Future fuel station

Future fuel station


  The need for a stable and innovative fueling network becomes key, as the market moves to alternative sources, such as electricity. 

 Smooth integration of new environmentally friendly technologies into the already built environment is extremely important for creating more practical and comfortable cities. The fuel station of the future is a vision of mobility and its role in the development of sustainable urbanism. 


 The project recreates how cars can be integrated into cities and be part of a holistic, sustainable solution that integrates transport and production, energy distribution. 


 In the foreseeable future, cars will be able to connect to the infrastructure of cities, including roads, information and power grids, using the concept of vehicle-to-grid (V2G), autonomous driving and cellular technology to modernize the application and distribution of energy throughout the city. 


 David Nelson, co-director of the project, Foster + Partners: 


 “Integrating zero-emission technologies into the environment is vital for creating smarter and more autonomous cities. This commitment must go far beyond the cars – it should be at the center of everything that we do. “

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