Medium-sized crossovers are becoming more popular every year in all countries. This is dueto the fact that automakers began to produce models that have attractiveperformance and a relatively low price. An example is the Ford Edge 2017, whichhas quite a lot of attractive moments. In the domestic market, the car is verypopular, but until the automaker does not seek to supply it to Europe. Theavailable equipment is only one, the cost is $ 30,000. Is it worth payingattention to this car, or is it best to purchase a more popular colleague onthe Kuga conveyor belt. Consider the Ford Edge 2017 more.

Rear Right side of Ford Edge of 2017 year
Rear Right side of Ford Edge of 2017 year



When considering the exterior of a crossover, attention should be paid tothe following points:
Externally, the new crossover looks almost like the eponymous concept, firstdemonstrated in the fall of 2013 at an auto show in Los Angeles. The silhouetteof the model resembles its predecessor, but in general the appearance hasbecome more modern and more approximate to the current corporate style of thecompany.
In general, the body of the crossover has changed slightly, but the car hasbecome more modern due to the installation of new optics and other changes
The radiator grille has become more massive and expressive. It ischrome-plated, smoothly flowing from the body to the bumper part.

Rear Right side of Ford Edge of 2017 year
Rear Right side of Ford Edge of 2017 year

The front bumper is made part of the bodywork. In other words, it practically does not stand out, the air intake is very small.
The optics are modern, manufactured using diode technology. In this case, the lenses are clearly pronounced.
Wheel arches are elevated, which allows you to install wheels with a larger diameter.
The rear part of the car is quite interesting: the lights are arranged so that they smoothly flow from the side to the rear door. At the same time, optics are connected in the central part. The roof is made so that a little comes to the rear of the car, a small visor with a built-in stop is created.

New Edge flauntsa new front end with a new expressive radiator grille, LED headlights. The sideview is emphasized by the strong tilt of the windscreen and the original designof the wheel rims, including 20-inch cast wheels covered with Dark Tarnish – aspecial Ford Edge Sport coating. Behind – new LED lights, a double exhaustpipe. The assortment of color solutions consists of 10 shades of the bodycolor. The car is offered in two versions – Titanium and Sport.
As previously noted, the exterior has changed insignificantly compared to theprevious generation.
Also, the car has increased the size of the trunk. Its volume is 1 110 liters(+ 200 liters), and with the rear seatbacks folded back, the compartment isincreased to 2,078 liters (+ 127). For a surcharge, the fifth-door electricdrive is available and a panorama roof with a length of 1 210 mm is the largestin the class, according to the manufacturer.

Front Left side of Ford Edge of 2017 year
Front Left side of Ford Edge of 2017 year


Interior – spacious for the driver and four passengers, with a thoughtfuldesign, with a finish of silver satin or ebony. Comfort and quietness in thecabin is promoted by active noise reduction system, multimedia system SYNC 2with voice control function, heated seats, including in the back row, interiorlighting. High quality leather is used in the steering wheel trim, armrests,shift knob. Seats and interior decoration has a special look depending on thechosen specification.
The interior of the serial Ford Age 2017-2018, of course, was not as futuristicas the prototype, but engineers worked to improve comfort and reduce noise inthe cabin, and the car’s equipment included many modern functions and systemsthat ensure safety and simplify driving.

Dashboard view of Ford Edge of 2017 year
Dashboard view of Ford Edge of 2017 year

For example, there is an adaptive steering system, a car parker, a front camera with a 180-degree viewing angle and a washbasin, a blind tracking system, a range of motion, a front-end collision warning system with adaptive cruise control and a road sign recognition function. Well, if the accident could not be avoided, then in addition to the standard set of airbags, the inflatable belts, which are installed both in front and behind, are designed to protect the occupants of the passenger compartment, as well as an additional airbag built into the glove box lid.  And the more solid body it became stiffer by 16% on torsion and by 26% on bending is less susceptible to deformation upon impact.

Recently, the new generation Ford is supplied with a rather attractive salon style. The crossover under consideration can be divided into the following:

The steering wheel has two main knobs on the spokes. In addition, twoadditional blocks with keys have been made, which allows you to control thebasic functions without taking your hands off the steering wheel.
Modern trends determine the ubiquitous installation of displays as a dashboard.Similarly, the basic information can be derived so that it can be convenientlyread.
Also for the output of important information is a display located between thetwo grilles of the air conditioning system.
The main functions control unit is located below the display. It is designed ina modern way, designed to manage the multimedia system and climate control.
Between the seats are cup holders.
The armrest between the front seats is wide, serves as a glove box.
Depending on the version of the equipment, the finish can be represented byleather or textiles.
At registration the method of contrast of colors is applied.
Salon quality, comfortable and convenient. In this car, there are quite a fewdifferent pockets and shelves that can be used to store things.

Dashboard view of Ford Edge of 2017 year
Dashboard view of Ford Edge of 2017 year


At the heart of the car in question was the chassis of the rather popular Fusion sedan. Technical features of the crossover can be called the following points:

When making the body, high-quality steel is used, which allows to significantly increase the rigidity. With the increase of this indicator the car becomes more reliable and manageable.
The length of the body is 4778 mm, width 1928, height 1742 mm.
The wheelbase was significantly increased to 2850 mm. This is due to the fact that in this way you can make the cabin more comfortable, make room for the rear passengers. As a result, the front leg was released 48 mm, in the back 25 mm. Also, the car became taller by 25 mm.
The luggage compartment of the compact crossover has a volume of 1110 liters. In comparison with the previous generation, this is 200 liters more. It is also possible to quickly fold the rear row seat to obtain an even floor, thereby increasing the volume index to 2078 liters.


The engine with which the Ford Edge will be supplied to the European market is a 2-liter diesel Duratorq, also used in other European Ford models (such as the Ford Mondeo, for example). The engine has two variants of forcing – 180 and 210 horsepower. Both options are supplied exclusively with a four-wheel drive. The transmission is represented by a 6-speed manual gearbox (it is supplied with a 180-horsepower engine by default) and a 6-speed manual gearbox (complete with a 210-horsepower engine).


  CPR   HP


  L / 100KM

  MAX. V
KM / H
2.0   6MKPP

180 /3750 400 /2000-3250  5,9 9,9 200
2.0   6AkPPP 210 /3500 450 /1750-3000  5,9 9,4 211
Engine view of Ford Edge of 2017 year
Engine view of Ford Edge of 2017 year

As previously noted, the bundle is only one, and it is not easily accessible. Its features are as follows:

As the engine is installed a gasoline engine, which has an impressive volume of 3.5 liters. Due to this, the engine’s power is 288 hp. The method of increasing capacity, providing for an increase in the volume of the combustion chamber, also causes an increase in the average fuel consumption rate. In a mixed cycle, the car consumes 11.6 liters, in the city the figure rises to the level of 13.1. These moments determine the rather high costs that await the owner of this car.

As the transmission 6-automatic transmission, which has a dual clutch to increase the smoothness of the gear shift. It has a dual clutch, which allows you to make the gear shift more smooth. In combination with the 3.5-liter engine, the car spends just 7.7 seconds to reach the centimeter mark on the speedometer, and the top speed is 178 km / h.

The equipment is rich, especially if we consider different security systems. An example is a system for tracking blind areas, the number of movements. The car can also warn the driver about the possibility of a frontal collision and even take action with the option turned on in order to avoid a collision. Together with the system to prevent a frontal collision, adaptive cruise control and the function of recognizing traffic signs operate.
Security is provided by airbags and inflatable belts that can distribute the load over a larger area in a few fractions of a second. Installed on cars and an additional airbag, which is built into the roof. Also, the automaker indicates a significant increase in rigidity of the body, which makes it more reliable and less flexible to deformations.

 The car is equipped with an all-wheel drive system, which is responsiblefor the redistribution of torque on the axis, depending on the situation on theroad. There is also a system to help start the mountain, which is inherent inSUVs.
Among the options also can be noted climate control, built-in multimedia systemdisplay, heated seats, electric windows and rear-view mirrors.
For a surcharge, the manufacturer provides an opportunity to order a car with apanoramic roof. Given the features of the body of the car, you can say that itis the largest in its class – the length is 1210 mm.

Front Left side of Ford Edge of 2017 year
Front Left side of Ford Edge of 2017 year


The class of medium-sizecrossovers is constantly evolving. On sale are the following cars, which can becalled a competitor to the Ford Edge 2017:

     KIA Sorento.
     Jeep Cherokee 2017.
     Honda Crosstour 2017.
     Hyundai Santa Fe.
     Mazda CX-7 2017.
     Nissan Murano.

All of them are representatives of the class under consideration.


Just one available bundle is always alarming. The car in question has the following advantages:

 High car safety.
 Good equipment.
 Nice motor and good box.

 Quality assembly and finishing.
However, there are several significant drawbacks:
Only one motor to choose from, which has a large consumption.
Only an automatic box to choose from.
The cost of the crossover is quite high.
The model under consideration differs significantly from its counterparts inthe pipeline. An example is that the Ford Kuga 2017 does not have as manytraffic safety systems as the car in question.



Ford Edge of 2017 year – Video Review 

Ford Edge of 2017 year – Video Review 

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