LEXUS LX 570 2018

LThe presentation of the updated large SUV Lexus LX 570 took place in the framework of the competition of automotive elegance in Pebble Beach in August two thousand fifteenth. But the exterior of the car could be judged much earlier, thanks to leaked into the network spy images.

Cars Lexus for many years are considered the embodiment of luxury,quality, style among SUVs. Recently, the event in California demonstrated arestyling version of the Lexus 570 2018, which can hardly be compared with itspredecessor.

Lexus 570 2018 in the new body (photo, price and specifications in thereview) looks completely renewed, premium and with a luxurious appearance.Significant updates could not leave indifferent any admirer of the brand.

Front view of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year
Front view of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year



Full restyling entirely updated the appearance of the machine premiumfamily. From its own prototype, the Lexus 2018 borrowed only doors, and therest is completely changed:

The elegant falshradiator grille is equipped with aneffective strip with transverse chrome lines.
The lower part of the bumper is slightly raised toincrease the design of the SUV.
Led dimensions are aggressive with neon emission in theform of the letter L.
A lot of chrome materials in the edging of optics,sensors and cameras.
The shape of the last row of windows and the rearpillars has changed.
A whole improved the feed of the machine. It has anexpressive look of all the stylistics.
Rear dimensions repeat the company logo and completelyLED.
The shape of the wheel disks has changed.

Innovative optics with LED lamps created in a majestic manner. The front grilleis instantly visible, you can not see it simply – it extends from the hood lineand ends at the bottom of the bumper.

Outside, the new Lexus LX 2017-2018 got completely re-designed front end with a different head optics, other bumpers and fog sections, as well as a large hourglass-style grille that added even more solidity and brutality to the SUV.

The rear part, including the bumper, trunk lid, lanterns and a modifiedwindow line in the vicinity of the side windows, also underwent revisions.Also, the car was ordered by 20-inch ten-spoke wheel disks of a new design (ata surcharge 21 “rollers are offered).

Right side of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year
Right side of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year


The interior of the new Lexus LH 570 2018 (photo) surprises with itsvolume and chic. Here everything is thought through to the smallest detail.Undoubtedly, the driver with the passengers will feel comfortable with care andluxury from all sides:

Climate control for four zones, each of which you can set your own parameters.
Analog watches are created in the classical conservative style: they are witharrows and are enclosed in a casing of durable aluminum.
The instrument panel in the center looks like a spacecraft console. All keysand switches duplicate electronic options. The console is surprisinglyergonomic and greatly simplifies the control.
As a finish, only natural high-quality materials in the form of leather or woodstand out.
Optionally, you can install an additional row of seats, but an adult will becramped there.
Quality multimedia system in the headrests.
The seats are equipped with heating and own ventilation, anatomical support atthe highest level.
Noise insulation is superior to all indicators.
 The seats on the back row are enough for people of any size andconfiguration.
    Rear seats can be adjusted, the control panel islocated in the armrest.
    The quality of the onboard multimedia systemcorresponds to the general class of cars.

Salon view of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year
Salon view of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year

The salon received a completely different front panel, steering wheel, instrument panel and a re-designed central console with a stand-alone 12.3-inch multimedia screen. Also up to 11.6-inches, the diagonal of monitors for rear passengers was increased, and several new colors and materials were added to the list of available trim options.

The luggage compartment in Lexus is spacious and roomy and any cargo in it will fit without problems.


The engine has two modifications:

gasoline eight-cylinder unit with a power of 383;
diesel power plant with a power of 272.

The transmission is automatic, eight-speed with the ability to switch speeds inmanual mode. The introduction of new technologies by the engineers of the concernwas a complete success:

Suspension pneumatic, the ground clearance varies. Therefore, at high speed,the car becomes lower and stability increases.
Optimal transmission provides an ideal dynamic performance.
Elegant panoramic view.
The intelligent system reacts instantly to changes in traffic and automaticallyselects a mode.
Gasoline engine is able to accelerate the car to 100 km / h in 7.7 seconds, anddiesel – in 8.6 seconds.

Wheelbase Lexus 2850 mm, height 1860 mm, clearance 226 mm, length 5065 mm,width almost 2 meters. The fuel consumption will be approximately 18.8 litersin the urban environment and 13.6 liters on the highway. The maximum possiblespeed is 225 km / h.

Front view of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year
Front view of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year

At the same time, the petrol version for some reason decided to supply us with a pre-reform engine (367 forces and 530 Nm) – with it the all-terrain vehicle collects a hundred from a place in 7.7 seconds, and with a diesel engine – for 8.6 seconds. Both variants are equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive system with a Torsen increased friction differential and a ground clearance of 225 millimeters.

n addition, the LX 570 in the new body acquired an adaptive suspension and a Drive Mode Select driving system, and standard equipment included a circular camera review, active cruise control, a package of safety systems Lexus Safety System + with functions for preventing frontal collisions, detecting pedestrians and tracking markup.


The new Lexus LX 570 of 2018 (photo, price, specifications) is equipped with a variety of complete sets. The cost of the standard starts from $85 000 both diesel and gasoline. Luxury models can be purchased for $87 5000 and        $90 500, respectively. As additional sets are the following:

    LX 570 Standard.
    LX 570 Premium.
    LX 570 Premium Place.
    LX 570 Luxury.
    LX 570 Luxury Plus.
    LX 570 Luxury 21.
    LX 570 Luxury 21 Plus.
    LX 570 Luxury 8S.
    LX 570 Luxury 8S Plus.

In all trim levels 8-st. Automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. The diesel version will be a little cheaper, as it has fewer options. The cost, of course, is premium, but comfort, high traffic, security and luxury look are worth such money.

The standard features include the following:

    Ten airbags.
    LED optics, attracting looks.
    Rear-mounted parking sensors.
    Climatic installation of four zones.
    Full complex of traffic safety.
    Assistant in electronic format.

Thus, restyling Lexus LH 570 is sure to please even the most demanding car owner.

A new variation of the Lexus LH 570 2018 model year is already available in many countries of Europe and America.

For those who really look at things, they are interested, the new LexusLH 570 2018 also will not very rejoice that there are not so many innovationsas expected. The main attractive aspect is the high power of the power unit.

Rear Left side of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year


The machine will perfectly overcome snowdrifts, can easily cope with lakes 70cm deep. The maximum possible angle of patency is 23 degrees. The SUV boaststhe following safety options:

    Traction control.
    Adaptive cruise control radar.
    Sensors of obstacles.
    The system for recognizing the exit from the lane.
    Quality airbags.

Manageability novelty is simple and easy, as it has the characteristics ofdynamism and maneuverability. At the same time there will be five complete setsavailable abroad.


Competitors Lexus LH 570 is not far behind in terms of technicalparameters and innovative technologies. Despite this, the car of today’s reviewis still the leader. The main competitors are:

    Range Rover Sport
    Infiniti FX
    Volkswagen Touareg
    Audi Q7
    Volvo XC 90
    Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Some of them got too close to Lexus in the category of SUVs. If many technicalindicators and passability make rivals the offspring of other concerns, then interms of comfort, dimensions of the trunk and off-road conditions, Lexus leads.

Front Left side of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year
Front Left side of Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year


The manufacturer boldly says that he managed to find an approach to a full-fledged combination between quality and ergonomics. But whether the Lexus can justify the established leadership, the fans will look already this year. In the meantime, you can consider all sides.

Advantages of Lexus LH 570 2018:

    Presence of a projection monitor.
    Four cameras on the circle.
    A system for recognizing people and objects on the road.
    Optional adaptive cruise control.
    The ability to choose the type of motion.
    Advanced bodywork.
    Quality fog lights.
    Innovative modern tuning.

Negative sides:
• High cost price.
• Incomplete interactive function in comparison with rivals.
• Increased consumption of gasoline.
Car owners of previous modifications highlight the highest reliability, capacity,comfort, the ability to drive anywhere, the excellent sound of a multimediainstallation and elegant interior design.
Lexus 570 acts as a proven brand, which behaves with full confidence on theroads. The car easily accelerates on the highway and almost does not feel thespeed. Owners say that this is a device for people of older ages with an active lifestyle.



Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year- Video Review

Lexus LX 570 of 2018 year- Video Review

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