The British brand is targeting China with a more luxurious take on the Range Rover.

The British brand is targeting China with a more luxurious take on the Range Rover.


It was only last week when we heard about Jaguar’s still not final plans about a new and larger SUV, and now we have more details to share thanks to a new report coming from Autocar. The British publication claims the J-Pace (name still not confirmed) will go on sale in 2021 and will be aimed against the Porsche Cayenne.

Inspired by the success of the F-Pace, the brand’s most successful model for decades, Jaguar is poised to launch a flagship SUV to attract wealthy customers, especially in China. It will be based on the Land Rover Range Rover, which means it will receive an all-aluminum architecture. However, the overall proportions of the car will be different – Jag’s vehicle will be longer and a bit wider, with more room in the interior, and will sit lower to the ground for better on-road behavior.

The J-Pace will receive all the powertrain options of the Range Rover, including probably a plug-in hybrid system, but not from day one. It will also become the first model of the marque to adopt a new design language, shaped by Jaguar’s design director Ian Callum.

“All options are on the table, as long as it delivers what Jaguar stands for. Does it deliver on Jaguar’s promise around performance? If it does, it’s on the table,” JLR’s Australia managing director Matthew Wiesner hinted about the new range-topping SUV earlier this month.

The British automaker is also planning a well-deserved facelift for the F-Pace, which will arrive next year and will probably coincide with the launch of a hybrid version. A brand new generation of the Jag’s best-seller, with more than 70,000 deliveries last year, is planned for 2022.

Jaguar is currently selling about 150,000 – 160,000 vehicles a year, while Land Rover is much more effective with more than 600,000 annual deliveries. That’s impressive given JLR’s collapse during the financial crisis, but owner Tata bosses are aiming at total group sales of more than one million.

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