Until very recently the minibus was very popular, as there were practically no alternative offers with large spacious salons. Today every year, automakers significantlyincrease the size of their generations, making them more spacious. An examplecan be called SUVs and crossovers, as many of them have already acquired thethird series. Ford Torneo Castom 2017, whose price starts at $ 37,000 is afull-time minivan that is designed for long trips to a large company. Whencreating this model, the American automaker decided to give a second life tothe Transit line. According to the representatives of the company, the van wassubstantially redesigned. It is available in 4 trim levels, the most affordableoffer will cost $ 37,000. Let’s look at the Ford Tourneo Custom 2017 and try tofigure out if the engineers mistook past mistakes.

The car, as wellas the person, is met by clothes. So right away we’ll start our review”from the clothes”, or rather with the new front of the updated FordTourneo Custom. Moreover, the profile and feed of the van have not changed andexactly repeat the appearance of the pre-Reform car, which debuted in 2012.

Front Right side of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year
Front Right side of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year



Considering the Ford Tourneo Custom 2018 (new body) photos, pickings and prices, we note thatthe van comes in a completely new style of decoration. The features of theexterior are the following:

The front part resembles the Ford cars that came out a few years ago. An example is classical optics, which is quite large, with a very small radiatorgrille. The front bumper has a massive air intake with plastic gills, in the lower part there are fog lights. Windscreen in comparison with the general lineof the location of the windows of the car reduced, which is due to theinstallation of a fairly large power unit. The front part is minimal, but stillyou can not call it a straight line.
Side of the car looks rather cumbersome. Immediately stands out that the wheelarches were made massive, highlighted on a general background, but theirdimensions are small. The side door is sliding, the windows are tinted, to therear part are reduced.
The rear doors are swinging. Immediately striking is that the lights are simplyhuge. They are located almost along the entire rack.

The exterior dimensions of the body of the Ford Tourneo Custom L1 2018-2019 are 4972 mm(5339 mm) long, 1986 mm wide, including the rear-view mirrors body width 2290mm, 1972 – 2020 mm (1976 – 2022 mm) in height, with a 2933 mm (3300 mm)wheelbase.
Regardless of the length of the body and the dimensions of the wheelbase, thelength of the front overhang is 1011 mm, and the length of the rear overhang is1028 mm.

Front view of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year
Front view of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year

The useful volume of the luggage compartment of the Van Ford Torneo Castom is impressive. At version L1 (short base) from 1180 liters behind backs of 3 lines of armchairs to 2940 liters behind backs of 2 rows of seats. The version L2 (long base), of course, even more, respectively from 1930 to 3690 liters. It’s hard, really, to imagine that the owner will have a desire to load the luggage compartment under the ceiling with an eye to the new interior of the premium class of the renewed van.


Immediately wecan say that the American automaker did not set out to create a comfortableminibus. This moment was reflected in the salon. His peculiarities are thefollowing:

The multifunctional steering wheel, as previously noted, pumped from Focus.
The front instrument panel is also classic, has in the central part a smalldisplay for displaying basic information.
The central console has a monochrome display, as well as a small area with aset of keys. Separately, the control unit for the stove and air-conditioningwas singled out, it is represented by three regulators of a circular shape.
There are three seats in front, in the long version of the chassis there arethree seats on the second and third row.
At the finish a combination of light and dark plastic was used.
In the second row, the armrests were made, each seat can be adjustedseparately.
Places in the long version are more than enough for a comfortable arrangementboth on the second and third row. In this case, both rows can change theirposition along the body.

Dashboard view of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year

In addition to pre-Collision versions of the Pre-Collision systems Assist with the function Pedestrian Detection emergency braking system, Lane Keeping Alert, Side Wind Stabilization and Adaptive Cruise Control manufacturer offers new electronic systems: speed limiter with intelligent control and the ability to read traffic signs, a system for monitoring lateral traffic from the rear and a tracking system for the objects of blind areas of rear-view mirrors.


Ford TourneoCustom owner reviews can not yet say how good the car is and how it is preparedfor use on Russian roads. Among the technical characteristics we note thefollowing points:

The weight of the car with impressive dimensions is in the range of 2102 – 2500kg. The curb weight may depend on the wheelbase chosen and the equipment. Thecar could be greatly facilitated by the use of high-quality steel, which alsoincreased the rigidity of the body.
The installed transmission has 6 gear stages. At the same time, it has thesimplest design, that is, there is no double clutch and other modern chips.
A rather interesting point is that the installed motor has a start-up systemwith a button. At the same time, the start / stop system should increase theeconomy, which should shut it down in case of idle time in a traffic jam or ata traffic light.
The salon was made in the style of the new Focus and Fiesta, the steering wheelwas taken from the Focus.

Engine view of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year
Engine view of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year

The updated van is equipped with a new four-cylinder turbo diesel 2.0 TDCi Ford EcoBlue Motor in three power variants (105 HP 360 Nm), (130 HP 385 Nm) and (170 HP 405 Nm) in the company with 6 manual transmissions. As an option for the 130-horsepower and 170-horsepower engines, the automatic gearbox 6 SelectShift is offered. Also as an option, the rear air suspension.

In general, we can say that the car does not have any features that could distinguish it against the background of other vans. Potential buyers will be unhappy with the fact that only one diesel engine with a low power rating for a full-size van is available, as well as a lack of an automaton to choose from. That is why the competitiveness of this model should be kept only at its cost, which is quite impressive.


When choosing this van, you should immediately pay attention to the fact that it is delivered in two wheelbases. The first has a length of 4970 mm, the second is 5340 mm. The first is abbreviated SWB, for the second LWB. The difference in them is only in the dimensions of the body, the equipment does not depend on the chosen version of the length of the wheelbase. Thus, the van can only be purchased in two versions:

1. Trend

Supplied only with a diesel engine of 2.2 liters of 125 hp. and 6-MKPP foraround $37 000. The rotation is given exclusively to the front drive. In othercountries, the van is delivered with several modifications of the dieselengine.

The bundle provides for the installation of a relatively small number ofoptions. An example is the fact that the car comes with light alloy wheels andin metallic color only in the case of purchasing an additional package ofoptions.

The equipment itself includes the installation of fog lamps, the seats of thesecond and third rows can be folded, passive cruise control is responsible formaintaining the required speed (that is, it will not lose speed whenapproaching the vehicle ahead).

Rear Left side of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year

For safety systems ABS, ESP. In addition, the cabin has 6 airbags and curtains. For comfort in the cabin meets the installed air conditioning, light and rain sensors, heated front seats.

Rearview mirrors are quite large, they have an electric drive built in, which allows you to adjust from the passenger compartment.

Adjustment of the steering column can take place in two directions, the driver’s seat has a height adjustment. As a sound system, a standard audio system with MP3 support is installed.
2. Limited

This version comes with the same engine and gearbox at a price of $38600. In this equipment, the car does not differ significantly from the previous one, an approximate one can be called the assistance system when starting up or downhill. Installed airbags for the second row. In the cabin there are practically no changes.
The extended version of the car in the first configuration costs $37 500, in the second $39 000. Depending on the size of the wheelbase in the cabin is placed 8 or 9 seats, which can be transformed in a variety of ways.


The niche of minibuses constantly goes on recession, as the sizes of cars of this class are comparable with the sizes of off-road cars. The main competitors of the model under consideration are:

     Volkswagen Multivan.
     Hyundai H-1.
     Mercedes Vito.
     Mercedes Viano.
     SsangYong Stavic.

The above listcan be called quite conventional, since even Hyundai has a richer equipment inthe basic configuration. However, there is no clear competitor in this class.Its only advantage over competitors is relatively low cost, but in terms ofprice and equipment ratio, it still loses to almost all competitors.

Front Left side of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year
Front Left side of Ford Tourneo Custom of 2018 year


Ford TourneoCustom got a new front end design, a completely new front end, a lot of modernsecurity systems and advanced equipment, a premium interior. Sales of the newFord Torneo Castom in Europe started in early 2018 at a price of $ 37,000.



Ford Tourneo Custom of 2017 year – Video review

Ford Tourneo Custom of 2017 year – Video review

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