The official presentation of the model Golf Alltrack should be held in autumn this year, according to preliminary information. It is expected that the premiere will be held at the Paris auto show. The sales start is planned for summer this year.

Front and right side view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year
Front and right side view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year
Rear view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year in motion
Rear view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year in motion

Exterior of vw golf

It should be noted that the development of the car was carried out exactly the same as the development station wagon of the Passat Altrack. Platform and body of the car were taken from the ordinary version of the wagon. It was equipped with all-wheel drive and locking differentials to live up to its name.

In comparison with front-wheel drive version of the vw golf for sale, ground clearance all-wheel drive version was increased as much as 2 cm. Car is equipped with a help system during the descent, as well as the ability to control anti-lock brake system, for the convenience and safety of the control.

The traffic on the road itself assumes the risk of loss of some elements of the car. Knowing and considering this fact engineers gave the car the special protection: plastic protective elements on the bumpers, wheel housings, the lower parts of the doors. By the way, designer inserts, painted in original color, are on the sills and the bumpers. The mirrors are painted on the same color. The attractive overall picture of the inscription Alltrack, which is located on the tailgate and the radiator grille, complements the overall picture of novelty.

Rear view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year in motion
Rear view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year in motion

Expressive and even aggressive character is traced during the inspection of air intakes, chrome lining on the bumper and fog lights. The original wheels dimension of 17 inches complement the overall picture of novelty. There is no doubt that such design decisions distinguish the new product from all other representatives of the model range of the Golf 7.

Dimensions of golf vw

The novelty has the following dimension:

  • A length — 456 cm.
  • Width — 179 cm;
  • Height — 148 cm;
  • Clearance — 16 cm;
  • Wheelbase — 263 cm.

We can note that a model of the Skoda Octavia Scout body in the performance of the wagon was built on a similar platform .

Rear and right side view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year
Rear and right side view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year

Interior of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year

You may draw a parallel with the interior of a wagon Variant, which is already familiar to us, looking at the interior of all-wheel drive Golf. However, certain differences still exist. So, for example, it is needed to remember the original inscriptions on the floor of the tunnel, modified the steering wheel, the control knob of the transmission and the aluminum patches, which sill cover door. There is the embroidery logo on the seats, an attractive central console and dashboard inside car.

Dashboard and salon view of Volkswagen Golf

Of course we can’t forget about a fairly large list of options even in the budget, standard modification. In particular it should be noted appearance of adaptive climate control, lighting in the area of the node pedals, led interior lighting, touchscreen display audio-video complex, heated front seats, bi-xenon head lamps, electronic parking brake, side-view mirrors, which are electrically operated.

Dashboard and salon view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year
Dashboard and salon view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year

There is system for monitoring of fatigue, the position control of steering column, automatic power steering, multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, traction control system, in addition to the above-mentioned, which was added
As for the luggage compartment, it can be accommodate up to 605 litres of luggage. The driver can also fold the rear row of seats and thereby to increase the free volume of 1.6 thousand liters.

Specification of new volkswagen golf

It is necessary to note that 4 types of engines are available, each of which fully meets the applicable requirements of Euro 6. There are three diesel and only one petrol among four available engines. Two transmissions – automatic and mechanical will run together with these engines.

Well, let’s get more detail about power units. First, you need to talk about gasoline engine with a working displacement of 1.8 liters and power output to 180 l. /sec. The dynamics of acceleration of this engine is 7.8 s. to 100 km/h. Fuel consumption is in the range of 6.8 liters per 100 km.

As it is mentioned above, the other three are diesel motor. The first is the engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters and output of 110 l. /sec. Along with the motor 6 speed manual transmission works. The dynamics of dispersal of the car with this engine is 12.1 s. to the first “hundreds”. Fuel consumption is 4.7 l. per 100 km.

Next is the diesel engine with a displacement of 2.0 liters and power output to 150 l. /sec. The dynamics of dispersal car, which is equipped with this engine, is 8.9 s. to the first “hundreds”. Maximum speed is 207 km/h. Fuel Consumption in mixed driving mode – 4.9 l. per 100 km.

Well, the last is the motor displacement with engine capacity of 2.0 liters and power output to 184 l. /sec. A robotic 6-speed transmission will employ in conjunction with this engine. The dynamics of dispersal of the car is 7.8 s. to the first “hundred” at a maximum speed of 219 km/h. Fuel consumption is 5.1 l. per 100 km. All-wheel drive system together with the most powerful diesel engine allows the car pulls a trailer with a mass of 2000 kg without any problems.

Engine view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year
Engine view of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year

Appearance and price of Volkswagen Golf

First deliveries will be established on the European market. It is possible that the novelty will remain a European, and will not appear on the domestic market.

The cost of the new 4×4 Golf

Volkswagen golf price of novelty in standard modification will be about 29 000 euro. Without doubt, the appearance of updated Golf with sedan body performance is aimed at expanding the model range of Alltrack. Recall that the manufacturer had only one model in that back — model B7 Variant, up to this date. You can also see photos of Volkswagen Golf of 2016 year.

Photos of golf volkswagen

Video of vw golf

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    This is a car that is respected for its stability and ease of maintenance. I will never sell him and not replace.

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    Periodically every 2-3 years there is a need to change the car! At the next selection stopped at the Volkswagen Golf! Many read about him! After passing the test drive you can share your impressions! Excellent driving performance! The steering wheel is very obedient! I liked the finish of the salon! A beautiful monochrome screen! Multimedia works fine! Connection to the phone is fast! The overall impression is excellent!