Ford Ranger 2016

Ford Ranger of 2016 year could be called a welcome novelty, which has managed to generate buzz in the automotive market. This situation is due, perhaps, to the fact that the Ranger was the best pickup of 2013. Many people may notice that the American developers have updated version of the popular SUV a little earlier than necessary, because global sales since launch on the car market almost did not fall.

Front and right side view of Ford Ranger of 2016 year
Front and right side view of Ford Ranger of 2016 year

However, the new version of the pickup-SUV received significant changes, both inside and outside. The emphasis is on fresh touch to the exterior, and fuel efficiency in cars. After all, even a small percentage reduction in fuel consumption per 100 km in the case of a large SUV is of great importance.

Front and left side view of Ford Ranger of 2016 year
Front and left side view of Ford Ranger of 2016 year

Exterior of Ford Ranger of 2016 year

The most significant changes in this case concerned the head part of Ford Ranger of 2016 year. This can be seen by the fresh contours of the grille, changed all the optics and appearance of a new car. Characteristically, the developers do not make great secret of progress, and lay out in a network of different photos of the pickup and its characteristics.

Because a lot of people have noted that the massive car looks even too elegant considering what road conditions are acceptable its use. Ford Ranger of 2016 year is already distinguished for its versatility, which is associated with changes in the external characteristics. Simply put, this car is not ashamed to appear on the highway and in the city.

If we speak about more detailed consideration of the new Ranger the grille catches the eye, which may become iconic for this brand of car. After all, three horizontal lines made of high strength steel, similar in execution, they cannot be seen anywhere else. In the center of the grid is a large brand name Ford.

Rear view of Ford Ranger of 2016 year
Rear view of Ford Ranger of 2016 year

Design of head and fog lights complemented by a radiator grille is very profitable. The car has a powerful updated optics. Fog lights have a rather unusual shape that resembles the design of the main headlights.

A new intake line and the front of the car fulfilled its mission; as a result there is an elevated aerodynamic performance in the body, and so – impressive crossover SUV now uses much less fuel.

Improving aerodynamics continues undergone the hood, which has a smoothly sloped out to the sides line. Auto has expressive led backlight. Rear of car has the same flattened form; it is decorated with LEDs. In General, the experts have noted that this update to the series was the most successful.

Interior of Ford Ranger of 2016 year

The interior design of the new pickup is quite bright. Update start OS great helm, which has a number of buttons, additional features. Handles of the doors are too large, with built-in management tools.

The console has a bright backlight. Its design is perfectly combined with big touch screen, which displays all the necessary systems, including built-in Navigator.

Dashboard view of Ford Ranger of 2016 year
Dashboard view of Ford Ranger of 2016 year

Multimedia features allow you to perform control with sensor and buttons. The SUV is advantageously complemented by a voice recognition system, which will ensure comfortable driving in difficult terrain.

The Ford Ranger of 2016 year has good ergonomics, which is perfectly complemented by improved security system. Both front seats have pronounced side support. A camera of rear view transmits the image on the mirror in the salon.

All interior materials are of high quality characteristics. The soft and pleasant upholstery fabric of seats and panel is particularly pleased.

Specifications of Ford Ranger of 2016 year

The Ford Ranger of 2016 year has a wide range of fundamentally new electronic systems, which are upgraded by suspension and an updated engine range.

Fuel economy has been significant, now the car will consume 6-7 L. in the conditions of the route, whereas in city limits – no more than 12 L.

Power trains:

  1. The 2.2 liter diesel 160 l./sec.
  2. Diesel 3.2 l power 200 l./sec
  3. Petrol 2.5 liter Duratec unit, issuing 166 l./sec.

Depending on the configuration of the engine, the car will be equipped with six-speed automatic transmission or automatic.

Price of Ford Ranger of 2016 year

The beginning of car sales in domestic market is scheduled for the end of 2016 year. The base four-door model will cost $23.000. Also in local salons, you will see a two-door version of the five-seat cabin; as well as on individual order will be able to purchase a single package with the double cab. See also the video with the new Ford Ranger of 2016 year.

Photos of the new Ford Ranger

Video of the new Ford Ranger

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