Front view of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year

The largest German manufacturer Volkswagen disclosed details of the renewal of the popular Golf family. Restyling in 2018 will be the last noticeable modernization of the car before the change of generations, scheduled for 2019 year. The current update touched the entire line of the “seventh” Golf, which includes three- and five-door hatchbacks, the Variant wagon, a sports version of the GTI and a hybrid version of the GTE.

During the revision of the model, the developers focused on the interior decoration and electronic equipment, the external design was affected to a minimum. About all the nuances of restyling Volkswagen Golf 2018, which affected the configuration, prices and specifications of the car, we will tell in the framework of this review, immediately indicating the date of the debut of the novelty – April next year.

From our article you can find out what will be the Volkswagen Golf 2018 (new body): pickings and prices, photo cars and other interesting information about it is in the review. We tried to create the most complete and fresh material that can be useful when choosing a car.

Exterior design of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year



In the new body the car looks like this:

The main features are similar to the car before restyling, but there were special features. For example, the front end significantly changed, the bumpers became more interesting, expressed. The shape of optics has changed, the quality of lighting has improved, since the lamps have been replaced by more modern halogen ones.
The navigation lights are made with LEDs, they are well visible, make the car attractive and stylish.
The manufacturer decided to change the shape of the wings.
Rear lights remained virtually unchanged in terms of lamps, except for the most complete configuration. They will also be equipped with LED-lamps, in contrast to the restyling version, which had xenon equipment.
The shape of the lantern became different. When buying a complete set of cars will be installed repeaters of turns. They are dynamic, therefore they look rather curious, draw attention of participants of the movement.
Thanks to minor improvements, the body became more interesting, the defects that the car had before, vanished, the style became more elaborate and modern. Thus, it is planned to create additional interest among young customers.
Restyling has undergone both a three- and five-door version.

The updated Golf is presented in three types of bodywork: a five-door hatchback, a three-door coupe and a five-door wagon. Also, customers will be available updated “charged” version of the hatchback – VW Golf GTI with even more stylish appearance and powerful engine. Changes in the exterior of the car are minor, but still noticeable. First of all, attention is attracted to headlight headlights, which received an updated design and a completely LED filling. They give a more stylish and modern look to the car as a whole. Also, the designers slightly changed the shape of the front and rear bumpers. Front – got a massive air intake, which in combination with the chrome-plated radiator grille makes the body visually wider and more aggressive. The rear bumper is complemented by chrome-plated exhaust pipe covers and compact fog lights.

Rear Left side of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year


The Salon of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 was also renewed. Now you can see the following features:

There are many pleasant little things that make it easier to use the car, make it more comfortable.
Immediately striking is the high quality of the materials used for interior decoration.
The center of the dashboard has a large display, it is quite bright, read well, can be used to control the navigator, music, other options. The diagonal of the screen is 6.5 inches, which is 1.5 more than last year’s version of the car. The manufacturer offers more options, for a surcharge, you can get an 8-inch touch panel or set the largest screen at 9.2 inches.
You can connect a smartphone or other devices to a multimedia system.
In addition, the cabin has a special digital panel, the diagonal of which is 12.3 inches. It is used instead of analog dials. The device is characterized by high-quality graphics, it is very convenient to control, even without instructions, you can guess intuitively, in the center of the display you can configure the display of navigator data. It works, it should be noted, quite accurately. The program will be Russified.
The manufacturer added colors. Now you can choose the equipment of the salon, the material you like more.

Dashboard view of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year

Volkswagen Golf has become even more refined and stylish due to the use of new seat covers and decorative inserts on the front, center console and door cards. Also worth noting is the increased size of the screens of multimedia systems available for the car: a 6.5-inch screen came in the stead of a 5-inch, a multimedia with a 6.5-inch screen in turn replaced the system with an 8-inch screen, and the top offering is now an advanced multimedia complex Discover Pro with a 9.2-inch screen (gesture control, interfaces MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) replacing the 8-inch screen. Do not forget the German manufacturer as an alternative to the analog instrument panel to offer customers of the updated Golf a digital instrument panel with a huge 12.3-inch screen, like the older model of the Volkswagen Passat, but this innovation does not end there either.

Salon view of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year
Salon view of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year


Changes have affected not only the external design of the new Volkswagen, but also some of its engineering units. The modern version will receive the following units:

Engine 1.5 liters with a power of 150 hp, it will work on gasoline, the consumption of which the plant promises to make as low as possible.
Gasoline engine with a smaller capacity of 1.4 liters and a capacity of 125 hp.
In addition, it will be slightly more powerful motor of 130 hp, but it has the most high-torque at low revs, so will suit ideally for the city, where there will be moved at high speed, but need a dramatic start.

The main feature of power units is that they are turbocharged, so the consumption will not be very high, but you can achieve the maximum return from the motor. It is assumed that fuel consumption on the highway will be no more than 5 liters per 100 km. For the GTI version, the engine is offered, the volume of which is 2 liters, and the power is 220 hp.

Engine view of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year
Engine view of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year

The motor became more powerful than the similar one before restyling.

The gearbox is offered only one, it will be a 6-speed robotic. This model will replace the machine, which had 7 stages and had some hiccups when switching gears.
Auto will receive a wide range of systems that affect the safety of control and braking. In frequency, the new Volkswagen received an emergency stop system, can track pedestrian traffic, the ability to switch to autopilot, if the road is excessively loaded, will get an assistant that will come in handy if you use a trailer.
There was a system warning about the possibility of a side collision.
The possibility to park automatically.


The basic equipment of Volkswagen is quite rich. If desired, it can be expanded and completed as you like, so you can not say that the model has many complete sets. You can count on a good car for affordable money, which will have only the options you have chosen. The model will have the following:

Four-wheel drive.
The engine of any choice from the ones described above, the price for each different, so when ordering it is better to check with the dealer if the site does not have enough information.
There will be systems of control stabilization and safe braking, for example, anti-lock brakes.
In addition, the car will have climate control, true, single-zone, it will not be distributed to the rear passengers.
The ability to adjust the position of the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, in addition, the front seats will have heating.

Front Right side of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year
Front Right side of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year

Heated and electric drives are equipped with mirrors.
The steering wheel can be adjusted in height.
The control is facilitated by an electric booster.
The armchairs are finished with a fabric, the color of which can be chosen.
The optics will be equipped with halogen lamps and LEDs.
LED lighting will be installed behind it.
Standard disks have the size R15.
The box for gloves has a separate cooling.
The rear seats can be folded, thus increasing the volume of the trunk.
There are systems ASR, EDS, MSR, as well as a special system, stabilizing the trailer.
For child seats there are reliable fasteners.

An alarm with feedback is installed from the factory.
Seat belts can be adjusted in height, they can be locked only in three positions.
The standard audio system includes 4 speakers.
Power windows are installed on all windows.
Hand brake electronic.
There is a central lock.
There is an interesting option that helps to slow down and move uphill.
An indicator that monitors the wear of the brake pads.

For a surcharge, you can get the following:

The seats will be leather.
The standard audio system can be replaced with a more advanced model, with a large number of speakers, which greatly improves the acoustics of the car.
Wider wheel rims.
A more powerful engine that will accelerate the Volkswagen to greater speed.

Unfortunately, so far there is no information on how much you will have to pay for which option. Supplement the car can be the following options:

LED optics or xenon headlights to choose from.
Large wheels R 18 made of light alloy.
It is possible to choose a more expensive interior trim, for example, combined or leather.
Climate control can be set dual-zone, then the zone of the rear passengers will be controlled by the device.
Heating the steering wheel, and the steering wheel itself will receive buttons to control the options without interrupting the control of the car.
You can select the display size of the multimedia system. In addition, the system itself will be able to access the Internet.
The driver’s seat is driven by electric drives.
You can install a parking assistant.
Parking sensors are located in the front and rear of the body.
Complex alarm is set from the factory.
Multimedia complex perceives voice commands.
Cruise control.
The car will monitor blind areas, monitor if the driver is tired.
Tracking system for pedestrians, cyclists.
You can install a panoramic roof.
Possibility to adjust the rear row of seats.
You can order and other equipment, accessories for the car, they will all be branded.

Prices on new Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year range from $23990 to $59990.

Rear Left side of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Volkswagen Golf of 2018 year


The closest competitors can be the following cars:

Ford Focus ST.
Renault Megan 275 Trophy.


Yes, for the VW the Golf model is the most successful among a number of other vehicles being developed by the Germans today. At the same time, Golf is among the top three best-selling cars, having obtained this right and becoming a bestseller in 2002. It is interesting that the first generation of the hatchback saw the light, and even earlier – in the distant 1974. To date, sold over 30 million copies of the car around the world. The last seventh generation at the time of its release was recognized as the “Car of the Year” and received the corresponding WCOTY Award.