An Italian super car from the Ferrari company was shown to the public at the annualautomotive festival in Geneva. According to representatives of the Ferrari 812 Superfast 2017-2018, the new body (photos, specifications, specifications,prices, video and test drive) will become the most powerful model in the wholerange of the brand.

Front Right side of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year
Front Right side of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year

We would like to point out at the outset that the new Ferrari 812 Superfast (in the process of preparing for the production of the model wore the F12 M index) is a deeply upgraded and versatile improved version of the Ferrari F12berlinetta and the hurricane Ferrari F12tdf. Thus, the novelty took all the best from Berlinet and F12tdf, ranging from stunning and elegant exterior, ending with an atmospheric motor with an increased cylinder capacity of 6.5 liters and a phenomenal power of 800 horses (the V12 engine gives Ferrari F12berlinetta 740 forces, and in the Ferrari F12tdf model, respectively, 780 forces).



The new Ferrari 812 Superfast is developed by the team of experts at the Ferrari Styling Center and boasts an excellent appearance with the classic proportions of a sports coupe with front-end engine. The Italian sports car looks, of course, contemporary, taking into account the latest trends in automobile fashion, advanced technology and branded traditions of Ferrari S.p.A.

When creating theappearance of the car the designers decided to observe all the traditions ofthe company, while introducing in the silhouette the notes of modernity andoriginality.

Rear Right side of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year
Rear Right side of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year

On which side do not look, the novelty has become the owner of regular andsmooth lines, thanks to which, the exterior can be called impeccable.

The hood turned sloping, but so it should be for supercars, because the other design would have a negative effect on aerodynamics. The windshield is strongly tilted and smoothly flows into the domed roof. In the wheel arches there are simply huge cast disks with a diameter of 20 inches.
The “nose” of the model is adorned with narrow LED optics, large air intakes and a massive bumper. He is strongly pressed to the ground, so even the urban irregularities on the roads for him will be dangerous.

So in the presence of an ideal in terms of aerodynamic characteristics of the body with a sloping bonnet, hills of the front wings, a strong inclination of the windshield frame, a cup-shaped roof and lush stern, narrowed-down Full-LED headlamps in the company with slots of additional air intakes, a huge mouth of the central air duct.

As well as large20-inch wheels (light alloy forged wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tiressize 275/35 ZR20 on the front axle and 315/35 ZR20 on the rear), a massivestern supplemented with an active spoiler, diffuser and pairs of twin roundlight bulbs and large-caliber branch pipes of the exhaust system. Creating a newmasterpiece (the rear of the body), the designers of Ferrari tried toimmortalize in the image of the novelty the legendary Ferrari 365 GTB4 of the1969 model.

Left side of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year
Left side of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year


The novelty’s double saloon is typical for representatives of the Ferrari model line and in general is very similar to the interior design of the Ferrari F12berlinetta. But there are slightly different, more modern steering wheel and instrument panel, original air ducts, a new climate control unit, a modernized multimedia system and, understandably, even better materials for finishing (natural and artificial leather, polished aluminum and carbon).

Of course, this novelty is not designed for family trips, and in the cabin can fit only two people – the driver and the passenger, but do not forget that the fans in front of the sports model.
Compared with the old version, the Ferrari 812 Superfast 2017-2018 in the new body (photo, equipment and prices) was equipped with an advanced instrument panel, and engineers worked on the steering wheel. Directly at the driver’s fingertips is a block, with which you can easily manage the split system.

The salon iscovered with leather, but not in all places it is natural. The use of a qualitysubstitute is not accidental. Thus, the manufacturer wanted to extend the lifeof the upholstery in some places that are most often used. Also in the cabinthere are elements made of carbon and aluminum.

Dashboard view of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year

Sits the driver and passenger will, unfortunately, not in buckets, but theseats are already very comfortable. There are a number of settings for them. Ofcourse, all adjustments are made using the buttons.


So, as many fans have already guessed, under the hood of the Italian there will be a completely new and powerful engine with a volume of 6.5 liters and a return of 600 “mares”. This installation made this supercar the most powerful in the brand line for all the years of its existence.

All the advantages of the new engine can demonstrate when working at 8,500 rpm. Together with the installation, there is a box with twin clutch and seven speeds.

As the engineersof the brand informed, for such an installation the gasoline consumption of thenovelty will be modest – only 15 liters per hundred square meters. Up to 100 kmper hour the car accelerates slightly less than in three seconds, and themaximum speed can not exceed the mark of 340 km per hour.
Inside, there are many options for maintaining stability and stabilizationwhile traveling at high speeds. These systems are the development of the technicalspecialists of Ferrari.
To help the driver was installed EUR, which automatically adjusts to the speedof the car.

Engine view of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year
Engine view of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year

The engine consumes an average of 14.9 liters of gasoline with an octane rating of at least 98 and provides a supercar with a loaded weight of 1525 kg with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, the maximum speed declared by the manufacturer is more than 340 km / h.

In the technical arsenal of the 812 Superfast, the 7-speed F1 dual clutch transmission with two clutch discs. And also the newest electric power steering (Power Power Steering), working in tandem with Side Slip Control 5.0 (the latest version of the proprietary side slip control system), and the Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0 (second generation rear axle).

The new supercar from Italy Ferrari 812 Superfast 2017-2018 in the new body (photo, equipment and prices) has the following dimensions of the body:
     its length is 465.7 cm;
     width without side mirrors – 197.1 cm;
     the height of the car is 127.6 cm;
     axial space – 272 cm;
     weight – 1,525 tons (with maximum load).


On the world market, this supercar appearedin the summer of last year. The price of the minimum complete set from $ 250 000.

Rear Right side of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year
Rear Right side of Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year


To justify its”high-speed” Superfast designation, a new car should be really fast,but a less fast engine is more difficult to implement such requirements.Apparently, therefore, the Italians mentioned that the 812 Superfast receivedan updated 7-speed automatic with double clutch, “specific gear ratioswith shortened upper and lower gears (presumably it’s a Close-ratio version)and a shorter time for their switching.”



Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year – Video Review 

Ferrari 812 Superfast of 2018 year – Video Review 

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