Honda Сivic Type R 2016

Honda Civic Type R front view

Recently the long-awaited presentation of the updated sports car from Honda was held at the Geneva motor show. The Japanese company does not depart from its tradition and present to the public a car that is not similar to any other model in the world once again. Honda Сivic Type R of 2016 year is in the fourth generation. This release is really awaited for both its creators and customers of the company Honda.

Honda Civic Type R front view
Honda Civic Type R front view

The charismatic sports car has looks and presence of the most relevant innovations in equipment. The new is a bit like the space Shuttle in appearance.

Exterior features of the new Honda Сivic type

Designers stripped of its stylish led elements in the front bumper. Debate is about the successful design of the car. The same fate struck the band of back branded optics.

But now Honda type has a completely updated front bumper with the original form of the radiator grille. Large brand badge of Honda is emblazoned in the center. Stylish inscription Type R can be seen here.

Honda Civic Type R Concept front three quarters
Honda Civic Type R Concept front three quarters

Front optics has a very unusual shape which smoothly into the false radiator grille, and the grille in large air intake, the sections of which are located in the center of the bumper and sides. In the lateral segments of circles are intake fog lights which are framed with wide metal rings.

Honda Civic Type R - right side view
Honda Civic Type R – right side view

Also the car looks very impressive from the side. This is contributed by an aggressive form of the front fenders and smoother topography in the lateral segments of the body. Its wings were broader in comparison with the previous version of the hatchback. Its diameter increased to ensure that they could accommodate 20-inch tires and air outlets that provide a higher degree of internal cooling systems of the vehicle.

Honda civic type R 2016 was equipped with a dual spoiler, a wide black bar between the side elements of optics and dual exhaust pipes in the underbody at the rear. The sedan strongly reminiscent of a sports car, as its developers promised, as a result.

Interior of the new Honda Сivic type

Real sport seats in the front row, which have sufficient lateral support for comfortable cornering is the first thing that catches the eye when looking at the equipment of salon of the sedan of the Honda Civic of 2016 year. Stylish seats are upholstered in suede with red stitching seam. Gear knob is made of aluminum, and the steering wheels are upholstered in soft leather. In General, the quality of materials of furnish of salon has improved markedly; there was a lot of metal.

Civic Type R - dashboard view
Civic Type R – dashboard view

In addition, the interior of the sedan was equipped with a fantastic variety of items for tracking the condition of the car, these items are located on the front console and control panel in such a way that to understand all the systems will be able to even amateur. A luxurious overview opens from the driver’s seat due to the optimal location and size of the windshield. Multimedia complex is equipped with seven-inch touch screen with the operating system Android.

Technical parameters of the new Honda Сivic type

Four-cylinder petrol turbo displacement of 2 liters will be installed on the Honda Civic as the power unit. He gives it 310 horsepower and accelerates from zero to 100 km in 5.7 seconds. The engine works in pair with a six-speed transmission. Its top speed is 270 km/h. It is the best performance among all front wheel drive cars in this class.

Limited-slip differential is installed on front axis. The car is equipped with the adaptive dampers, developed specifically for this model.

The beginning of sales and prices

Sales of Honda Civic type R was launched in July 2015, but in the domestic car market, unfortunately, the car will not appear for at least two years. But the price of a new civic of 2016 year in Europe will be no higher than 30 thousand Euros. That is why the model can be considered relatively affordable.

Photos of the Honda Сivic Type R 2016 year

Videos of the Honda Сivic Type R 2016 year