BMW X5 M 2016

One of the flagship models of the company is crossover BMW X5 M of 2016 year, which is finally appeared before the broad automotive community. Surprisingly the information was unveiled by representatives of the company BMW.

A review of BMW X5 M of 2016 year
A review of BMW X5 M of 2016 year

However, it is likely that such a decision was aimed at creating the highest possible excitement, but not at disrupting the official premiere. The premiere will certainly be a very interesting event, because the company BMW promises even more power, much less fuel is used, reinterpreted transmission.

Exterior of BMW X5 M of 2016 year

The implementation of new ideas in relation to technical equipment of the car is complemented by quite serious and fruitful work of designers. If to speak about appearance of new products, more solidity and more aggressiveness can be noted there: slightly increased the size of the radiator lattice, a fairly large bumper, the unique outputs of the exhaust system, modern lighting equipment and modified light-alloy wheels. As a result, the designers managed to get a really sporty look with consideration and respect for traditional principles.

Rear view of BMW X5 M of 2016 year
Rear view of BMW X5 M of 2016 year
Front view of BMW X5 M of 2016 year
Front view of BMW X5 M of 2016 year

Dimensions of BMW X5 M

Overall dimensions of the updated crossover have remained the same. The only thing that has changed is the ground clearance. Clearance decreased by 1 cm and now is slightly more than 19 cm. Weight, as expected, is more than 2 tons, and amounted to 2.2 tons.

Interior of BMW X5 M of 2016 year

The interior of updated crossover looks luxury, solid and harmonious. BMW offers several possible methods of finishing and two versions of the seats. Despite the fact that the civil version of the interior of the crossover is practically the same, the functionality of new items is much higher. Once you at least remember about the projection display, which displays indicators of tachometer with display of the optimal moments of switching speeds.

Dashboard view of BMW X5 M of 2016 year
Dashboard view of BMW X5 M of 2016 year

Specification of BMW X5 M of 2016 year

The updated crossover is equipped with an 8 cylinder engine with a displacement of 4.4 l. It is the same engine, which was gregorovius previous version of the car. This power plant, in combination with improved valve gear and two turbochargers allowed developers to achieve power output up to 575 l. /sec. 8-band gun will operate in conjunction with a modernized power plant. Distinctive features of this transmission are the presence of a sport setting and a manual gearshift via paddles on the steering wheel. The maximum speed of BMW X5 M of 2016 year is electronically limited up to 250 km/h.

In addition it is worth remembering the consumption quite significantly in compared to the previous version. Now the fuel consumption is 11.1 l/100 km.

Engine view of BMW X5 M of 2016 year
Engine view of BMW X5 M of 2016 year

Suspension of the updated crossover

The civil suspension modifications of crossover was taken as the basis for the engineers, when designing the crossover .2-link suspension and rear multi-link Integral-V Pneumofore are applied on the front axle . Of course, the body, which rests on these supports, has also undergone some changes for maximum balance. Among other things, engineers have installed electronic-controlled shock absorbers behind and in front of the updated crossover; it can operate in three modes: Sport 1, Sport 2, and Comfort.

Suspension of the updated crossover
Suspension of the updated crossover

Traffic safety is ensured by ventilated brake systems installed on all wheels. However, there is one difference: 6-piston brakes, rear single-piston are in the front.

The steering has electromechanical steering with variable effort. Also from its predecessor the updated model has got all-wheel drive system with the ability to change the degree of thrust on each axis.

Features specifications of crossover

Standard equipment of the car includes the following:

  • alloy wheels dimension of 20 inches (Large disks can be installed surcharge);
  • Assistant in the parking lot;
  • Automatic air-conditioning system;
  • Electronic stability system;
  • Electric position of setting front-row seat with memory:
  • trim in natural leather;
  • Multi-function audio-video complex.

If all this functions are not enough for a buyer, he can pay extra and acquire a few advanced packages with 4 zone climate control, and more advanced multimedia system.

Appearance and price of BMW X5 M of 2016 year

The official premiere of the new crossover will take place at the auto show in America. Europeans will see the updated crossover at the Geneva motor show this spring. If you talk about buying in Europe, the crossover will be sold this summer. Car will be sold for about 71 000$.

Photos of BMW X5 M of 2016 year

Videos of BMW X5 M of 2016 year

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