For the new Citroën C3 Aircross, the 2018 configuration and prices the official website hasalready submitted, so motorists can already familiarize themselves with thenovelty, evaluate its external and quality characteristics. The car promises tobe interesting, it combines modern design, affordable price, a large number ofadditional options that can be useful in different situations. The novelty, nodoubt, looks impressive, while it is distinguished by the practicality that hasbecome fashionable, there is a lot of space in the cabin, despite the compactdimensions of the car.

The optics are ofhigh quality, they are multilevel, can be adjusted, equipped with powerfulmodern lamps, the body design is bright, attractive, this car can be usedoutside the city and in the city, as it has high traffic, low fuel consumption,the ability to quickly gain speed and rebuild from a number in a row. It isthese qualities that most buyers should be interested in. Citroën shouldattract young people, to which this model is oriented. Another interestingaddition is that buyers can choose among a large number of colors, which is aserious plus. Many competitors can not offer more than three or five options.

Front Left side of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year
Front Left side of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year



The manufacturer has carefully approached the development of the car: it will be attractive not only the shape of the body and its individual elements, but also the ability to choose among 90 colors! No one will offer it any more, thanks to this move almost every car is unique, because, despite the prevalence of the model, the likelihood that someone living next to it will have such a combination of colors is extremely small. In terms of shades, designers decided to stand out thoroughly, in addition to a huge choice, they also offer colored elements different from the main color of the car: for example, rails, rear racks, security elements and even disks.

The new carbelongs to the class SUV, it was already presented at the motor show in 2017;it is worth noting that the serial version is still radically different fromthe concept, but it looks no less interesting. If you highlight the features ofthe exterior of Citroen, then you can focus on the following:

Head optics are completely square, while its edges are rounded and recessedinto the body. Optics also received a colored frame.

Front view of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year
Front view of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year

The running lights are above the headlights, they are made of LEDs. The lights are decorated with a chrome edging that forms the logo of the brand.
Radiator grating has a complex pattern and a rather interesting shape.
The bumper is not very massive, it has three ledges designed for the air duct. It has smooth swings, which look more elegant than aggressive.
The car has a bright profile, while the crossover is not very long, it has compact dimensions, allowing it to easily fit into the conditions of the city.
Auto distinguish smooth curves, making it more stylish and recognizable.
The manufacturer increased the wheel arches, making them almost square. They are covered with dark plastic: it is needed not only to emphasize the design features, but also to protect the body from minor damages that can cause stones and branches lifted from the dirt road.

The wheels arelarge enough – the size of R16 and R17 is suggested depending on the vehicle’sequipment. Designer disks are installed on all versions.
Well remembered bright inserts, serving as a design feature of the novelty.
The rear of the car is compact, the trunk doors are small, have a rectangularshape, above the door is a small visor made of plastic.
Rear lights are made in the style of the front, have a rectangular shape, butthe ends are slightly rounded.

Front Right side of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year
Front Right side of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year


The interior is fully consistent with the style, it is decorated in a sporting spirit, there are a lot of bright inserts, which is especially necessary for the youth. If you look at the front panel, it looks like a well-proven classic, but in the center is the display of the on-board computer, it will display all the most important data. In addition, the screen will be responsible for managing additional options, it will display an image from the cameras, navigator.

The function ofprojection of the image of the navigator on the windshield of the car isavailable. The multi-wheel is also sporty, it has three spokes, and the lowerone is highlighted, complementing the original design. Pay attention to theluggage compartment. When all the seats are laid out its volume is 410 liters,if the rear seats folded, it will increase to a solid 1290 liters. The car canbe supplemented by a panoramic roof, which will make the trip more interesting,especially for passengers.

Dashboard view of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year


The C3 aircross of the year 2018 is rich in a choice of powertrains, the buyer will be offered six options:

1.6 liters, gasoline engine capacity of 110 hp.
A similar, but more powerful option – 130 hp.
The most modest – 82 hp.
Diesel HDi with 90 hp, in addition, there will be two models of 100 and 120 hp, the volume is also 1.6 liters.

The gearbox isalso available to choose from – a 6-speed mechanic or for an automatic payment,but it will only be available for a 110 hp version. The drive of anyconfiguration will be only front. The car is designed primarily for the cityand light off-road, where there is no serious dirt, that is, maximum for tripsto the country, but not to conquer the virgin lands.

Engine view of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year
Engine view of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year


Three sets willbe available for sale. The minimum will cost $ 15,000 to include the following:
Air conditioning, for a surcharge is possible to install climate control.
The steering wheel can be adjusted in slope and height.
The presence of an on-board computer.
A variety of assistants and road safety systems – ABS, AFU, ESP, REF, ASR.
12 volt outlet, as well as a place for wireless charging of cell phones, thereare USB contacts for gadgets.
The steering wheel is covered with natural leather.
The position of the front seats is also adjustable in height, but there are noelectric drives, this is done mechanically.
There is a modern sound system, it is equipped with six speakers, the tunersupports the function.

The secondequipment will be richer, and its cost starts from $18 000, it will differ from the previous one as follows:

There is a front armrest, it can be adjusted.
Climate control.
Multifunctional audio system, speakers will be the same, but the display isalready 7 inches.
Seat heating and fog lights.

The top version will cost $23 000, in addition to the existing options, it willbe expanded with the following functions:

Sensors of rain, light, the possibility of heating the windshield.
Automatic cruise control, able to adjust the distance to the vehicle ahead.
A quality navigation system capable of displaying three-dimensional maps,projecting them either on the display of a multimedia system, or on thewindshield, creating an augmented reality.
The parking sensor is installed, the car will assist when trying to park, willhelp to find out how far the obstacle is.

Front view of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year
Front view of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year


Any modern car has a lot of serious competitors, especially if its price remains at the most affordable range. That’s why the new Citroën model faces tough competition in the market. The closest analogues can be the following models:

    Renault Captur

    KIA Stonic

    Mazda CX-3

    Hyundai Kona

    Seat Arona

    Opel Crossland X

    Nissan Juke

Rear Left side of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year


Test driveCitroën C3 Aircross 2018 is already available. You can ride through the streetsof the city or specially designated dealers for this location: Citroen willenjoy the softness of the controls, well-tuned suspension, which makes drivingcomfortably even on uneven roads. He can go down to the country road, showinghimself well there, but because of the lack of a full-wheel drive, one shouldnot expect a high-cross-country vehicle, and the ground clearance is still lessthan that of a prepared SUV. Citroen C3 – is primarily a family car for youngcouples, which is designed for a dense urban stream. Its engines areeconomical, the car feels good in traffic jams, you can use cruise control ifyou want to rest a little.



Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year – Video Review 

Citroen C3 Aircross of 2018 year – Video Review 

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