Dynamic crossover D-segment, made in a new corporate style Renault, with a refined salon andpremium equipment – this is how you can describe the new Koleos. The elegantdesign of the novelty will not allow it to remain unnoticed on the road.

Class: SUV D2
Body type: crossover
Assembly: South Korea
The Common Module Family
Drive: full
Variants: 3 of the engine
The price from $ 28,000

Right side of Renault Koleos of 2017 year
Right side of Renault Koleos of 2017 year


Looking at the appearance of two generations, we can say that these are two different models. The new Renault Koleos 2017 is equipped with strict modern optics based on light-emitting diodes, from below it is emphasized by curved daytime running lights DRL. In the first generation Koleos, a convex and round front optics was installed, and daytime running lights were absent.

The grille ofKoleos in form remained the same, but in sizes increased, made from chromehorizontal strips emphasizes the severity of the new crossover. Instead ofthree horizontal stripes, designers installed four. Probably one thing is thatin the near future this Renault logo will not change, it was placed in thecenter of the radiator grille.

The front bumper of Koleos has acquired strict features with coarse, harshshapes. In the first generation, the front bumper was rounded off, and the caritself was soft and “kind.” At the very bottom of the bumper, the foglights are located on the sides, and in the middle there is an additionalgrille for blowing the engine. Below it highlights the black splitter, similarto the one that was in the first generation of Renault Koleos.

The hood of the new Renault Koleos 2017 has become larger, curved shapes fromthe emblem go to the windshield itself. In the first generation, the hood laydown with the front wings, but in the second generation Koleos lies over thewings. It’s like a little hint that the car’s parameters have also changed.

Front view of Renault Koleos of 2017 year
Front view of Renault Koleos of 2017 year

The lateral part of the new Renault Koleos has changed beyond recognition. From a good old crossover there is absolutely nothing left. It was replaced by strict and modern forms of Koleos 2017. The front wings repeat the contours of the front optics to the very doors.

On the front doors of Koleos, the designers placed the side air holes. Below the car emphasizes the bend on the doors and a wide chrome insert. Door handles left standard, chrome with a button for opening, but not touch-open.

The rear part of Renault Koleos 2017 was replaced completely, the rounded optics was changed to a strict and extended. The body forms became strict and really speak of the solidity of the crossover. At the very top, a wing was placed above the glass for the color of the car’s body. The rear optics became elongated, that if it were not for Renault’s emblem, then maybe there was no separation. Under the emblem, in large letters the name of the model “Koleos” is prescribed. At the heart of optics is also the LED technology.

At the bottom of the Koleos bumper, the fog lights are located on the sides, and the bottom of the bumper is underlined by a black protection, with two exhaust pipe tips. The tips say that under the hood, a solid engine is hidden in front. Throughout the perimeter of the Renault Koleos 2017 designers have installed a black weather cloth, which emphasizes the severity of the crossover.

The roof of the new Renault Koleos, depending on the configuration, can be simple, or panoramic. On the sides are railings, for fixing an additional trunk or other devices.

The dimensions of the new crossover are:

     length 4670 mm;

     width: 1840 mm;

     height 1678 mm;

     wheelbase 2710 mm;

     clearance of 213 mm.

Colours of Renault Koleos of 2017 year:

the black;
dark grey;
dark blue.

Comparing theinterior of the new Renault Koleos 2017 and the first generation of this model,the differences are significant. Unattractive and at first glance, a cheapsaloon of the first generation Renault Koleos, was transformed into a rich andstuffed with the latest electronics and systems.

In the middle of the front panel of Koleos there is an 8.7 “touchscreendisplay, which displays navigation maps, images from round-the-camera cameras,as well as controls and adjustments for additional systems and audio. below thecontrol panel heated seats, heated rear window and other functions, dependingon the configuration.

The dashboard also changed its appearance, instead ofanalog instruments, in the middle there was placed a 7 “display, the speedof the Renault Koleos 2017, engine speed and other information about the carwas displayed .The engine and fuel temperature sensor was placed to the rightand left of the display.

Designers have thought up interesting illumination of the panel of devices, thecentral display, overlays on doors and branches near the gear lever lever.Depending on the selected topic of the central display, the color on the otherdevices also changes. The default is blue, green, red and white.

The Koleos steering wheel changed its shape a little, a little flattened frombelow, and three spokes. In the center were placed the classic emblem ofRenault, on the two side spokes placed the multimedia control buttons. Thesteering wheel, like the whole panel covered with leather.

The interior color will be in several color shades with a combination of blackor white. From available color shades it is reliably known:

    the black;
Typically, the ceiling of the Renault Koleos 2017 will be white to the front,at the panel level, including the panel itself, will be black. Other colors canbe handles on the doors and seats. Along the entire perimeter of the salon ofthe new Koleos placed inserts for ebony, for an additional fee can be aluminum.

Dashboard view of Renault Koleos of 2017 year
Dashboard view of Renault Koleos of 2017 year

The quality of the fabric will be used as the material. For the middle class,leather, and at the maximum – a combination of perforated leather and ordinary.

Front seats are made in a modern style, a comfortable fit and thecircumferential sides of the backrest allow you to drive comfortably more thanone hundred kilometers. Behind the seats are placed one row, the second row isdesigned for three passengers. Thanks to the modular CMF platform, passengerswill have plenty of space.

The saloon of the new Renault Koleos 2017 turned out to be excellent both forthis class of car. Previous model with its interior resembled an economicalversion of the car.


Buyers will beavailable a gasoline and diesel engine.
The basic Koleos equipment will be equipped with a petrol V4 2-liter engine, apower of 144 hp, and a maximum torque of 200 Nm. The following complete sets ofthe new Renault Koleos after the base will be equipped with a more powerfulpetrol V4, volume of 2.5 liters. The power of such an aggregate is 171 horses,and the maximum torque is 233 Nm.

Engine view of Renault Koleos of 2017 year
Engine view of Renault Koleos of 2017 year



  Type   hp
at rpm

at rpm

  L / 100km

  max. V
km / h
  2.0 CVT 4×4 Executive in-line petrol 4 cylinders 144 / 6000 200 / 4400 6,4 11,3 187
  2.0 DCI CVT 4×4 Premium in-line diesel 4 cylinders 177 / 3750 380 / 2000 5,7 9,5 201
2.5 CVT 4×4 Premium in-line petrol 4 cylinders 171 / 6000 233 / 4400 6,9 9,8 199

The new Renault Koleos 2017-2018 is based on the modular chassis of the CMF-C / D alliance Renault-Nissan. For all modifications in Koleos, an independent front suspension McPherson and an independent multi-link rear are used. Front-disc ventilated brakes, rear-disc.


The new RenaultKoleos includes many electronic security systems, using the driver and improvingthe comfort of the car. With more well-known systems, we can note themultimedia complex Renault R-link with the audio system Bose. There is also anactive cruise control, which is able to recognize obstacles. On the centraldisplay Koleos displays an image from the cameras of a circular view, whichhelps the driver to understand the situation around the car. The top packageincludes a winter bag with heated windshield, steering wheel, first and secondrow seats.

According to the standard for the driver and front passenger airbags areinstalled, not without the seat belts. Of course this is not the maximum safetykit like Volvo, but enough to protect the passengers.

Front view of Renault Koleos of 2017 year
Front view of Renault Koleos of 2017 year


The new Renault Koleos is available in the following trim levels:
     SL Bose;
     Dynamique Comfort;
     Luxe Privilege.
The cost of the basic equipment Koleos from $23 000, and the maximum from $29 000. This cost is due to the budget version of the model, despite the fact that the filling of the car is very solid.


TOYOTA RAV4 – $20 700

FORD KUGA – $21 400



MAZDA CX-5 – $25 000



HONDA CR-V- $28 500


PEUGEOT 5008 – $32 500

SKODA KODIAQ – $33 000

Front Left side of Renault Koleos of 2017 year
Front Left side of Renault Koleos of 2017 year


The new Koleos combines French charm, the latest technology, the power ofa large car and, at the same time, provides maximum comfort and a high level ofsafety. The car has everything to ensure safety, help and warn the driver



 Renault Koleos of 2017 year – Video Review 

 Renault Koleos of 2017 year – Video Review 

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