Kuga is the first compact crossover of concern Ford, which is produced since 2008. From the verybeginning of its production, the car was highly popular. However, recently alot of new models appeared on the market of compact cars with improved patency,and a number of manufacturers have completed the modernization of existingones. Against the backdrop of these events, the demand for Kuga fell, so Forddecided to update the existing version of the crossover and begin production atthe end of 2018 – early 2019 in order to increase sales.

Despite the decline in consumer interest, the Kuga model has the following advantages:

high safety;


dynamic properties;


improved cross-country ability;


Front view of Ford Kuga of 2018 year
Front view of Ford Kuga of 2018 year

 Interest in the crossover in our country is confirmed by the fact that the assembly of the model is carried out at the production facilities of the company Sollers in Elabuga.



The American automaker has developed a new style of design of its off-road vehicles. It is used in the design and the new generation of crossover. Among the features we note the following points:

The style of the front bumper also changed, made it more massive.
The radiator protection grille has a massive look, but in fact it is fake. By increasing the size of the design, an aggressive crossover style is created.
Optics completely changed, it was significantly complicated. In manufacturing, diode technology is used.
 Depending on the configuration, the headlights can automatically adapt to traffic conditions.
 The rear part was also significantly transformed. Among the features can be noted enlarged lanterns, which from the rack flow onto the wings. Also in the lower part were placed the protection and double branch pipes of the exhaust system.

Based on the photos of Ford Kuga of 2018 that appeared in a number of automobile editions, as well as information from the company itself, it can be concluded that the car is waiting for quite a big change in appearance. From its predecessor, the updated Kuga will be different: increased size due to the use of a new platform identical with the updated Focus model; large dimensions of the radiator grille with four powerful longitudinal inserts; large hood stamping lines; extended wheel arches and with increased protective inserts; a new form of plastic body kit, wider in the aft part of the crossover; multi-stage front bumper design; reduced size of the lower air intake; narrow head optics; a new kind of front protective element; updated design of rear combination lamps with LED elements; the amount of inclination of the rear pillars; altered pattern of lateral punches; elongated rear spoiler with built-in brake light.

Thanks to thechanges made, the appearance of the new Kuga became more powerful andexpressive, while receiving the trademark features of the corporate style ofFord. All this will make the crossover recognizable and individual.

Rear Right side of Ford Kuga of 2018 year
Rear Right side of Ford Kuga of 2018 year


The style of the interior design of the previous generation was quite simple and unremarkable. The new generation has a different interior, the characteristics of which we will name:

 The expensive equipment is equipped with an 8-inch display, which works in conjunction with a modern multimedia system. Note that the device can be synchronized with mobile devices that work on Android and iOS.
There is an opportunity to buy a crossover and with a panoramic roof, which can be closed with a curtain. The design has an electric drive, which greatly simplifies the use of this option.
 Many interior designs have an electric drive. So the steering wheel, the front seats have electrical adjustments, but the windshield and nozzles have heating.
 The point is that the finishing materials and the quality of the fit have improved significantly. It is this moment that is called the reason why Ford’s offer in the class of crossovers should be preferred.
 Another advantage of the new generation of Americans called the soundproof sound system. Practice showed that the car actually became much quieter.
 Finally, the crossover appeared podlelevye petals control automatic transmission.
 Pay attention to the comfortable placement of passengers in the back seat. So you can note the ability to adjust the back, more efficient lighting and a 220V outlet, from which you can charge mobile devices.

In a moreexpensive configuration, you can find a system of a circular view and anautomatic parking system. Pay attention to the parking system, which is able toput the car in parallel and perpendicular.

Dashboard view of Ford Kuga of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Ford Kuga of 2018 year

Changes that are made in the interior of the Ford Kuga in 2019, aimed at improving comfort and improving ergonomics. This is uniquely promoted by the increased dimensions of the cabin of the crossover.

In addition, currently known about the following innovations:

the use of front seats of a new design, allowing a high landing and as a result to increase the review, which is an important quality of the car improved patency;

changing the shape of the rear seats, improving the placement of passengers;

the trimmed interior (in the basic version) with new wear-resistant but at the same time softer fabrics in combination with high-quality plastic and an increased number of internal elements in a light edging for aluminum;

Internal LED lighting in several color versions and with illumination of the foot zone;

a new kind of multifunction steering wheel;

changes in the design of the center console with the installation of an enlarged touch screen for controlling a large number of functions of the car; use of interior glasses with a special heat-reflecting coating.

A detailed description of the interior of the updated crossover Kuga the company will provide as the car prepares for batch production.


This car can becalled the pride of the American automaker. This is due to the fact that thecrossover began to install new power units from the EcoBoost line. Virtuallyall varieties of the motor have turbines, which can significantly increasepower. For a significant increase in the efficiency factor, the design has adirect injection, as well as a perfect gas distribution system. Due to this,they were able to reduce the consumption even at a sufficiently high powerindex.

The new generation Ford Kuga 2018 comes with three power units.

From the previous generation, a 2.5-liter engine with 150 hp has migrated. Witha relatively low power consumption rate is 8.1 liters. Due to this crossovercan move with a maximum speed of 185 km / h. The design of this power unitremained virtually unchanged, which determines the absence of problems with theselection of spare parts.
The new solution from Ford is represented by 1.5-liter engines with 150 and 182hp. The increase in power was due to the installation of an on-board computerwith a different firmware. Despite the use of new technologies, the flow rateis 8 liters at a top speed of 212 km / h.
Motors began to work in the right with cruise control, which can automaticallyreduce the speed and almost completely stop the car while driving at speeds upto 50 km / h. This function is very popular in case of traffic in traffic jams.

Engine view of Ford Kuga of 2018 year
Engine view of Ford Kuga of 2018 year

Many will be pleased that the ground clearance has been increased to 200 mm. Among other important technical points, we note that the car comes only with an automatic box, but the drive, depending on the configuration, can be front and complete.

To complete the updated version of the Ford Kuga, the following powertrains are considered:

TYPE POWER (H/P) Capacity (L)
Petrol 199,0 2.5
turbocharged 284.0 3.0
Diesel TDCi 140,0 2,0

The car will have a full drive as a base option. The front drive is planned as an option. When completing the transmission for the front drive will be used the smallest engine in combination with a six-speed manual gearbox. In the remaining richer facilities, an automatic gearbox (6 / st.) Is installed.

According to preliminary information from the company Ford, the crossover Kuga 2019 in the new body for the complete set will receive a large number of different systems and equipment. At the moment it is possible to single out: keyless access; starting the motor from the button; start-stop system; 19-inch wheels (only as an option); LED adaptive optics; electrically heated seats, steering wheel, mirrors; rear view camera; sensors of rain, tire pressure, parking, light; parking assistant; electric boot door; two-zone climate control.

Variants of thecrossover configuration will be presented before the release and the arrival ofthe car in the salons of authorized dealers, but according to preliminary data,their number will remain unchanged – 4 options.

Front Left side of Ford Kuga of 2018 year
Front Left side of Ford Kuga of 2018 year


The new Ford Kuga in 2018 can be bought in the initial configuration at a price of $ 22,000. By setting all options, the price increases. Available car in the following configuration:

1. Trend

Basic equipment,which is available for $ 22,000. It is worth considering the moment that thecar has only front-wheel drive. As previously noted, in all trim levels, onlyan automatic transmission is available. Do not expect much from the basicequipment. The car has a fabric finish, a standard audio system, a dashboard isusual.

2. Trend Plus 

This offer is available with front and all wheel drive, the price of which is $23,500 and $ 26,000. Installed in this version of the crossover is a modern 1.5liter motor, as well as a version that pumped from the previous generation. Inthe extended version of the basic equipment, an air conditioner is installed,which allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the cabin.

3. Titanium

More expensive offer,which is available with three motors, only front and four-wheel drive. Theprice of crossovers is $ 25,000, $ 27,500 and $ 29,000. Additional options arepresented as a better finish, represented by leather and soft plastic, andaluminum pads.
Also note the panoramic roof, diode optics, climate control, cruise control andother popular vehicle monitoring systems on the road. In this version,installation of cast discs of 18 inches in corporate style is carried out. Notethat the carmaker made the car more like an SUV than a sports crossover.

Front Right side of Ford Kuga of 2018 year
Front Right side of Ford Kuga of 2018 year

4. Titanium Plus

You can buy only with themost powerful engine, as well as all-wheel drive. The set of options is verylarge. In this case, we note the systems of automatic parking and control ofdescent, ascent to the mountain. Cruise control is able to withstand the requiredspeed and maintain the required distance with the vehicle ahead.
All these points should be considered when considering how much the newcrossover will cost and what features it has.


In the class of crossover there was a very large selection that allows you to choose the most suitable car. The main competitors of the new Kuga are:

     Hyundai Tucson.
     Mazda CX-5.
     Mitsubishi Outlander.
     Nissan X-Trail.
     Renault Koleos.
     Suzuki Grand Vitara.
     Volkswagen Tiguan.


Why does the SUVin question enjoy great popularity? There are quite a few reasons. First itshould be noted that the car is practical and reliable enough, and also has anattractive interior and exterior. The new generation was created taking intoaccount the fact that the previous generation was inferior to many cars interms of style and equipment. However, for additional options will have to paysignificantly. Therefore, when buying a new car, you should weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the crossover.



Ford Kuga of 2018 year – Video Review 

Ford Kuga of 2018 year – Video Review 

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