BMW X2 2018

Front view of BMW X2 of 2018 year

The Bavarian novelty is not just adjacent to the crossover of the 1st and 3rd series, since the new model BMW X2 2018 complete and prices are in the range between the X1 and the X3. The concept and technical characteristics of the BMW X2 imply a more sporty and dynamic style without losing the practicality inherent in all Crossover Bavarian brands.


Despite the fact that the Bavarians traditionally bet on a wide range of equipment for an additional fee, the equipment of the basic kit BMW X2 2018 in the new body looks very good. The equipment offered without additional charge will include: climate control, branded audio system with MP3, heated seats and mirrors with electrical adjustments, LED and fog lights, power windows front and rear, aluminum discs and engine start with a button with non-switch access. For active and passive safety in the new BMW 2 X2 2018 model, the answer is: 6 airbags, off-road stabilization system, rain and light sensors, hand held handsets and Bluetooth, automatic parking brake and start-up assistant. At the initial, in the technical characteristics of the BMW X2 will be listed: a 2-liter gas turbine engine with a power of 192hp, a front-wheel drive and a 7-speed robotized gearbox. Subsequently, versions that are more available should be expected.

Front view of BMW X2 of 2018 year
Front view of BMW X2 of 2018 year

German designers especially succeeded in lateral and rear parts of the novelty: smoothly falling to the stern roof line, powerful doors with a high window sill, filigree rear post decorated with BMW logo, expressive stampings above the rear wheel arches, solid forage with compact tailgate, large shades dimensional lights and a massive bumper. In the basic configuration of the headlamp headlights are conventional halogen with LED daytime running lights. As an option, full headlamp headlamps are available. Rear parking lights by default LED with three-dimensional graphics.

The interior of the new crossover is almost exactly the same as that of the BMW X1, namely there are: a multifunctional instrument panel with a widescreen display; informative console with a slope towards the driver; multifunctional steering wheel with three-spoke structure; chrome framing of the door contour; retractable dashboard display. Seats in the cabin are finished with natural leather, equipped with headrests, armrests and patella. The driver’s zone has all the necessary equipment for the convenience of driving. Behind the wheel is a scale with auto-tachometer status indicators, fuel level and speedometer.

Rear view of BMW X2 of 2018 year
Rear view of BMW X2 of 2018 year

The most innovative equipment includes: automatic parking system, driver fatigue control, road signs and marking. In the technical specifications of the initial version for an additional charge, the cost of the BMW X2 2018 model year can be increased due to options such as a parking brake, a rear-view camera, a leather interior with electric front seat adjustments and memory settings, a panoramic glass roof, standard navigation system, electric trunk lid , premium audio system. Traffic safety will improve such useful things as adaptive cruise control with automatic support of the distance to the vehicle in front, a system for helping with a ride out of the mountain, a system to keep the car within its lane, a collision avoidance system when leaving the parking lot.

Salon view of BMW X2 of 2018 year
Salon view of BMW X2 of 2018 year


The SUV is offered in two versions: the front-wheel drive X2 sDrive20i with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 192 hp. (280 Nm), as well as a diesel engine for 190 hp. and 400 Nm (xDrive20d). The first is available paired with a 7-band robot, and the engine on heavy fuel is combined with an 8-speed automatic. In early 2018, the range of power units will be expanded. The initial version is a three-cylinder version of sDrive18i with front-wheel drive and a kickback of 140 forces (220 Nm). Next comes the all-wheel drive xDrive20i, plus a 150-hp diesel (330 Nm) on the 18d version, available with both front and all-wheel drive. At the same time, front-wheel-drive cars go by default with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Engine view of BMW X2 of 2018 year
Engine view of BMW X2 of 2018 year







at rpm


at rpm


L / 100km




max. V
km / h


20i sDrive



4 cylinders

192 / 5000-6000 280 / 1350-4600  







20d xDrive



4 cylinders


190 / 4000

      400 /









The presentation of the new car BMW X2 took place in October 2017, and despite the three-door concept, the company was presented with a serial version with a classic five-door body. The crossover BMW X2 2018 is the closest relative of the BMW X1 (F48), as well as the next member of the Bavarian brand family, and is offered for order in three different packages – Basic, M Sport and M Sport S. For a compact crossover, exclusively alloy wheels from R17 to R20. The start of sales will begin in March 2018. minimal price from ≈ 38 500 $.



Peugeot 3008 – $29 000

Bmw X1 – $29 500

Audi Q3 – $29 500

Mercedes GLA – $38 000

Bmw X2 – $38 500

Infiniti QX30 – $43 500

Volvo XC40 – $51 000

Land Rover R.R. Evoque – $53 000


  BMW X2 xDrive20i BMW X1 xDrive20i BMW X3 xDrive 20i Mercedes GLA 250 4MATIC Mercedes GLC 250 4MATIC
Minimal price, $ 38 500       34 895 43 645 33 400 56 000
Body universal universal universal universal universal
Number of doors


5 5 5 5 5

Drive unit


Front – wheel four-wheel four-wheel four-wheel four-wheel
Clearance, mm


183 183 204 157 181
Length, mm


4460 4439 4708 4417 4656
Width, mm


1840 1821 1891 1804 1890
Height, mm 1550 1598 1676 1494 1639
Wheels,mm 2670 2670 2864 2699 2873
Cargo space, l 505/1550 505/1550 550/1600 421/1235 550/1600
Curb weight, kg 1500 1540 1725 1505 1735
Location and number of cylinders R4 turbo R4 turbo R4 turbo R4 turbo R4 turbo
Working volume,l 2,0 2,0 2,0 2,0 2,0
Power, hp 192 192 184 211 211
Revolutions per minute 5000-6000 5000-6000 5000-6250 5500 5500
Torque Nm 280 280 270 350 350
Revolutions per minute 1250-4600 1250-4600 1250-4500 1200-4000 1200-4000
Transmission robotic automatic mechanical robotic automatic
Number of gears 7 8 8 7 9
Maximum speed km/h 227 223 215 230 222
Racing 0-100 km/h (seconds) 7.7 7.4 8.3 7.1 7.3
Fuel consumption, average or range 7.2 / 5.1 / 5.9 7.7 / 5.6 / 6.4 9.4 / 6.3 / 7.4 8.3 / 5.6 / 6.6 8.2 / 6.0 / 7.0
Automatic parking brake + +
Adaptive headlights optional optional optional optional optional
Adaptive Cruise Control optional optional optional optional optional
Premium Audio System optional optional optional optional optional
On-board computer + + + + +
On-board computer            – optional
Tire pressure sensor optional optional optional optional +
Rain sensor + + + + +
Light sensor + + + optional +
Rear power windows + + + + +
Start the engine with the button + + optional
Rear View Camera optional optional optional optional optional
Climate control + + + optional +
Leather interior optional optional optional + optional
Number of airbags 6 6 6 7 7
Кондиционер + +
Xenon / Bi-Xenon Lights + + +
Heated mirrors + + + + +
Panoramic glass roof
Passive cruise control optional optional optional +
Front power windows + + + + +
Heated steering wheel optional optional optional optional
Heated seats + + + + +
Fog lights + + + optional
Steering column adjustment + + + + +
Adjusting the driver’s seat height + + + + +
Adjustable ground clearance optional
Automatic parking system + + optional
Monitoring system for “dead zones” optional optional optional optional optional
Descent Assistance System + +
Assistance system for starting uphill + + + + +
Stabilization system + + + + +
Metallic color optional optional optional + optional
Standard audio system with MP3 + + + + +
Native navigation system + + optional optional optional
Full parktronic + + + + optional
Electric Trunk + + optional optional optional
Power front seats with memory optional optional optional optional optional
Electrically adjustable mirrors + + + + +
hands free / bluetooth + + optional optional +


In the Bavarian concern, the situation was highly appreciated, because the new BMW B2 X2 2018 (photo) model has no direct competitors at the moment. Crossovers with a body-shaped body are present in the older classes, so the niche of compact models is in dire need of cars of similar style. The Bavarian novelty is intended to draw the attention of people who have not previously considered the class of junior crossover in view of their lack of sportiness and the ability to delight in active riding. The creators of the new BMW X2 2018 year tried to bring the chassis as much as possible to the car’s peculiarities typical of the BMW models with bodywork, sedan, coupe and estate. Bavarian engineers can be proud of the new X2 model, as sportsmanship is now noticed in the cabin, not just about the front-mounted console’s driver, but also about a lower landing for better car control in turns.