Toyota Yaris 2017

Toyota Yaris of 2017 year

Toyota Motor Corporation is the biggest Japenese corporation that provide financial services and some additional lines of business.  Looking at the indicators of it success, it seems that nothing is capable of shaking the company’s position. Toyota has long produced its 100 millionth cars, and something tells us that in a short time the record will again be beaten. It is rather difficult to name the main reasons for the success of the company, since here it should also be about the originality of the products, the diligence of employees, the persistence of management, and unique technological solutions. All this in the aggregate gave what we now call one of the best cars of our time – Toyota cars. But it all began with the dream of a modest Japanese carpenter.

Interior and Exterior Design

The appearance of the novelty is very similar to the Japanese model Toyota Wits, however, the clone can not be called a novelty. Similarities are seen in the lines of the headlights, as well as the rear lights. Waters and Yaris are similar to bumpers, as well as the size of iron.

Front and left side view of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year
Front and left side view of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year

However, the European hatch received a completely different radiator grille, which is made in the form of a trapezoid. Because of its large dimensions, it occupies almost the entire nose of the car and gives it an aggressive and modern appearance.

The lateral part of the novelty turned out to be correct and strict. The roof is high, which means comfort in the cabin, and the doors are wide. Inside the car can be passenger of any complexion.

Dashboard view of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year
Dashboard view of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year

Salon of the Japanese is made only of high quality materials. Inside this model is also not distinguishable from the new Vitz, however, some differences till exist. Despite the fact that the dimensions of the body of the car are very modest, inside it is spacious and comfortable, and no matter what growth and complexion a person is.

The panel is modern, analog, and its center has a modern display. On the central consolet here is a multimedia complex with a touch screen monitor, and immediately below it you can find the climate control unit, which, by the way, perfectly copes with its function.


After restyling Toyota Yaris lost a familiar diesel unit. Now the power line consists only of a petrol engine, and also from a hybrid installation. Gasoline engine updated. It volume is 1.0 or 1.5 liters.

Engine view of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year
Engine view of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year

The liter unit has a capacity of 69 horsepower, and a more powerful unit with a capacity of 1.5 liters received a return of 111 horsepower. Both engines practically do not harm the environment and spend quite a bit of gasoline. All motors can be equipped with a mechanical or automatic transmission.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy is from  5 to 7 liters per100 km.

Release data and price

Toyota Yaris 2017model year officially appeared in front of a wide audience in March 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show. The cost of the basic version a compact Toyota Yaris is $ 13.397, the top version with the maximum equipment will stand almost 22.039$.

Rear view of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year
Rear view of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year


Toyota with its model Yaris has consistently strengths position in Europe – last year it sold more than 208 thousand cars, which gave Toyota a record 6.5% share in the segment. Yaris 2017, certainly, will improve this result. This year, restyling refreshed the car, and all the changes can be safely saved on the plus side.

Front and right side view of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year
Front and right side view of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year

In the new year the car drives much more developed, with an economical and powerful engine and an improved hybrid drive. The car has already its years, which of course is felt, but still represents a real alternative for new rivals. Toyota, however, must work on a new generation, because competition does not sleep.

Photos of Toyota Yaris of 2017 year

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  • Oleg Vavilov

    Good and comfortable car. Bought his wife on their wedding anniversary.
    She was ecstatic, the best gift she did not want to. Driving it with
    pleasure, the machine eats little gasoline goes everywhere — especially
    on narrow roads. We are happy with all councils.