4 Presidential Vehicles And The Heads Of State Who Ride In Them

4 Presidential Vehicles And The Heads Of State Who Ride In Them

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia 

Russian President Vladimir Putin rides in a vehicle designed and manufactured by the State Research Center of the Russian Federation (NAMI). The limo measures 21.7-feet long, six-feet wide, and five-feet high. A 598-horsepower, 4.4-liter V8 engine powers the beast, which sends power to an all-wheel-drive system through a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Top speed is 118 miles per hour, which is remarkable for something that weighs 6.5 tons – 13,000 pounds.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis, Sovereign of the Vatican City State 

Pope Francis didn’t clean out the garage when he arrived at the papacy. When he first arrived, he used a VW Phaeton without official badges for institutional meetings. That was replaced with second-generation Ford Focus. 


You can’t mention the Pope without talking about the popemobile. There are two armored Mercedes-Benz vehicles – a G500, in service since 2007, and an M500 that came to the papacy in 2012. Sometimes, the Pope travels with these vehicles, carrying them on special planes. When the Pope travels to countries without his official car, he uses a local armored vehicle inspected by a specific department of the Swiss Guard.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, President of the United States Of America 

The Cadillac, known as “The Beast,” carries several electronic and safety devices inside, including a fire extinguishing system and the tear gas cannons. This helps the portly vehicle tip the scales at an alleged 20,000 pounds. The cabin is completely sealed and isolated from the outside to avoid any chemical attacks. Inside, there’s a sample of the President’s blood in case a transfusion is necessary. The Cadillac also houses the latest communication technologies.

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea 

It appears Kim Jong-un has hung up the keys to his Mercedes after taking an interest in the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Little is known about the car, which is almost undoubtedly armored with countermeasures and safety technologies in place. Kim has previously been seen in a fleet of custom-built Pullman Guard Mercedes limousines, based on the 2012 S600.

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