In February, the manufacturer officially presented the restyling car Citroen Berlino 2019 (new model): the photo, the price and complete sets ofwhich became known only recently, attracted the attention of car enthusiasts atfirst sight. At the Geneva exhibition, which is traditionally held in March ofeach year, the car was introduced to the general public. The novelty isproduced on the EMP2 platform, has a compact suspension, improved in comparisonwith previous generations, appearance and improved performance. All the changeswill be considered in our review.

The French automaker went the tested way – in the market will beavailable cargo modification of the model in two versions of the wheelbase, aswell as the passenger Citroen Berlingo. It is noteworthy that the variant withthe increased distance between the axes has appeared for this “heel”for the first time.

Front Right side of Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year
Front Right side of Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year

Note that passenger versions of the model will also be two:

     Berlingo M – conventional wheelbase (2780 mm), 5seats;
     Berlingo XL – enlarged wheelbase (2970 mm) and bodylength, 5 seats, the possibility of installing 7 seats (for a surcharge).

The main attention in this review will be paid to the passenger modifications of Berlingo, and this is not surprising.



The exterior of the car has undergone relatively minor changes: thedesigners of the group have tried to preserve the main lines and dimensions ofthe model as much as possible, making a clear step in favor of moderateimprovement. The new body looks much more reserved and impressive, creates theimpression of a solid car. Its main parameters are:

Dimensions – 4400 at 1850 at 1810 mm for one version and 4750 at 1850 at 1810mm for the other.
More compact front body overhang, equipped with a proprietary radiator grille.
The location of the hood was higher, on its sides are moldings, making theappearance more solid.
The shifted line of the front glass.
Two-level head optics, which has LEDs, differs original design.
The model has special overlays of the side doors, which protect them from smallmechanical defects in inaccurate opening, for example, in a parking lot.
 Partial equipping with rear-size LEDs.
 Stylish form of wheel arches.
 External mirrors have special fastenings, providing reliable fixation andthe most correct viewing angle.
 The luggage compartment door looks massive, allows you to comfortablyplace everything inside.

Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year - Front Right side
Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year – Front Right side

The car in question was very attractive. Unlike the previous generation, the new one has a very attractive design. The key features are the following:

Head optics is made in a narrow form, while modern diode technology is used. Designers made the headlights as a continuation of the protection of the radiator grille. An example is the manufacturer’s badge, made in the form of a continuation of aluminum strips.
In order to substantially increase the degree of illumination of the pavement from the front, there is an additional main light source of sufficiently large dimensions.
The bumper has a grille and a lower air intake. In addition, they found a place for placing the foglamps.
On the side of the body you can find many punchings, which should significantly increase the aggressiveness of the design.
 The body is large enough, and the wheel arches are made in a rectangular shape, which allows you to install a fairly large wheel rims.
The rear windows are designed in the micro-van style, but can be lowered to the bottom with an electric drive.

The back part is made in classical style, represented by large vertical lanterns.

It is worth considering that the car has a rear side door, which is movedto the side.

Dashboard view of Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year
Dashboard view of Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year


The interior decoration of Berlingo changed much more than the exterior. Attention at the review immediately attracts the luggage compartment: in its standard configuration its volume is 775 liters with the rear seats raised, and the five-seater version has a luggage compartment for 1050 liters, which allows loading a large amount of things inside. The company does not report the maximum figures, but the manufacturer’s engineers say that when ordering a version with a folding front passenger seat, the owner will be able to transport bulky goods, the length of which is a maximum of 2700 mm for the standard modification and up to 305 cm for the Berlingo XL.

The novelty features separate rear seats, the designers have ensured that all seats are equipped with special Isofix mounts. Instead of sliding windows in the car there are standard lowered windows with electric windows, and thanks to the updated system of transforming the seats, the rear seats can be folded so that they form an even line with the floor of the car and free up the maximum space. Inside the interior of the novelty there are 28 different niches and compartments for things, there are two glove boxes on the front panel that are used to store small items. Optionally, the manufacturer offers a multifunctional car roof, which has a volume of 92 liters: this allows you to maximize the use of the car.

Users will be pleasantly pleased with the tight stuffing and anatomicalexecution of the form of the armchairs: this solution is indispensable forthose drivers who use Berlingo for long trips, for example, to a dacha, orcargo transportation on a commercial basis. The seats have lateral supportrollers to facilitate the driver’s position. Other important elements of thesalon:

    A modern instrument panel, which is perfectly readableeven with direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.
    Multifunctional steering wheel with a rim cut from thebottom.
    Multimedia complex with a web-camera of the rear view,a powerful navigator, systems Apple Car play and Android Auto, and also a colormonitor, the diagonal of which is 8 inches.
    Non-contact access for the owner in the salon.
    Two-zone climate control system.
    Electric parking brake.

In addition, owners can choose adaptive cruise control systems, options fortracking traffic signs, road markings, as well as a system for monitoring thephysical condition of a motorist.


The new car Citroen Berlingo 2019, which is designed based on EMP2, has the following features:

The length of the body is 4400 mm (normal version) or 4750 mm (anelongated platform).
The width without mirrors is 1850 mm.
The height is the same for all trim levels – 1810 mm.
The wheelbase is 2780 or 2970 mm (the extended version is a 7-seat van).
The useful volume of the luggage compartment is 775 or 1050 liters.
On the car is installed 5 types of diesel and gasoline engines.
The buyer can choose between an 8-speed automatic transmission and a 6-speedmanual transmission.
Acceleration to a hundred is carried out in 12-16 seconds, depending on the typeof power unit.
The maximum speed of the compact is 161-180 km / h.

Rear Right side of Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year
Rear Right side of Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year


The French concern acts on already proven tactics, according to which two versions will appear on the market in cargo performance and the same number in the passenger one; each of them is different in size. Dimensions of passenger complete sets:

    Berlingo M. The model has a standard base of 2780 mm and a 5-seater version.
    Berlingo XL. The car has an enlarged base and a longer body, in standard version there are 5 seats inside, 7-seater version is optionally available.

In addition, the manufacturer plans to launch the XTR version, which is an all-road modification. It is distinguished by the option Grip Control and body kit around the perimeter.

In the basic version, the model has a very solid functionality:

    Projection screen widescreen.
    Multifunctional steering wheel with buttons.
    Climate control in two zones.
    Cruise control.
    Identification of blind areas of the car and their monitoring.
    ABS system.
    A platform for charging mobile devices.
    Partially LED optics.
    Parking sensors.

In more advanced trim levels, it is assumed that there are options for tracking signs and markings, monitoring the driver’s condition, automatically switching the near and far lighting conditions, and starting without a key. In addition, it is expected that the top versions will have an optional panoramic roof and fully LED lights. As for powertrains, the gasoline range is represented by the following options:

    Engine at 1.2 liters, 110 hp, combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox.
    1.2-liter engine for 130 hp, it is installed complete with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The buyer will also be able to select diesel packages that have the following characteristics:

    Motor for 1.5 liters, 75 hp, combined with a mechanical box of 6 steps.
    1.5-liter engine for 100 hp, the transmission is the same as the previous version.
    1.5-liter engine with the greatest capacity – 130 hp; it is equipped with a classic manual transmission on 6 steps or an 8-speed automatic transmission, but the latter option is more expensive.

Novelty has a modernized electric power steering, which is installed on all components, which made the car more comfortable and increased its maneuverability, and also reduced the turning radius.

It is expected that in the automotive market of Europe the novelty willappear in the third quarter of 2018, the cost is approximately 15 000 euros forthe basic equipment in cargo performance and about 20500 euros – in passenger;the exact prices for top versions are not yet known.

Dashboard view of Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year
Dashboard view of Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year


Competitors of this model every year becomes more and more. The previous generation of this model has relatively unattractive qualities, but the third one has an attractive exterior design and very good equipment. In addition, the automaker included a fairly large number of options in the basic configuration. When considering this model, you can pay attention to a few more competitors:

    Mercedes-Benz Citan.
    Opel Meriva.
    Citroen SpaceTourer.
    Peugeot Partner.
    Citroen C4 Picasso.

The offer of the German automaker is much more expensive, but you can pay attention to other proposals, for example, the automaker Opel or Peugeot. These cars are in about the same price category.


The Citroen brand is relatively popular. For a long period he wasinferior to his main competitors. Recently, the company has invested quite alot of money in upgrading its cars. For example, the Citroen Berlingo 2019 is avery spacious and high-quality car that is equipped with modern systems.
Berlino is one of the most popular models of the brand. The first generation ofthis car appeared in 1996. Since then, the concern has been able to sell morethan 3.3 million cars with this name. According to the results of 2017 in 17world countries, the restyling version of Citroen Berlingo of the 2ndgeneration became the leader in the number of copies sold among allrepresentatives of the Citroen range. Therefore, we can assume that the outputof the new generation of the car will attract even more attention to this model.



Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year – Video Review  

Citroen Berlingo of 2019 year – Video Review  

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