Videos of new Honda Pilot of 2016 year

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