SNot so long ago, the Superb 2018 was introduced in the new body. Skoda Superb is able to competewith famous rivals in the struggle for a wealthy buyer. After all, from certaintimes, business class sedans have ceased to be associated exclusively withGerman cars. Now such models as shoda superb are almost an example of thecorrect approach to spending money – an excellent choice for the ratio of price/ quality factors. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that, in fact,the new school Supreb 2018 still has German roots. So, the Czech brand itselfbelongs to the German concern VAG, which also owns Audi and Volkswagen. So manyinnovations migrated from there. But at the same time the machine is not devoidof original style and its own uniqueness.

Presentable sedans are characterized by the fact that they are represented by a combinationof the most modern technologies. Almost every automaker has to produce arepresentative of this class. The new offer of Shkoda Superb 2018-2019 in thenew body (photo, price and technical characteristics see in this article) ofthe third generation was presented to the world public in 2015. The design ofthe car retained its trademark features, in addition, the line wassignificantly expanded. The minimum equipment is represented by the mostnecessary options, the offer price is $20 000.

Front Left side of Skoda Superb of 2018 year
Front Left side of Skoda Superb of 2018 year



Today, the third generation of the mid-sized sedan is already being manufactured, which began its history in the distant 2001, but still enjoys stable demand. Changes affected almost all areas. So, the Skoda Superb 2018 received a modified exterior. Now the silhouette has become even more tight and faceted. Spectacular LED headlights, stylish radiator grille, new front bumper. Appearance underwent point changes, and this did not go to the detriment of the whole image.

And from the rear, the sight is surrounded by spectacular wedge-shaped stop lamps and an inverse rear bumper. In this case, the main difference between the new superb school of 2018 is in the back. So, in a new body the car has ceased to be completed with a two-step lid of a luggage carrier, having turned to a standard liftback. This helped to lower the price slightly. However, the main reason for the return to the classic layout according to marketers was the unclaimedness of this option among the owners.

The updatedfashionable exterior of the novelty differs clearly outlined, smooth lines in acombination with sharp corners and lightning stroke stitches. The front part isalmost completely covered with straight edges with sharp edges. Head optics,made in the same style, looks strictly and aggressively. To design headlightsCzech designers did not spare even the Bohemian crystal.

Front view of Skoda Superb of 2018 year
Front view of Skoda Superb of 2018 year

The Superb offer was also updated with a new red Velvet Red and 19-inch Acamar wheels. For the Laurin & Klement version, a black roof will be available. The edition of L & K will be more prominent thanks to the gentle, chrome accents, which should emphasize the prestigious character of the Skoda Superb 2018 model year.

The car became more presentable.
The restrained style in the back made it more aggressive due to the extra facets.
Serious changes undergone the back.

The sedan looks modern and stylish.


The salon of the superb school of the 2018th model year has not undergone any significant changes (see photo of the salon). Updates touched the steering wheel, dashboard, cockpit. However, an inexperienced motorist at a cursory examination can not reveal the cardinal differences. However, the best is the enemy of the good. And it’s not always worth changing anything if it works perfectly. And in terms of ergonomics or internal comfort, it is really difficult to blame the superb school. Perfectly profiled seats, where you can sit comfortably to the driver of almost any equipment, informative and easily readable instrument panel, excellent overview. To all it is necessary to add enough spacious back seats and a luggage carrier of considerable sizes. And for those who need a bigger luggage space, there is a universal supermarket superb 2018, which has a truly impressive compartment for cargo transportation.

The mostimportant novelty is a new multimedia system with a large touch screen. In thetop version now has a 9.2-inch screen (previously there were 8). Just like inthe Octavia, they abandoned the classic buttons and pens that were replaced bythe touch panel. The new system can offer applications from the ConnectApppackage, extensive integration with the smart phone SmartLink + and improvedspeech recognition. The screen is also enlarged in cheaper versions: from 5 to6.5 inches and from 6.5 to 8 inches (depending on the equipment).

Dashboard view of Skoda Superb of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Skoda Superb of 2018 year

The design of the interior is very simple:

     Three-knuckled steering wheel.
     In the central part is a large display.
     Several knobs and blocks with different keys.

At furnish various materials are applied: from textiles to a qualitative natural leather.


The line of engines will be presented by five modern gasoline turbo units equipped with a direct fuel injection system. To ensure the decent technical characteristics of the new Skoda Superb model in 2018, the manufacturer chose three gearboxes: 6-speed non-alternative “mechanics”, 6-band “automatic”, 7-band “robot”. It is obvious that the creators finally managed to significantly reduce fuel consumption. In addition, the dynamic qualities of the car, on the contrary, increased significantly. More information about this you can learn from the video test drive of the new version of Skoda Superb 2018. I was very pleased with the fact that the reliability, endurance of the car became much higher. In equipping all the modifications of the elevator, there are ABS systems, driving stability, and on all wheels there are disc ventilated brakes.

Features we will name:

     The increased dimensions of the body.
     Light weight.
     Quality suspension.

The rigidity of the body was increased by 15%.

According to themanufacturer, elevatorback will be classified as a medium-sized car, but itsoverall dimensions hardly differ from those of the business class: length -486.1 cm; width – 186.4 cm; height – 146.8 cm; ground clearance – 16,4 cm.

Front Left side of Skoda Superb of 2018 year
Front Left side of Skoda Superb of 2018 year


Škoda Superb 2018 is considered one of the best cars in its class. First of all, the model attracts attention due to the unique and rather attractive exterior. The basic model is characterized by a combination of quite a large number of different options, but still you can speak about good equipment only when considering the maximum configuration.

1. Active

Active can be purchased at a price of $20 000 equipment is represented by a combination of the following options:
The degree of equipment of the model under consideration is quite high. The scope of delivery includes a reduced spare tire and a quality tool kit, which may be required for self-repair work.

The Czech company is largely focused on the Russian and other markets located in the northern part. That’s why the car is ready for use in the winter. For this, the nozzles that supply water to the windshield are provided with a heating system.
At the rear of the cabin there is a 12V outlet. It is also installed in the luggage compartment. They can be used to power various devices.
To increase comfort, we use leather braiding
The exterior mirrors have an electric control unit and a glass heater. When moving in a cold pair of goals there is a possibility that the surface of the glass is icing. In order to eliminate this problem, electric heating is installed.
Front fog lamps are manufactured using modern technology, which significantly improves efficiency.
There is a system Start-Stop, which is now very widespread. It allows you to start the engine as soon as possible.
The handbrake is represented by an electromechanical design that has an Auto Hold function.
Hold the car on the road surface called the system of electronic stability. In addition, there may be a lock

There is in thecabin and air conditioning, due to which the temperature is maintained with thespecified parameters in the summer.

2. Ambition

Skoda Superb 2018 in the version of Ambition costs $22 000. Most of theadditional options are represented by various decorative elements. Featuresinclude the following:

The car has a chrome package. It provides for the use of a fairly large numberof different chromium-plated elements when decorating the exterior.
In the cabin you can find a multifunctional three-spoke steering wheel. With ityou can control the radio or phone.
Quite an interesting feature is the highlighting of the space for the feet ofthe rear of the car. Looks like the effect is quite attractive and interesting.
The car is represented by a combination of a large number of different optionsthat are responsible for safety. An example is an installed radar, whichdetermines the distance before the vehicle ahead, active sensors for parking,light and rain.
Today in the salon of modern cars you can find an effective climate controlsystem. In the case under consideration, it is 2-zone, it can monitor the mostvaried parameters of the supplied air.

In the style of aristocrats, 2 umbrellas are included in the package, for whichthey found a place in the salon.

Front view of Skoda Superb of 2018 year
Front view of Skoda Superb of 2018 year

3. Style

The Style version is a very complete sentence. The offer price is $25 000. The version is represented by a combination of the following options:

The driver’s seat is represented by a combination of the electric drive and the memory of the set parameters. This provides the required comfort.
Front and back elements are installed in the interior lighting. They are represented by a combination of diode elements.
In order to determine the features of this equipment, the corresponding thresholds made of plastic are installed.
Protect the driver and passengers decided by installing additional airbags for the knees.
Front and rear seats are heated. The internal rear-view mirror has an auto-dimming function.
The parking of a large enough sedan is facilitated by the parking sensors installed in front and behind. They can identify an obstacle in the way of the vehicle.

A cruise control system is also installed with the radar. Together they provide a constant speed of the car with the condition of the prevailing situation.
The installed headlights are bi-xenon. Part of the design was created using diode light sources.
Audio preparation is represented by a system that has USB, SD, AUX outputs. In addition, many functions can be controlled by voice commands.

4. Sportline

Skoda Superb 2018 in the new body is produced in the Sportline version. The offer price is $31 000. It’s not difficult to guess that this version is positioned as a sports offer. Among the features we note:

Modern stylish discs of R18 size are installed.
At the finish a rather large amount of carbon is used. This material is characterized by high mechanical characteristics, as well as an attractive appearance.
Instead of a conventional steering wheel, a sports lightweight design is installed. On the spokes there are control units for various functions.
Pedals have decorative aluminum pads, which are characterized by high protection to mechanical effects.

5. The maximum complete set

Sedan in the maximum configuration is a bright representative of the representative class. It costs $33 000  and is characterized by additional functions:

Both seats in front have an electric drive, including support for the lumbar region.
The salon is equipped with a LED package, represented by a combination of a large number of different light sources.
Several additional pillows and curtains of safety are installed.
At furnish of seats and many other elements high-quality leather is applied.
Quite a lot of attention is paid to anti-theft alarm. It is able to control the salon, to protect the car from theft and towing.
An interesting feature can be called a virtual pedal, as well as a blind zone monitoring system and a traffic assistant for the band.
A more sophisticated audio system, whose power is 610 watts. It is represented by a combination of 11 speakers and a subwoofer.
There is a rear-view camera that can display information on the display located in the center of the console.

Despite the rather high cost of this offer, we note that it can not be called the most complete sedan in its class.


The offer of the Czech car industry has a very large number of serious competitors. They are as follows:

Citroen C5.
Nissan Teana.
Mazda 6.
Opel Insignia Sedan.
Honda Accord.
KIA Optima.
Peugeot 508.
Volkswagen Passat.

Some of the above suggestions are much cheaper than the model in question and they have an attractive exterior. The moment that Škoda is part of a large concern determines many features of this offer.


If you want to know more details about the new version of the liftback Skoda Superb 2018, thendefinitely I advise you to watch the video of the test drive. Well, if you aredetermined to become the owner of this unique car, then it’s time to startstudying the operating instructions in detail. Summarizing, we can say with confidencethat the main advantages of the machine are: a beautiful, charismatic exteriordesign; good ergonomics of the driver’s seat; huge salon and trunk; excellentdynamics of acceleration, maneuverability; excellent standard optics; effectivebraking system; a decent level of noise insulation; low fuel consumption; awide range of motors, complete sets.

Disadvantages ofSkoda Superb 2018: there is no adjustment of steering changes; not verycomfortable front seats; not practical, marking upholstery of seats; warming upthe cabin is weak; in a severe frost the engine is very slowly warming up.



Scoda Superb of 2018 year – Video Review 

Scoda Superb of 2018 year – Video Review 

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