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Model A7, published relatively recently, is quite an unusual proposal ofthe German automaker. This is because the car has almost all the qualities ofthe flagship, but at the same time is the younger model. It can be noted thatit is on the A7 that many systems are tested, which after passing to the A8.The new Audi A7 2018 will be significantly different from the previousgeneration.

Front view of Audi A7 of 2018 year
Front view of Audi A7 of 2018 year



Audi A7 2018 is a stylish and modern design with a wide radiator grille, distinctive headlights and sport air intakes. In addition, the new Sportback sculpted the hood, bold side lines and sloping roof.

There are several reasons why we should wait for a new generation, and not buy an affordable version, albeit at a slightly lower price. The main one is almost completely redesigned exterior. It turned out very attractive:

The front part does not change much. To begin with, we note that the level of the arrangement of the arches has increased substantially, while the lower line of the glasses has remained unchanged. Therefore, the distance from the wheel to the hood is minimal.

Head optics are cutting-edge, but designers did not significantly change it from the outside. All the changes can be noticed when you turn on the light – the headlights look gorgeous. True, new optics will be available most likely only in the top version.

Theradiator grille has an ambiguous design. It has all the same large dimensions,but there are no chrome elements.

Front Left side of Audi A7 of 2018 year
Front Left side of Audi A7 of 2018 year

Most of all the impressions are caused by the rear part of the new car. The shape still resembles an elongated trunk of a hatchback, but the lights are very beautiful. First, they are small in size, and secondly they are manufactured using modern technology. Along the entire trunk lid there is a dividing strip, which is perceived as part of the headlights.

Exhaust pipes are almost completely absent.

You can buy a new car in several different colors.

The rear of the Audi A7 2018 is “tapered like a yacht” and is equipped with a spoiler that automatically rises at a speed of 120 km / h. Completes the harmony of the “stern” wide luminous band, consisting of 13 segments, which can play various animations.


Inside theAudi A7 2018 is an elegant and high-tech interior with two displays. Buyerswill be offered various “buns” like virtual cockpit and audio systemBang & Olufsen. Among other things – leather upholstery Valcona, voicecontrol technology and a special lighting system.

Dashboard view of Audi A7 of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Audi A7 of 2018 year

The idea of ​​using touchscreens to control the main functions has long been considered by automakers. However, it is on the car in question that it will install 3 displays, each responsible for certain functions. The lack of a large number of keys makes the interior minimalistic, which looks very attractive. Among the main features of the style are:

The instrument panel is really unusual. If Mercedes was the first to install the display as a basic option, then Audi developed this idea. Now, the instrument panel display can display navigation in 3D mode with the function of overlaying images obtained during satellite imagery. Graphics looks just gorgeous.

The main display of the multimedia system is very nicely integrated into the center console. It looks very beautiful.

Control of the basic functions, for example, the modes of seat heating or climate control, can also be done through another touch screen with the original graphics.

The tunnel between the front seats is carbon-trimmed, has the minimum number of keys and only the selector lever for the automatic transmission.

The entireinterior is simply oversaturated with various bends and notches. At first itmay seem like an unusual solution, but then you get used to it. Everythinglooks quite unusual and at the same time it is in harmony with the rest of theequipment.

In the cabin, there is simply a huge number of different keys for maintaining the position of the seat, adjusting them, and so on. All of them are hidden and are in a convenient place.

The second row in the top version is equipped with a separate multimedia system. Due to the increase in the size of the body space became much more.

The quality of the finish is best. This combines a variety of materials: perforated leather, soft plastic, metal, veneer.

Thesteering wheel is multi-functional, but has relatively few keys. This solutionis because many functions can be controlled through sound commands. Therefore,load the steering column was not meaningful.

Dashbord view of Audi A7 of 2018 year
Dashbord view of Audi A7 of 2018 year

The salon fully corresponds to the model class and its price. As was noted earlier, a very interesting and maximally informative instrument panel is immediately evident. Similar designs are already installed on the younger models, but they look much simpler.


The new model Audi A7 in 2018 should be really new and technological. When creating this car used platform MLB Evo, which provides for the presence of four suspension configurations. The technical features of the new offer include the following:

The car can beinstalled several different suspensions. The most expensive offer will be apneumatic design that will allow you to adjust the level of the ride height.Despite the fact that for a while there was a negative attitude towardspneumatics, today it began to meet very often. The basic version should berepresented by a spring construction; in addition it can install a sportsversion with a reduced ground clearance. As for the pneumatic design, they cancome with conventional shock absorbers or electric ones.
Among the standard turbocharged diesel and petrol engines a hybrid versionshould be noted. It will be based on a lithium battery, as well as astarter-generator. Energy will accumulate when the car is running down or nowof braking.

Rear Right side of Audi A7 of 2018 year
Rear Right side of Audi A7 of 2018 year

Speaking of technologies, the Audi A7 2018 is equipped with a set of driver assistance systems, including the Audi AI autopilot, which, however, can not yet be activated due to legislative prohibitions. But already now it is guaranteed there is an autonomous parking-man (the car can be driven into the garage from the smartphone). In addition, the owners of the new model will find more familiar assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control.
In addition, the new Audi A7 2018 is equipped with an adaptive steering system with a “sport ratio”, and for an additional fee you can order a fully-controlled chassis, which allows the rear wheels to rotate by 5 degrees.

In general, we can say that in the maximum configuration the car will be a solid competitor of the Mercedes S-class of the latest generation. In this case, the developers of Audi came up with quite a lot of their own unusual systems.


For the movement of the Audi A7 2018 meets 3.0-liter engine TFSI V6 with a turbo, giving 340 hp. and 500 Nm. It is docked with a seven-speed S tronic transmission and a quattro all-wheel drive system. These units allow the car to accelerate to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds and develop a top speed of 250 km / h.

The car will alsobe available in the all-wheel drive variant with various functions of increaseof cross-country ability. In order for the A7 to enter better in the steepturns, it will be equipped with a system of steering of the rear wheels up to 5degrees. Optionally, a sports differential system will be available that isable to distribute traction between the rear axle wheels more efficiently.
Soon, the Audi A7 2018 will receive an assortment of four- and six-cylinderengines in both diesel and gasoline versions.

Engine view of Audi A7 of 2018 year
Engine view of Audi A7 of 2018 year

The Audi A7 2018 will offer four suspension options to choose from, including a conventional steel spring suspension and an updated air suspension, which, according to the manufacturer, is “more agile, agile and comfortable.” There is in the arsenal and sports suspension, which reduces the height of the car by 10 mm.


Considering that Audi A7 in 2018 (new model) photo, the price when it comes outin Russia we note that sales are scheduled for the second quarter of next year.Therefore, no exact information yet. In Europe, the novelty can appear earlynext year. Among the information already known, the following points should benoted:

The expected cost of the basic version will be $83 300.

How many sets will be available for selection is not yet known. Do not expect a lot of choice, but there must be several motors.

Most likelyalready in the database will be installed a virtual system of devices. Thisoption is not yet available for younger versions of the sedans.
A full-fledged entertainment complex will be installed. In this case, thenumber of installed by the display should vary depending on the configuration.
Climate control will be separate, pay much attention to the comfort of passengersof the second row.

Front view of Audi A7 of 2018 year
Front view of Audi A7 of 2018 year

The number of electronic assistants will be more than two dozen. Due to this, the car in question will be one of the safest in its class.

Of course, most attention is paid when choosing a similar car gearbox and motor. Expect only automata and robots, as well as only top-engine gasoline and diesel type. If you consider the maximum configuration, then you need to rely on the cost of more than $123 000. This is due to the fact that the car almost does not yield to the flagship.


There arepractically no unambiguous competitors for this car. This is due to the factthat Audi A7 2018 can be considered as a presentable car with a sporty slope.At that, only the most modern equipment is installed on it, which manymanufacturers do not have. Therefore, we call competitors:

    Porsche Panamera 2
    Mercedes CLS
    BMW B6
    BMW 5 GT

In terms of equipment and even design BMW is significantly inferior to the carin question, while Porsche is often the choice of a fan of the brand. As forMercedes, their new power units and styles of exterior design with the interiorare sure to please. However, CLS is not a serious competitor either.

Front view of Audi A7 of 2018 year
Front view of Audi A7 of 2018 year


Appearance of thenew Audi A7 Sportbek is based on the concept of prologue, so in its appearanceyou can see the features of the flagship sedan Audi A8 2018.
Audi A7 2018 is a stylish and modern design with a wide radiator grille,distinctive headlights and sport air intakes. Also, the new Sportback sculptedthe hood, bold side lines and sloping roof.



Audi A7 of 2018 year – Video Review

Audi A7 of 2018 year – Video Review

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