Front left side of Honda CR-V of 2018 year

Nowodays the most common class of cars can be called a city crossover. This is due to the combination of increased off-road capability of the SUV and the economy of the installed motors, as well as the practicality of the car itself. An example is the new Honda SRV 2018 photo price equipment and prices which will be discussed in this article. The car was very attractive and modern. Let us consider this model in more detail.



The exterior design of the new generation of the popular CR-V steam car from Honda evolves demonstrates the familiar design solutions of the previous generation of the model. Solid and charismatic front end of the body with a large bumper, neat falshradiatoroy grille and new fully LED headlights head light. Increasing the wheelbase size by as much as 80 mm gives the body of the new crossover a more finished and sedate appearance, the side doors become wider, the forage is longer and more massive. The rear parking lights, judging by the first photos, will be located in two planes, organically emphasizing the high window sill of the novelty.

Front left side of Honda CR-V of 2018 year
Front left side of Honda CR-V of 2018 year

In order for the car to compete in the class of urban crossovers, it must have a sufficiently attractive exterior. At the considered car style of registration of a body has following features:
The head optics are bent, it stands out due to the complex design. At the same time, some diode lines of the headlights were made in the form of a continuation of the chrome finish of the exterior.
The radiator has a relatively small size, the structure is represented by chrome plated plates. Also on the radiator grill is a chrome-plated manufacturer’s badge.

The front bumper has an air intake, which is made in the form of a grid. In addition to the lower part of the construction there is a chrome finish element.
The installed fog lamps are small in size, they are practically not noticeable.
The body turned out to be rather blown, along the perimeter there is a plastic protection, which stands out against the backdrop of the bodywork. The glasses also have a chrome trim.
The rear of the body was very attractive and unusual. The taillights go on a rack and flow into a complex structure, located both on the luggage compartment cover and on the wing.
The car under consideration turned out to be quite attractive. At the same time, the designers were able to make it unique and preserve the Honda style.

Rear view of Honda CR-V of 2018 year
Rear view of Honda CR-V of 2018 year


By analogy with the 10th generation Honda Civic, the new fifth generation Honda CR-V will acquire a more modern and high-quality interior. The manufacturer promises high-quality finishing materials, a full-color instrument panel, an advanced multimedia system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Siri and Google Maps, a premium audio system, front-wheel drive electric heated, ventilation and massage, heated and ventilated seats in the second row, three-zone climate -control, electric tailgate and other options
The cost of the crossover in question is very high. Honda SRV 2018 equipment and prices, photos of which are presented in this material, has a high-quality and manned salon. We characterize it as follows:

The steering wheel has two spokes and wide lower support. A similar version of execution is now installed on almost all new generations
On the two spokes are located a few keys, most of which are made in the form of a joystick. Finishing can be represented by high-quality leather or soft plastic.
The instrument panel was made in the form of a display. At the same time, we note that the Japanese automaker paid much attention to the development of graphics: it is made in a modern style, resembling an image of panels from fantastic films.

Salon view of Honda CR-V of 2018 year
Salon view of Honda CR-V of 2018 year

The central console has a complex design. The lower part of the structure slightly comes forward to accommodate the shift lever of the variator operation mode. The main part of the control was allocated to the touch screen, but a separate unit was assigned to control the climate control.

The high position of the gearbox selector determined that the central tunnel is not high, placed it for the niches of cup holders and some control units.
When finishing, soft plastic, textiles, natural wood, leather are used. This combination of materials provides high comfort.
The rear row has quite a lot of free space, the seat is designed for three passengers. Even in expensive equipment on the back row are not installed additional displays. But the air is fed through a block with deflectors, which is represented by a continuation of the armrest.
The salon is practical and has all the popular options, designed exclusively for 5 passengers.

Salon view of Honda CR-V of 2018 year
Salon view of Honda CR-V of 2018 year


Honda SRV 2018 (new model), a photo, whose price became known even before the official introduction of the crossover, has the following features:
The new generation added a bit in size. Despite this, the car has become more economical and lighter. The wheelbase increased by 41 mm and amounted to 2261 mm, which provided an additional 51 mm of free space for the feet of the rear passenger. Increased the luggage compartment by 56 liters, provided only the second row is installed. Despite the impressive body dimensions, the installation of an additional third row is not carried out even for a surcharge.

On the front, the car is equipped with McPherson struts, and at the rear – with a multi-link configuration (“in a circle” there are shock absorbers with reduced friction and lateral stabilizers). On the SUV involved rack and pinion steering, supplemented by an electric booster with a variable ratio. On all wheels five-door disc brakes (with ventilation in the front part) are enclosed, which work with the ABS, EBS, Brake Assist and other electronics.
On the crossover, several motors are installed. In this case they are equipped with a variator.
The car moved to a new platform, which somewhat changed the basic performance of the model.
Despite the use of the new platform in the production of this car suspension remained virtually unchanged. So in front is installed a common rack McPherson, behind it is multi-link. Several rebuilt stabilizer bars, which should increase the stability of the crossover on the road during the turn.
Installed and new shock absorbers, which work quieter and better cope with the damping of shocks and vibrations.
While all the technical features of this car are not known.

Engine view of Honda CR-V of 2018 year
Engine view of Honda CR-V of 2018 year


Gasoline engines for the new generation of Honda SRV:
• 2.0 i-VTEC (165 HP 197 Nm) with 6 manual transmissions or variator.
• 2.4 i-VTEC Earth Dreams (190 hp 220 Nm) with a variator.
• 1.5 VTEC Turbo Earth Dreams (175 hp 260 Nm) paired with a new generation of variator.
Diesel engines for Honda SRV 2018-2019:
• diesel 1.6 i-DTEC (120 hp) with 6 manual gearboxes and 1.6 i-DTEC (160 hp) with 9 automatic transmissions.
Hybrid version of the crossover – with a power plant, which includes a 2.0-liter gasoline engine and a pair of electric motors (one for each axle).
Standard 2WD drive on the front wheels, optional 4WD four-wheel drive.


The automaker in question does not provide a large choice to its customers in terms of equipping the car. The mid-size crossover is priced at $ 37,000. The model is available in three versions:


The option of equipment, which will cost $ 37,000. In this car, as well as in other variants of the equipment, a 2.4-liter motor is installed, the rotation of which is transmitted through a variator of a stepless type. The drive is exceptionally full. With a similar combination of powertrains, the fuel consumption rate was 7.8 liters. Honda CRV 2018 in this version has six airbags that help protect the driver or passenger at the time of the accident from injury.

Front right side of Honda CR-V of 2018 year
Front right side of Honda CR-V of 2018 year


In this version, the same power units are installed as on the previous one. The price of this equipment is $ 39 000. This version has a rich equipment, represented by heating the steering wheel. In addition to the front seats, the heating has a rear. The entire salon is decorated with high-quality leather, in front installed a parking sensor. In addition, we note a system that is able to monitor the markup and notify the driver of its crossing at high speed.


Can be purchased for $ 42,000. The new Honda SRV 2018 comes with a popular option for today, presented by the interior lighting. The main information is projected onto the display, which makes it much easier to read. The roof has an electric hatch, the multimedia system also displays navigation in Russian.
This crossover is a very attractive offer. In addition, the car is equipped with all the modern options that are responsible for traffic safety.


As it was previously noted, cars of this class are very popular, which determines the competition. The most common and popular city crossovers are:
1. Hyundai Tucson.
2. The Mazda CX-5.
3. KIA Sportage.
4. Jeep Renegade.
5. Volkswagen Tiguan.
6. Skoda Kodiaq.
The above list determines that the choice is sufficiently large and varied. So you can get a practical car or more bright, the offer of the German automaker.

Front view of Honda CR-V of 2018 year
Front view of Honda CR-V of 2018 year


Honda SRV is one of the founders of the era of crossovers of the world automotive industry. The first generation of the CP-B model was released back in 1995. For twenty-odd years, four generations of compact SUV have been replaced.