Front Left side of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year

Passenger and cargo van belong to the class of commercial vehicles. They are very popular because they are ideal for carrying small loads. Many courier services and online stores provide for the possibility of purchasing such cars. The new Fiat Doblo 2018 is the representative of the class in question. It should be borne in mind that as of yet there is no detailed information about which particular car completions will be available for sale. The basic version will cost the new buyer $ 22,000. Let us consider the details of the sentence in more details.


Looks like the new van is attractive enough. However, there is no need to talk about modern design. The following points are related to the features of the proposal:

The protection of the radiator is represented by a mesh construction that is relatively small in size. It is framed by a chrome stroke.
Above placed head optics, which has an inexpressive shape.
The front bumper has a rather large air intake, which is at the bottom. On the sides there are small fog lights that have plastic protection.

Front Right side of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year
Front Right side of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year

When considering this model, attention should immediately be paid to the fact that the windshield is large. It is at an angle to the hood. Large dimensions can be associated with a large body height.
The front doors are also characterized by large windows. This provides a good overview while driving the vehicle.
The arches protrude slightly outward, however their dimensions are relatively small. Due to this, small wheels can be installed.
The side doors are in the form of a sliding structure. This simplifies the planting process.
The rear of the body has a massive door with a large glass. This provides a fairly good overview at the time of reversal. To clean the surface of the glass is installed a brush, there is an additional stop pointer.
When you finish the body, just use a huge amount of plastic panels.

In the cabin the car is also characterized by practicality and simplicity of design. The key points of the commercial offer are:

The steering wheel has a simple design, in the middle version it is multifunctional. Two control blocks are placed on both spokes, which are used to use various functions.
The panel with instrumental indicators is represented by a combination of two blocks, between which the display of the on-board computer is placed.
The central tunnel is represented by a combination of several logical units: the audio system, the ventilation system deflectors and the climate control control unit. It all looks quite simple, with soft plastic with a combination of different shades.

Dashboard view of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year

The central part comes forward slightly to accommodate the gearbox control knob.
The manufacturer claims that the degree of sound insulation of the cabin has been significantly improved. Due to this, the noise level became significantly lower.
In all cases, the car is equipped with additional USB and AUX outputs. The first option is suitable for connecting mobile devices, the second one for external audio devices. In addition, it is possible to synchronize mobile devices via Bluetooth. For an additional fee, quality navigation is established.
The most attractive quality of the proposal is a rather large luggage compartment. As a rule, it meets all the needs of the owner of the vehicle.
When the second and third rows are transformed, the useful volume increases to 3200 liters in the standard version and 4000 liters in the expanded version.

Right side of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year
Right side of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year


Considering the technical characteristics, it should be borne in mind that the van is delivered in two versions of the base:

The first has a base size of 2755, the second is 3105 mm. Both versions have a different indicator of the volume of the luggage compartment, which is worth considering when choosing. In the first case, the figure is 790 liters, in the second 1050 liters.
If you want, you can order a car with a high roof. Due to this, the volume of the luggage compartment significantly increases and the interior becomes more spacious.
The passenger version can have 5 or 7 seats. Seven-seat version is characterized by a long base.
The restyling version has the same engines as the previous versions of the van. They were changed insignificantly, due to which they reduced the fuel consumption rate and increased power. With all the modifications, the diesel unit has a fuel consumption rate of 4.4 liters per 100 km.
The choice is given to the choice of 5-MKPP and 6-MKPP, as well as a robotic box. It is worth considering that the robotic version of the box is found only with certain motors. The design is characterized by high performance.
The front suspension is independent, represented by MacPherson struts, behind the dual-link Dual-Link design.

Dashboard view of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year


The third version of minivans will be delivered in several versions, the most affordable will cost $ 22,000. Its key points are:
A complete set of airbags is designed to provide high safety in the cabin. They are located throughout the salon. An example is the front and side versions.
An ABS system is installed, which ensures efficient operation of the brakes. Front and rear structure is represented by discs with calipers. Disk versions of the performance are more efficient in comparison with the drum versions.
As additional options installation EDB, ASR, help system at start on lifting and some other systems are carried out.
There are several systems, which increase the safety of driving.
Comfort in the cabin is provided by the air conditioner, as well as seats with lateral support.

Rear view of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year
Rear view of Fiat Doblo of 2018 year

In the sale will be delivered and other versions of the car, which are characterized by better performance. In addition, the price largely depends on the size of the base and the number of passenger seats, as well as the height of the roof. The large wheelbase is much more expensive, as is the version with a higher roof.

Prices range from $22000 to $31000.


In the class of commercial vehicles you can meet a relatively small number of competitors. This is due to the fact that they have a fairly high cost. The following cars can be classified as classmates:

Mercedes-Benz V-Class.
Citroen C4 Picasso.
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso.
Peugeot Partner.
Chevrolet Orlando.

Some of the presented models are representatives of the class of full-size minivans. At the same time, their performance characteristics can differ significantly. An example is Mercedes Proposal, which is much more expensive than others.