While searching for a full-size SUV, you should consider the purchase of theLand Cruiser 200 2018. The car has a rich history, it is produced over a longperiod. This first world-wide all-wheel-drive car was intended for the Ministryof Forestry of Japan. After a long period of development of the company, themodel began to be supplied to many countries of the world, around it a largenumber of fans were formed. Today, the SUV in question is delivered in 7versions of the package, it is considered a representative of the premiumclass, since the most affordable offer costs $57 000.

Front Left side of Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Front Left side of Toyota Land Cruiser 200



SUV prestigiousclass should have an attractive exterior, which will indicate the high cost ofthe model. The external appearance of the model in question can becharacterized as follows:

The front part is massive. The protection of the cooling element is representedby a combination of massive chrome-plated elements, which are also framed bychrome-plated panels.
The optics are massive. It is separated by a metal plate, which is part of theradiator grille. Depending on the configuration, the head optics can berepresented by a combination of a variety of light sources.
The front bumper does not stand out against the general background of the car,but it also has two recesses for placing the fog lamps.
High landing SUV also causes massive wheel arches, which allow you to installwheels of large sizes.
The shape of the body is a bit square. It is more suitable for classic brutalSUVs.
The rear part of the body is represented by a vertical door that has massivelights and a wide chrome plate with the name of the model.

We can not say that the SUV has an attractive and unique design, but the SUVbody is well recognized.

Front view of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year
Front view of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year


If outside theSUV has changed insignificantly, then inside it significantly changed, makingit more modern. Land Cruiser 200 2018 is a premium offer, which ischaracterized by the following features:

The shape of the steering wheel is made in the right form, the hoop has noclamps or truncations. The upper part has a wood trim, the rest is made ofplastic. On the spokes placed a mechanical control unit and a small touch area,the lower support is doubled.
The instrument panel is represented by two scales, as well as a quality displayof the boron computer.
The massive design of the center console has a vivid expression. It is designedto accommodate two air ducts, as well as a massive display of a multimediasystem with various mechanical control units for air conditioning.
The center console in the lower part at right angles goes into the tunnel. Itis designed to accommodate the large control lever of the automatictransmission and several control regulators of the drive.

Dashboard view of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year

We paid attention to the back row. If desired, you can lower the armrest andpush two cupholders.
The chairs are massive, have side support and various control units, additionalfunctions.
Throughout the cabin used wooden panels, quality material, most of the panelsare leather.

It is quite large body dimensions determine comfort in the cabin. At once it isdifficult to get used to the angularity of all panels.


The appearance of the car in many justifies its status. The SUV looks massive and representative, which is associated with not only the large dimensions, but also the features of the bodywork. Considering the technical characteristics, we note the following points:

The minimum rideheight is 225 mm. This is already enough for movement on rough terrain. With awheelbase of 2,850 mm, the body length is 4950 mm, when folding the rear seats,the volume of the luggage compartment can be increased to 1267 liters.
As the motor the power unit of 4,5 liters which works on diesel fuel isestablished. Its output is 272 hp. Due to the modernization of the structure,it was possible to reduce the fuel consumption rate to 9.5 liters, which, giventhe massiveness of the body, is quite a good result.
The transmission is automatic, it is capable of breaking the torque by 8 steps.The new unit is characterized by high practicality in application.

It is the volumetric and massive body that largely determines the features ofthe vehicle. Due to this, Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2018 has a comfortable androomy interior, which is finished with the use of exceptionally high-qualitymaterials.

Engine view of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year
Engine view of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year


A pretty well-known SUV comes in 7 versions of the package. The most affordable offer is worth $ 57,000. The maximum equipment costs already $ 85,000. The basic equipment can be characterized as follows:
Set dual-zone climate control. It provides comfortable conditions for movement to different distances. The created system can control with various accuracy various air parameters.
The SUV is capable of automatically maintaining a given speed in an automatic mode and regulating it depending on the prevailing circumstances on the road surface.
Have paid much attention to safety. It is represented by a combination of airbags and various curtains.

The design ofheadrests is active, it can vary depending on the circumstances.
Security is provided by a combination of several different systems: BAS, ABS,EDB, VSC, HAC, DAC, BAC and many others. Note that the car in the basic versionis equipped with almost all options that allow you to increase safety andpatency.
To ensure the highest comfort in winter, an additional electric heater isinstalled.
The maximum version of the equipment was called Excalibur. The cost of thisoffer is $ 84,000:
When finishing only high-quality materials are used. An example is thecombination of leather with different texture, as well as chrome elements andwood. The color range can be significantly different.
In the salon there is one of the most popular options for today, which providesa backlight with the possibility of adjustment and color selection.
The body also has a fairly large number of various additional trim elements,for example, chrome side moldings or body side mirrors with chrome-plateddecorative elements.

Front view of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year
Front view of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year

On the body there is the emblem of the name of the unique version.
Finishing involves the use of a diamond-shaped stitch. It is quite difficult toperform, but it makes the car very attractive.

The set includes original-style discs that are made with the use of modern materials.
The installed suspension design has the ability to adjust, as well as automatic adjustment, depending on driving conditions.

In general, we can say that the car has all sorts of options that can be installed.


The high price ofthe offer determines that when considering this model, you can pay attention toa few more similar proposals. Every year on sale there is an increasing numberof full-size massive SUVs, as they are replaced by crossovers. Test drive videoof the new Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (diesel) indicates that similar models canbe considered:

    Cadillac Escalade.
    Mercedes GLS.
    Lexus GX.
    Nissan Patrol.
    Lincoln Navigator.
    Mercedes G-Class.

The offer of the German car industry is more attractive because Mercedesinvests a lot of money into the development of its cars. More affordable offerswill be called Lexus and Nissan, but they are characterized by less attractiveperformance characteristics.

Front Left side of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year
Front Left side of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year


The legendaryLand Cruiser 200 is even more refined and sophisticated. It does not spoil onthe heaviest parts of the rugged terrain and in the mountains. Due to itsimpressive exterior design, luxurious interior interior and improved drivingqualities, it embodies a perfect all-wheel drive car.



Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year – Video Review

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of 2018 year – Video Review

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